My blog is relatively new, and figuring out all of the details and requirements of SEO for Google for Pinterest became overwhelming, to say the least. After hours of researching the best habits for connecting my blog posts and images to Pinterest, I came across Tasty Pins. I read all about it, and realized it would be a gamechanger for my blog, and had every solution I had been looking for. To make Google and Pinterest happy with every post and every picture…without using code! Honestly, this is simply a strategy that you can’t afford to continue without.

Headshot of Lizzy Davis from The Tandem Revolution

Lizzy Davis

The Tandem Revolution

One word: TIMESAVER! I found Tasty Pins after weeks of unsuccessfully trying to edit my images individually with HTML. It was so time-consuming and finicky. After a lot of frustration, I purchased Tasty Pins. Setup took less than 5 minutes, the price was good, and I now have access to many more features than expected. I LOVE the fact that this purchase is saving me a lot of time, which is always in very short supply. Thank you!


Plant-Powered Cooking

I love the easy setup and reliability of Tasty Pins. SEO and Pinterest are my main traffic drivers so it’s really helpful to have a tool that helps me ensure I’m focusing on both. Setting my pin descriptions and titles in the plugin saves me so much time and I love the feature where I can hide pins too. This little plugin has so much to offer that helps me drive more Pinterest traffic and optimize my pins.

Headshot of Yolanda Ridley from Put The Kettle on

Yolanda Ridley

Put The Kettle on

Tasty Pins is the best WordPress plugin I know of for optimizing blog posts for Pinterest sharing. It is simple to use, lightweight, and will not slow down your blog.

Headshot of Meghan Nicholas from WPkind - Practical WordPress tips and tutorials for beginner bloggers​

Meghan Nicholas

WPkind - Practical WordPress tips and tutorials for beginner bloggers​

For the life of me, I could not figure out an easy way to stop people from pinning random images from my blog. Since I post photo series tutorials, I’d find pictures of the product being halfway finished on Pinterest and it drove me crazy. Well, here comes Tasty Pins to the rescue! I’m so happy that I found this plugin, thank you!

Headshot of Leah Buehler from Buttercream Parties

Leah Buehler

Buttercream Parties

Over the course of a few years, I’ve used several different platforms to assist me with my pinning. Sure, they worked, but Tasty Pins has superseded not only the competition but my expectations as well. This platform is so easy to use and the best part is it’s customizable. It’s not a one-size-fits-all program. I’m so pleased with my purchase and only wish I used Tasty Pins sooner.

Headshot of Stacey Kaye from Bloomingful Peach

Stacey Kaye

Bloomingful Peach

Tasty Pins make pinning easy and effortless. I feel confident that my content is pinned with the correct information by using Tasty Pins. 100% recommend!

Headshot of Tracey Gene from Eat. Love. Namaste.

Tracey Gene

Eat. Love. Namaste.

You can’t imagine the relief I feel just pasting descriptions into posts with the Tasty Pins plugin. It’s amazing.
No more having empty pin descriptions from visitors from my site, no more trying to edit the HTML of the pin to add it and I can hide pins in my post. My pins will still look neat and I can force my site visitors to pin them.
Thank you for making my blog promotion so much easier and more fruitful.

Headshot of Ilham Usman from Ilham Usman

Ilham Usman

Ilham Usman

This plugin saves me a lot of time – I can easily make images nopin and hide additional pin images in the post. I don’t need to code in the description, I can simply write it in the side box while writing the post or uploading the image. It’s straightforward and easy to use. Thanks!

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Canine Compilation

Tasty Pins has changed the game for me, it is so easy and effortless. Since using Tasty Pins my Pinterest strategy has changed forever, whereas before I was constantly struggling to keep up. Customer service is second to none and always happy to help. You have to get this if you are serious about blogging!

Headshot of Leonora Brebner from Top Left Kitchen

Leonora Brebner

Top Left Kitchen

After struggling for weeks trying to correct plugin conflicts on my website, I made the switch to Tasty Pins. I was so thrilled to have my problems immediately resolve and be able to easily import existing pin descriptions created in Grow / Social Pug and Social Warfare.

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Tamara Gruber


I’ve had this plugin for a couple of weeks now AND I am beyond pleased with the results from Tasty Pins. My Pins are saved more than ever (which means more traffic to my blog). Finally, there is a proper SEO element in all my images. Before Pinterest was like new image who dis? Now, Pinterest is like oh hi you, this is where you belong!🙂

Headshot of Ashley from Posh Plate


Posh Plate

I am extremely satisfied with the Tasty Pins plugin as now I can upload all the pins to my blog and hide them. It has been saving me a lot of time as it allows pinning from the blog post itself. Another great feature is it allows control on what images can be pinned by users and any unwanted images are not shown while selecting the image to pin. I just wish I had known about this plugin earlier. Every blogger must use Tasty Pins on their site! I just love it 😊

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I installed Tasty Pins a couple of weeks ago and never looked back. I love how easy it is to pin my images to Pinterest and add them to Tailwind. I especially like the Pinterest hidden images option, so only my Pinterest optimized images are pinned, which means they have the correct size, look, title, description and hashtags. It saves a lot of time and does Pinterest SEO for you. This plugin is a MUST HAVE for any blogger, especially for the newbies like me. I would also like to mention how amazing the support team is. All my questions are always answered ASAP. Thank you WP TASTY team for all that you do!

Headshot of Elena Elliott from A Is For Apple Au

Elena Elliott

A Is For Apple Au

When I switched to Tasty Pins, it was absolutely smooth, and I encountered no issues with the install and use of the Pinterest Save button on desktop as well as the mobile version. I think my investment was totally worth it!

Headshot of Manjiri Paprikar from Miradii

Manjiri Paprikar


I am new to Tasty Pins but I already love the fact that I am in charge of the pin title, description and images when readers pin directly from my site. The widget is set out clearly on each post, making it super clear what to input and where, before uploading a new post.

Looking forward to seeing the progress as the months roll on 🙂

Headshot of Kate Rae from Not A Tourist

Kate Rae

Not A Tourist

I LOVE how simple Tasty Pins has made saving images from my website! Being able to update the Pinterest text right within WordPress has saved me so much time. I absolutely love Tasty Pins!!

Headshot of London Rodriguez from London Sharay Design

London Rodriguez

London Sharay Design

My blog is bilingual, and it’s always hard to find plugins that work seemingly in both languages. Tasty Pins works like magic! So happy I decided to install it.

Headshot of Alejandra Graf from Piloncillo&Vainilla | BrownSugar&Vanilla

Alejandra Graf

Piloncillo&Vainilla | BrownSugar&Vanilla

The Tasty Pins plugin is SUPER helpful! A great deal for how easy it is to implement. Within minutes, I was setup and learned the ins and outs with the help of WP Tasty’s tutorials. Now I’m able to hide images within my posts so readers pin and showcase what I want them to, allowing me to stay in control of what is shared (i.e. the best images of my content). LOVE it.

Headshot of Alana Lieberman from Your Home, Made Healthy

Alana Lieberman

Your Home, Made Healthy

As a blog & business coach & Pinterest marketing specialist, I am always on the lookout for simple to use tech. I LOVE that Tasty Pins allows me to create several different pin images that are hidden for people to choose from when they come to pin a blog post. Now that I have found Tasty Pins, I can go update all of my blog posts with several fresh new pins!

Headshot of Jennifer Dawn from Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

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