Tasty Pins is a great plugin for optimizing and boosting your visibility on the Pinterest platform. It brings blogger like me the ability of pre-integrating titles and descriptions of all my pictures and articles' illustrations (which are indeed so central items of my work and shares), and which are thus automatically loaded when people save one of my blog's picture on its Pinterest Profile. It also gives the nice possibility of customizing your Pin Button on your website.
In resume : a great contribution for a very low price !

Headshot of Arnaud Breton from Histoire Itinérante

Arnaud Breton

Histoire Itinérante

Tasty Pins has been fantastic in helping me grow my Pinterest following and blog traffic!

Headshot of Mia Ford from Oh So Aesthetic

Mia Ford

Oh So Aesthetic

Tasty Pins has been a fantastic addition to my Pinterest toolkit this year. It makes it so easy to optimise your blog posts for sharing on Pinterest and getting better engagement on the platform.

Headshot of Sophie Lane from Hare's Kitchen

Sophie Lane

Hare's Kitchen

Tasty Pins has helped me seamlessly connect my blog and my Pinterest account. Before setting it up, pinning from my website was confusing and lacked important info like pin descriptions. Being able to set keyword-rich descriptions, the correct title, and disable pinning on certain images, has really clarified my approach to getting my recipes to Pinterest.

Headshot of Christine Egan from Bite your Cravings

Christine Egan

Bite your Cravings

I've been using Tasty Pins for a few months now and I'm super impressed! It's allowed me to spend less time optimizing for Pinterest and more time creating blog posts and running my business. I especially love being able to create hidden image Pins and choosing what images Pinners can choose from.

Headshot of Lori from Lori Geurin


Lori Geurin

Great plugin. Easy to install. Great communication and follow up. Easy customisable Pin It button. Love the hidden pins feature and also that I can force it as the pin to be saved. Also like how you can add a pin title and description to the images. My main reason for getting tasty pins was for the feature that allows me to disable particular images that I don't want pinned.

Headshot of Vicki from A Cake On Life


A Cake On Life

I just started using this Tasty Pins recently and I love it. You don't necessarily need to have a food blog in order to use this. I have a beauty blog and I love using this plugin for my skincare and haircare posts! I definitely recommend this plugin, especially for the price too.

Headshot of Fleur Boomsma from Fleurish with Fleur

Fleur Boomsma

Fleurish with Fleur

I've been using Tasty Pins for months and I'm totally happy with it! It doesn't slow down your site (which is a huge plus!) and it's super easy to use! Also, the Pinterest Follow Box is a game-changer if you want to gain followers on Pinterest rapidly! I love this plugin and I totally recommend it!

Headshot of Carlo from Vegaliciously



It's great. I saw an immediate bump in Pinterest traffic after installing Tasty Pins. Go for it!

Headshot of Devan Cameron from Braised and Deglazed

Devan Cameron

Braised and Deglazed

I am so happy with Tasty Pins! Creating hidden image pins and descriptions has been so easy. I love that it was easy to install and simple to figure out!

Headshot of Ashlyn Meredith from Hey, Snickerdoodle!

Ashlyn Meredith

Hey, Snickerdoodle!

We are delighted we decided to go for Tasty Pins. We needed a solid solution to facilitate our readers' pinning experience, and we received so much more. We love some recently implemented features that truly facilitate things both for users and bloggers. The support team is friendly as helpful!

Headshot of Joaco and Gustavo De Obaldia from Our Plant-Based World

Joaco and Gustavo De Obaldia

Our Plant-Based World

The plugin is amazing and blazing fast without compromising the site speed. I can save so much time and the plugin is easy to use. Highly recommend using this plugin for every blogger.

Headshot of Yu Mon from Khin's Kitchen

Yu Mon

Khin's Kitchen

Tasty Pins is a lifesaver, or rather a traffic saver. It solves one of the biggest problems of blogs that are image-focused like a food blog.
A lot of times website visitors just pin the images that they find on the blog and since these images pick up the alt tags as a default description, these pins just get lost in the noise on Pinterest. There isn't really any benefit that the blog gets. Tasty Pins solved this problem.
And in just about a month of using it, I can see the difference. This is a must-have for anybody who wants to harness the power of Pinterest for traffic.

Headshot of Puja Darshan from The Tastes of India

Puja Darshan

The Tastes of India

Always trying to get the fields right for Pinterest. Using Tasty Pins makes everything much easier. Just clicking on the picture allows us to check the Pinterest title and text. Also, it is easy to disable a picture if you want to. This is certainly a game-changer when submitting to Pinterest. Thanks, WP Tasty for the Tasty Pins plugin.

Headshot of catherine myers from ourfantasticecipes@gmail.com

Catherine Myers

[email protected]

Tasty Pins has been great so far! It was super easy to set up and I love that I can upload several pin images and force those to be the images that show up when a reader wants to pin my post! I really didn’t want my post images to be the only pin options since they’re not the right size/shape and don’t have any text, but I didn’t want my post to be full of pin images either. This plugin took care of that!! Easy to use and I’m super happy! Definitely worth the investment!

Headshot of Kelsey Kijowski from Kk in Colorado

Kelsey Kijowski

Bliss & Blue Skies

Dealing with pin descriptions, alt text, repin IDs, and hidden pins can be really confusing. The Tasty Pins plugin has made the whole Pinterest process for each individual blog post far less overwhelming, and way tidier!

Headshot of Jenna from Tidymalism



So worth the money! Running a food blog is like juggling a dozen balls: writing recipes, taking photos, writing posts, social networking, all the tech stuff, and, and, and. Add to that being a homeschooling mom – it's insanity at times. Tasty Pins is like a third hand that helps me juggle. It is a total time-saver for me. I'm really glad I found out about this magical little plugin, as it gave this blogging momma some sanity back!

Headshot of Ludmila Keller from LowCarb Abode

Ludmila Keller

LowCarb Abode

Building a website and getting traffic is usually really hard work. By using Tasty Pins, I managed to save a huge amount of time on coding by simply adding simply the Pinterest title and description when uploading pictures. I could not be happier!

I am usually not spending any money on any plugins either, as there are tons of free options available usually.
Tasty Pins is different: It is the first plugin that was worth purchasing, as it is very affordable and you get so much in return!

One of my most favourite features of the Tasty Pin Plugin is to hide Pinterest-optimized pictures very easily. This is not something I was able to find on most other plugins.

It is a must-have tool for SEO!
Plus you can match the design easily to your blog 🙂
It is highly recommendable!

Headshot of Jula Buchwitz from Hip Hap Healthy

Jula Buchwitz

Hip Hap Healthy

I am new to the blogging world and Tasty Pins is a lifesaver! Hiding pins is so easy to do. Tasty Pins has simplified creating Pinterest descriptions. I will have to say the best part of WP Tasty is they care and are always helpful with any question you might have. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Headshot of Mike Cleavenger from The Frizzled Leek

Mike Cleavenger

The Frizzled Leek

I save so much time and my posts look so much better without needing full-size images for Pinterest! I love being able to hide pins and force pinning the right images. I should have done this sooner, I love Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Dodge from Pain Reaction


Pain Reaction

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