I've been giving Tasty Pins a whirl, and it's pretty straightforward. It takes the hassle out of optimizing images for Pinterest and SEO, which is a time-saver.

The hidden images feature keeps my blog looking clean, and the hover button is a subtle prompt for sharing.

Tasty Pins has been a practical addition to my blogging routine, quietly doing its thing in the background and freeing me up to focus more on content and less on the techy side of things.

Millie Pham

By Millie Pham

After months of struggling to figure out why I was not able to successfully hide a pin in a blog post, and have it selected as the pinned image, I found Tasty Pins, and I am so glad I did. Adding Pins with my desired title and text to each post was a breeze! I highly recommend it to anyone who has a Pinterest strategy for their blog. It will make your life 100 times easier.

Jessica Morgan

Canadian Budget

Tasty Pins is one of the most useful plugins for WordPress. I especially like that I can set it up so that no matter what picture a reader clicks on to pin, they get an optimized choice that is tied to the other pins from that recipe. It boosts engagement and I love that control!

Donalyn Ketchum

The Creekside Cook

Tasty Pins save me a lot of time and allow me to create much better and more beautiful pins. It's easy to use and my experience with support was very good. Thanks for making work easier!



I decided to switch to Tasty Pins after dealing with Pinterest problems for months with no solution from their support team. For months, Pinterest kept showing errors whenever I tried to pin directly from my website. Initially, I wasn't sure that investing in Tasty Pins would change anything, but I decided to give it a go as WP Tasty had a 14-day money back guarantee in case it wouldn't change anything.

My first impression of WP Tasty was that their support team was extremely supportive. After dealing with Pinterest support for months with no solution, it definitely felt like a treasure to find a support team who was actually there to try to help.

Although it seems like my problem was rather with Pinterest and the problem remained even when I switched to Tasty Pin, but I found a solution to the problem where I could use Tasty Pin's repin ID to still enable people to pin directly from my website and it was practically a game-changer for my Pinterest problem!

I definitely love the rich features that Tasty Pin has that makes it easier for me to streamline my Pinterest game, even more so when I know that their support team is also super helpful from onboarding process to troubleshooting any problem that I have. Thank you so much! 🙂

Marya Sutimi

The BeauTraveler

I'm absolutely delighted with the Tasty Pins plug-in! It's fantastic to have the ability to “force pin” other Pinterest pins to my blog posts, providing my readers with a variety of Pinterest options right on my blog site.

Catherine Kahle

Frugal Nook

Great little plugin for all things Pinterest! Saves a ton of time and really easy to install and use. If you use Pinterest this plugin is well worth it, I can't recommend it enough!


Scoffs & Feasts

The best Pinterest plugin out there and worth every penny spent. Self pinning is also oh so easy now; and the benefits of optimized pins going out of a quality blog because someone found it valuable is a service worth its weight in gold!

Sayali Patil


Tasty Pins is an absolute game-changer for anyone who's serious about maximizing their Pinterest presence. As a food blogger, visuals are everything to me, and Tasty Pins allows for an unprecedented level of control over how my images are shared. Unlike other solutions, Tasty Pins provides a distinct section where you can input a Pinterest-specific title and description, separate from the alt text. This means I can tailor the message for my Pinterest audience without compromising SEO. Like all WP Tasty plugins, the interface is incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to work quickly and effortlessly. It's streamlined, it's efficient, and most importantly, it works. If you're looking to elevate your Pinterest game, Tasty Pins gets a solid 5 stars from me.

Regina Pearce

Nuts & Twigs

I tried various free Pinterest plugins to make my images suitable for pinning, but none of them worked effectively. That's when I came across Tasty Pins, a plugin that completely transformed my Pinterest SEO strategy.

One of the standout features of Tasty Pins is its ability to easily add custom titles and descriptions to my blog posts. When my readers pin an image from my website, it automatically includes the custom title and description I have written, along with relevant hashtags that I added.
This particular feature has made Tasty Pins an indispensable plugin for me.

Moreover, I really appreciate that Tasty Pins allows me to set Pin IDs. This means that my readers can repin the original pin that I published earlier on Pinterest. It's an amazing feature that I absolutely love.

Raizy Roy

Long Nails QnA

Tasty Pins has made pinning to my account so much easier. The ease with which I could set this up in WordPress saved so much time and energy. I’m not that tech savvy so this definitely saved me from a few headaches. Well worth it if you have a blog and are looking for a quick and easy way to pin your high-value posts.

Eleanor Smith

Foundations for Yoga Beginners

Tasty Pins boosted my Pinterest traffic simply by allowing others to pin any image they liked! Plus, the customer service is wonderful. My old plugins didn't work well with Tasty Pins but the customer service team solved the issue and now all of them run perfectly. Recommend!

Natasha Levai

Natasha's Home

So easy to use, looks great and saves me a ton of time!
Highly recommended

Monika Malan

New Mom

Tasty Pins is a lifesaver! I love how it lets me hide my Pin graphics and keep my blog posts looking aesthetic and clean. But underneath my pin graphics are prepped and ready to be pinned whenever a reader wants to! The force pin option is a game-changer!!!

It's exactly what I was looking for: Something to keep my blog beautiful but Pinterest-optimized. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to use Pinterest to grow their blog!


The Minted Fox

I have been blogging for two years but just started over from scratch. Using Tasty Pins has saved sooooo much time and made the process to get the right content to Pinterest super duper easy. Totally worth it.

Danika Vanderpyl Headshot

Danika Vanderpyl

Beside the Mountain

Pinterest has been the main platform that I use for Organic Marketing and Tasty Pins make it easier for me to get my pins in front of the right audience because I am able to ensure that people are getting optimized pins to share. It increases chances of a pin going viral!

Jennifer Weltz

Jennifer Dawn - Spirit Mind & Body

Tasty Pins has been great for Printabulls and the free printables we offer! We've worked with many “pin it” plugins over the years and Tasty Pins is by far the best one we've used. Installation was super easy and both the backend and frontend experience have been seamless in every way! Well worth the cost!

Printabulls Team


I am very selective about the plugins I use and after a lot of research, I selected Tasty Pins. With a home decor blog, a lot of my posts are very image forward and I needed a strategy to make saving those posts easier for my readers. I appreciate the added features like the pre-formatted Pinterest Title & Text as well as the repinning ID. In a little less than a month, I've seen my Pinterest engagement increase 3%

Allisa Jacobs

Allisa Jacobs

Tasty Pins is a great plugin for optimizing and boosting your visibility on the Pinterest platform. It brings blogger like me the ability of pre-integrating titles and descriptions of all my pictures and articles' illustrations (which are indeed so central items of my work and shares), and which are thus automatically loaded when people save one of my blog's picture on its Pinterest Profile. It also gives the nice possibility of customizing your Pin Button on your website.
In resume : a great contribution for a very low price !

Headshot of Arnaud Breton from Histoire Itinérante

Arnaud Breton

Histoire Itinérante

Tasty Pins has been fantastic in helping me grow my Pinterest following and blog traffic!

Headshot of Mia Ford from Oh So Aesthetic

Mia Ford

Oh So Aesthetic
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