If you’re a food blogger struggling with cracking the code on Google SEO and Pinterest, there are no better tools out there than Tasty Pins and Tasty Recipes. My workflow for new content is streamlined, simple, and checks off all the necessary boxes for maximizing opportunities to reach new readers. In two weeks, I’m already seeing a significant jump in Pinterest views thanks to these tools. Simple instructions, simple implementation, superb guidance and customer care make these plug-ins no brainers. I only wish I had installed them sooner!

Headshot of Jen Czupek from Apéritif Friday

Jen Czupek

Apéritif Friday

I love Tasty Pins! It makes it so easy to add the alt text, so it translates easily to Pinterest. It was easy to install and the support staff has been great to work with. Totally recommend!

Headshot of Michelle Minnaar from Greedy Gourmet

Michelle Minnaar

Greedy Gourmet

I installed Tasty Pins after reading a recommendation from Kate at Simple Pin Media. The plugin is easy to install and set up. I had one minor issue, which Tasty Pins were quick to help with – it involved a setting I had on my site needing changing. So far so happy, it’s great having the functionality that Tasty Pins offers.

Headshot of Luci Hindmarsh from Mums Make Lists

Luci Hindmarsh

Mums Make Lists

Like many bloggers, I was using the image title tag (image title attribute) for my Pin descriptions. However, the new WordPress block editor aka Gutenberg no longer supports that tag. I needed a solution that would give me an easy way to enter Pin descriptions and continue to use alt text for accessibility and SEO.
Tasty Pins was the answer! Now my images are optimized for SEO, Pinterest, and accessible too.
I found Tasty Pins to be easy to use from the start. Their customer service has been great with quick response time for my inquiries. It’s a plugin I highly recommend.

Headshot of Renee Dobbs from Spoiled Hounds

Renee Dobbs

Spoiled Hounds

I don’t know where you were my whole blogging life. I was struggling with SEO and Pinterest getting the pins to be ready for Pinterest and be SEO friendly in alt text. I also wanted additional images for my posts that were not shown and hidden so that when someone goes to pin they can pick one of the others. The plugin does everything and makes it so easy to do it. I am so glad I found it. I haven’t fixed all my posts yet but all my new posts are using it and slowly going back through everything else and making them Pinterest ready!

Headshot of Jodi Carlson from Leader Connecting Leaders

Jodi Carlson

Leader Connecting Leaders

Tasty Pins is exactly what I’m looking for! I have struggled with using the alt text for SEO vs Pinterest description – now no longer. Thanks guys!

Headshot of Jessica Haggard from Primal Edge Health

Jessica Haggard

Primal Edge Health

Tasty Pins has been a huge improvement to my Pinterest marketing strategy. I saw results in traffic to my blog almost immediately after installing this plugin. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to increase their traffic from Pinterest.

Headshot of Jessica Vanderveen from The Vanderveen House

Jessica Vanderveen

The Vanderveen House

Tasty Pins makes optimizing my photos for Pinterest so simple, and I love the versatility of being able to select “force pin” for hidden images in certain posts, while choosing to disable certain images in others. It’s a straightforward and easy to use plugin.

Headshot of Lori Rasmussen from My Quiet Kitchen

Lori Rasmussen

My Quiet Kitchen

I was so relieved when I found Tasty Pins. It is such an easy solution and works perfectly. Now I feel confident that any time a visitor pins from my website, it will be a pin that I’ve already optimized for Pinterest. Not only that, now I can use the alt text space as it was meant to be used which will improve my site’s SEO.

Headshot of Stephanie Bonday from Common Grape

Stephanie Bonday

Common Grape

After listening to the Food Blogger Pro podcast, I was inspired to try and make my blog better. I am only one year into the blogging world and struggle with all of the different available features and tricks. Tasty Pins is a no brainer and added so much to my blog without a struggle. I now feel more comfortable posting my pictures (because they can only be pinned and not stolen) and getting my blog more active on Pinterest. I really hope for more useful plugins to make my blog that much better, especially since food is my expertise and not technology.

Headshot of Lindy Moody from Epicuropedia

Lindy Moody


I absolutely love Tasty Pins! As a new blogger, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to know and do for people to find you. Tasty Pins makes writing descriptions for my Pinterest marketing a breeze. It saves me so much time, I love this plugin. Well worth the very small investment!

Headshot of Felecia Lesane from ArtsyInspired

Felecia Lesane


Ready for some unreadable jargon? I have a coding background so when I designed my own WordPress theme I used Advanced Custom Fields to create a special Pinterest image box and then custom-coded all images in my posts to be hidden while pinning.

If that sounds like a lot that’s because it WAS a lot. Until I got Tasty Pins. Seriously this plugin shaved 10-15 minutes off the time to finish each post and made my life much simpler. Best money I spent on my new website design. And the support team has been excellent so far!

Headshot of Jason Barnette from Southeastern Traveler

Jason Barnette

Southeastern Traveler

Of course, I love the customer service but also the value Tasty Pins adds to my SEO. It’s giving me the option to specifically add keywords to my Pin description and specify photos to be shared on Pinterest. The plugin is very straightforward and easy to start using in minutes!

Headshot of Kristy Still from Mommy Hates Cooking

Kristy Still

Mommy Hates Cooking

To run a successful food blog, you need a good website.

To run a successful Instagram profile, you need great picture.

To run a successful Pinterest profile, you need Tasty Pins.

It’s really that simple.

Headshot of Mads Vindfeld Andersen from Madsvin.com

Mads Vindfeld Andersen


I’m loving Tasty Pins – it lets me optimise my images for both Pinterest and Google, and the best part is that I can hide the images meant for Pinterest from my page!

Headshot of Maria Juvakka from The Chic Pursuit

Maria Juvakka

The Chic Pursuit

Tasty Pins has totally helped me step up my Pinterest game! It’s so easy to set a description for Pinterest on any image on my blog, and by being able to put my keywords and tags in the description with Tasty Pins, I’ve seen an increase in traffic from Pinterest because people are repinning my images with quality descriptions! Adding alt descriptions for SEO has also helped tremendously! This is by far the easiest plugin for image optimization and definitely worth the price. I highly recommend it!

Headshot of Melissa Gresko from Lissy Through the Looking Glass

Melissa Gresko

Lissy Through the Looking Glass

Tasty Pins has saved me time and frustration. I love their dedicated Pinterest text option for images. Now I can write my Pinterest descriptions directly in my posts and not have to worry about the extra step when I load them into Pinterest. Their hidden pins allow me to create images specifically for Pinterest without overloading my blog posts with wordy images. This is one plugin everyone should have. It’s a great value!

Headshot of Laura Didea from Heart Filled Spaces

Laura Didea

Heart Filled Spaces

This tool has made life so much easier with making my pins SEO friendly. Great tool!

Headshot of Cassie Hollabaugh of Delightful Motherhood

Cassie Hollabaugh

Delightful Motherhood

Tasty Pins has made mastering SEO for both Pinterest *and* Google a breeze!

Also, love that I can upload multiple versions of pins to my article (in a hidden way), so that my blog readers can pin whichever version works best for them.

Incredible plugin!!

Headshot of Anna Morrison from Travel Ideas Guide

Anna Morrison

Travel Ideas Guide

I am loving Tasty Pins! As an SEO geek, I was always bummed when I realized I had to use the image alt text box for my Pinterest description (just to get Pinterest to show my preferred description).

Now with Tasty Pins that worry is completed eliminated!

With Tasty Pins, I’m able to give Pinterest a keyword- and a hashtag-rich description to keep them happy….AND….I’m able to give Google an appropriate alt text for my images to keep Google happy.


I also love that I can disable pinning on images I don’t want users pinning. This forces them to pin only my best images – another score!

Thanks, Tasty Pins! You rock!

Headshot of Alex Elliot from Inspiration Haus

Alex Elliot

Inspiration Haus

This plugin has made my life so much easier! I was so stressed about learning HTML code so I could choose the description for my Pinterest graphics, and then I found Tasty Pins. Simply type the description you want into a text box and away you go. So easy!

You can also disable pinning on certain images so that only the high quality, made for Pinterest images get pinned from your website. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone with a website.

Headshot of Brooke Truscott-Arthur from Mother Me Crazy

Brooke Truscott-Arthur

Mother Me Crazy

I fell totally in love with Tasty Pins the second I found them! They are so reliable, easy to use, actually work and I’m seeing Pins from my site increase exponentially! I love that you can hide more than one pin on a post and that it’s all super lightweight and doesn’t slow my site down.

Headshot of Leah Lesesne from Shelemah

Leah Lesesne


I love the ability to create multiple pins and hide them so they are not cluttering up the post. It is easy to use with great options. So glad I found Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Dina-Marie Oswald from Cultured Palate

Dina-Marie Oswald

Cultured Palate

As a food blogger, it always seems like there are a million things to do and I forget like half of them! The thing I probably forgot most was to add HTML code with a description for Pinterest to my pictures. Now with Tasty Pins I NEVER forget. This is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve made in my blog and to my peace of mind.

Headshot of ElissaBeth from The Taste of Kosher

ElissaBeth Nechemia

The Taste of Kosher

Tasty Pins is one of my favorite tools as a blogger. I love it because it’s incredibly easy to use and, so far, it has shown great results for my Pinterest strategy. It saves a lot of precious time and helps me give my photos the descriptions they deserve. I recommend it to all bloggers out there, regardless whether they’re just starting or not.

Headshot of Iva K. from Iva Says

Iva Krstik

Iva Says

Tasty Pins – it’s the only plugin I did spend money on. Does that say something to you? I am a starting blogger and I wanted a plugin that would allow me to control what pictures are shared on Pinterest and Tasty Pins was the only one! And trust me I searched! But the truth is, it not only allows me to control what is shared but also to do everything needed to have my pins shared the way I would prefer. I can add a description and the Pin ID for Rich Pins!! With no coding!! What a life saver for a blogger like me. I am very happy with the product and the team. Thank you for the work on this plugin! It makes my life so much easier.

Headshot of Marta Lourenço from ProMarta

Marta Lourenço


I love using Tasty Pins! It’s so easy to add my Pinterest description to each pin and use my alt tags properly now. I also love how easy it is to hide a pinnable image so I can offer more than one pin. It’s really helpful to disable pinning on any picture I want – it makes sharing pictures of my kids a lot more comfortable. This plugin is a must for bloggers!

Headshot of Laura Emerson from Cheered On Mom

Laura Emerson

Cheered On Mom

Finally a plugin that makes pinning easy! Tasty Pins totally streamlines the pinning process to give me more time to focus on the parts of blogging that I enjoy. This plugin adds a simple bit of code (so I don’t have to) which allows me to edit my own Pinterest description with every image. I can even disable pictures that I don’t want pinned to give priority to the images I choose. This is GREAT for my SEO, and I can now use the “alt text” for its intended purpose (describing what’s in the image). I highly recommend the Tasty Pins plugin to anybody looking to drive traffic to their website through Pinterest.

Headshot of Sara Furcini from The Frayed Apron

Sara Furcini

The Frayed Apron

Tasty Pins was recommended to me by one of my blogging friends and I cannot say enough good things about it! As a fairly new blogger, I just don’t want to waste money on everything that comes along promising to make my life easier. However, I can say with all honesty that not only is Tasty Pins very affordable, it has made my blogging life so much easier by allowing me to enter all of my information at one time and then moving on to something else. I never have to worry about forgetting to do something because my Tasty Pins plugin has everything I need in one spot! I love this and highly recommend it to anyone who has a blog!

Headshot of Karen Ellis from Warrior Women Blog

Karen Ellis

Warrior Women Blog

I am totally loving Tasty Pins! I love the easy set up…umm that’s because there isn’t one! Simply install the plugin! Then when I upload a pic, I simply add the Pin description which is right where the description/alt etc. stuff is. Super simple to use. It’s not like another heavy plugin to bog down my website. Getting the best of both worlds with Pins and SEO, YAY!

Headshot of Shari Lynne from Faith Filled Food for Moms

Shari Lynne

Faith Filled Food for Moms

Tasty Pins has been SO helpful at getting the correct information in my pins! Now I am able to use the ALT text the way it was intended – to provide a description of images for visually impaired. BUT the difference is now I have the ability to use the exact description I want, with the keywords I’m targeting in the Pinterest description. Pinterest is a huge traffic driver for my blog, so this plugin has been a game changer for me. I highly recommend it if Pinterest is important for your business!

Headshot of April Lee from Love Our Real Life

April Lee

Love Our Real Life

Tasty Pins has simplified my workflow with Pinterest exponentially! I am a designer and love to create custom Pinterest-friendly graphics, but don’t like how they clutter up blog posts. Thank you for creating this wonderful plug-in!

Headshot of Drew L from  Botaneri

Drew Lepp


Tasty Pins has been great for my blog! I create three or four pins per post that are optimized for Pinterest. I don’t want to put them all on my site, so having the option not only to add them in, but also have real alt text attributes as well as Pinterest descriptions are awesome!

It has saved me a lot of time and has set me up for Pinterest success, a platform I use every day for marketing my new blog.

Headshot of Jennifer Anastasi from Parent Smarter Not Harder

Jennifer Anastasi

Parent Smarter Not Harder

Hands down the best WP plugin I have on my site. Since 99% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, I need to optimise my images for Pinterest. This meant that I had to manually add the Pinterest description code into the HTML code. Thanks to Tasty Pins, I save soooo much time. Just a couple of clicks and I’m done!

Headshot of Rolf Lindenbergh from Prepared Survivalist

Rolf Lindenbergh

Prepared Survivalist

I love the Tasty Pins plugin! It makes blogging so much easier now that I can incorporate my Pinterest text directly into my images. This plugin is so convenient and user-friendly. Highly recommend for all bloggers!

Headshot of Farah Sheikh from Sincerely Farah

Farah Sheikh

Sincerely Farah

Together with Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins is one of the best plugins I was happy to purchase. It was easy to install, it’s user-friendly and the customer service it’s just amazing. I can now easily write good descriptions for my Pinterest pins and it saves time and headaches.

Headshot of Claudia Canu from Health Motivation by Claudia Canu

Claudia Canu

Health Motivation by Claudia Canu

Learning Pinterest was not something that came naturally to me. When starting a blog there is so much tech work to be done (and learned!) and since all I really want to do is cook amazing food to share, I needed tools to help me do the tech work easily and quickly. Tasty Pins did just that! From the minute I installed the plugin I was able to easily update my images with Pinterest text that was so easy to do and makes a world of difference to Pinterest. Thank you, thank you for offering EASY and EFFECTIVE time saving solutions for bloggers like me!

Headshot of Nicole Butler from Finished with Salt

Nicole Butler

Finished with Salt

I am a relatively new blogger and getting myself established with posts, SEO and mastering Pinterest was proving to be a time consuming task that was starting to get away from me.

Factor in the worry doing everything correctly and I was starting to stress, until I came across Tasty Pins and it’s been such a relief .

Tasty Pins has made my life so much easier and given me the peace of mind that my Pins are being handled correctly in my posts, with relevant keywords and hashtags in the right place, leaving me more time to focus on the content side of blogging.

Headshot of Rosemary Gooding from Keto Program Rocks

Rosemary Gooding

Keto Program Rocks

Why did I wait so long to get Tasty Pins? I love this plugin! It’s so convenient to be able to add alt text and a separate Pinterest description. But that’s not all, my readers get a hover button to save my images to Pinterest, meaning I don’t need another plug-in. It’s the best; thanks, WP Tasty!

Headshot of Lois Britton from Polish Housewife

Lois Britton

Polish Housewife

The Tasty Pins plugin is a real time saver for optimizing my blog’s images for Pinterest, SEO, and screenreaders. Very inexpensive and well worth the small price.

Headshot of Linda Lee from My Honeys Place

Linda Lee

My Honeys Place

I have been so pleased with Tasty Pins from the second I bought it! I am a new blogger and so the overwhelm of everything there is to learn was getting to me. Then one day I heard about the features of Tasty Pins allowing you to insert Pinterest descriptions and alt text on every photo, plus being able to hide Pinterest images and I was completely sold! In that same day I made the purchase and I am so happy that I did! Tasty Pins has amazing features and their customer support is out of this world!

Headshot of Audrey Maze from Audrey's Little Farm

Audrey Maze

Audrey's Little Farm

I’m so impressed with the Tasty Pins plugin features and the ease of using it. It’s a load off my mind to know that the images are optimised for both Google and Pinterest.

Headshot of Maria Ghidella from Sunday Calm

Maria Ghidella

Sunday Calm

Tasty Pins has allowed me to really up my Pinterest game. Since getting Tasty Pins, I have been able to create and hide multiple pinnable images per post and create ideal Pinterest descriptions for each one. I have also prevented pinning of images that are not ideal for Pinterest. This has caused my blog traffic from Pinterest to increase significantly.

Headshot of Lauren Forsythe from My Favorite Job Title Is Mom

Lauren Forsythe

My Favorite Job Title Is Mom

Being a new blogger can be really overwhelming. There’s so much to learn and one thing I really struggled with was code. After many failed attempts to add hidden images to my posts, I came across Tasty Pins and it has been a game changer! So easy to use and means I can concentrate on writing content rather than writing code!

Headshot of Hayley Usher from Educating Hayley

Hayley Usher

Educating Hayley

I love Tasty Pins. I used the Pinterest description with every blog post. It is nice since I can add the hastags in this description where I wouldn’t want those in my meta description. Also, I love to be able to hide images that I have with text on it that I design specifically for Pinterest. Great purchase and I would highly recommend Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Jill Midthun from Sugar Snap Yum

Jill Midthun

Sugar Snap Yum

I love the Tasty Pins plugin. Because I am a total beginner with a brand new blog and business, I can’t prove how much better my following is on Pinterest. However, I can say how easy Tasty Pins is to use, so that even I (who does not know very much in regards to SEO) was able to just plug it in and use it! Thanks so much guys!

Headshot of Sharica from Nokedli Design

Sharica Rodgers

Nokedli Design

Tasty Pins is a must-have WordPress plugin. I love how Tasty Pins makes it so easy to add Pinterest descriptions and hashtags making it so easy to reach my audience on Pinterest. Now, every one of my images is optimized both for Google and Pinterest. But best of all, I LOVE that I can create images specifically designed for Pinterest and hide them on my post. That means that when a reader selects to Pin an article, they get to choose from a beautifully designed Pinterest specific pins without those long images cluttering up the post. It is a great plugin that is worth every penny.

Headshot of Corrie Leber from Castle Bound

Corrie Leber

Castle Bound

As a new blogger, I quickly realized my content has to stand out and reach an audience. I discovered that Pinterest was an immense search engine that drove the most traffic to the major bloggers. Tasty Pins has been critical in implementing my Pinterest SEO strategy. I can write separate alt text and Pinterest text to optimize my pins for both Google and Pinterest search. My new pins since implementing Tasty Pins have received more engagement and viewing.

Headshot of Chinedu Chiana from Smart Long Term Investor

Chinedu Chiana

Smart Long Term Investor

Tasty Pins gives me simplicity, direction and results! As a engineer that runs a fitness blog on the side, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to research and develop my own solutions. So when faced with the problem of either optimizing images for Google or for Pinterest, I needed a ready made solution to optimize for both. Enter Tasty Pins!

Tasty Pins is an elegant solution that’s simplified my life. It’s a wonderfully easy plug-in to use and I know that my images are optimized for two of the biggest search engines. It’s well worth it for the peace of mind that gives me!

Headshot of Sean from Endorphinist

Sean Kenneday


The Tasty Pins plugin was recommended to me by Girl Bosses Rock. As I watched Raquel from Tasty Pins walk through how simple this plugin is to use and how it would optimize my blog for Pinterest, I was sold. I bought it right after her presentation! As a new blogger, I knew I needed an efficient tool to help me save time and take advantage of this major marketing platform. I’ve only been using the plugin for a short time but I’m already seeing results as my viewers are constantly increasing. Don’t miss out on this amazing plugin! Thank you Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Maxiann Forbes from Scriptural Gems

Maxiann Forbes

Scriptural Gems

I love the Tasty Pins plugin! It has made my life so much easier. Being able to optimize all of my images for both Pinterest and Google has been a huge time saver. Not only that, but I’ve seen a gradual increase in my traffic since using the Tasty Pins plugin. Thank you!!!

Headshot of Amy White from Daily Successful Living

Amy White

Daily Successful Living

My good pins are now super pins after recently signing up and using the Tasty Pins plugin. I’m already seeing an increase in traffic on my blog and on Pinterest. Wish I had signed up sooner!

Headshot of Michelle Meyer from Thistle Key Lane

Michelle Meyer

Thistle Key Lane

I’d been dragging my feet for a long time to amp up my Pinterest account. I spend so much time on SEO for my blog that the thought of adding Pinterest SEO to my never-ending to-do list was daunting. Since adding Tasty Pins, I’ve been much more active on Pinterest, and after just a short time, I’m starting to see my Pinterest traffic grow. I’m not great with new tech things, but this is so user friendly! I highly recommend it!

Headshot of Valentina K. Wein from Cooking On The Weekends

Valentina K. Wein

Cooking On The Weekends

Could not recommend the Tasty Pins plugin enough! I’m about to launch my blog and from when I found the plugin to activating it throughout my site, the process could not have been more clear, simple, and visually effective. It is my favorite plugin to date. The added resources, guides, and ideas are also definitely a plus!

Headshot of Chrissie Knudsen from Stirs and Stripes

Chrissie Knudsen

Stirs and Stripes

Tasty Pins saves me so much time and effort! It’s such a relief to take care of everything in one place without adding any code. And I’m seeing results! The plugin is beautifully designed, super-user friendly and intuitive. Can’t say enough good things!

Headshot of Catherine Culpepper from Lila Ruth Grain Free

Catherine Culpepper

Lila Ruth Grain Free

We purchased Tasty Pins a few weeks ago. After updating our pins we are starting to see increased traffic to our site. Being able to describe your pin to both Pinterest and Google as well as block images you don’t want pinned is so valuable. We love Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Jacob Gabbard from Just Financial Freedom

Jacob Gabbard

Just Financial Freedom

I really appreciate the simplicity of the plugin! For me, Pinterest is the main marketing tool and to find something so reliable and easy to use means a lot. I am better organised with Pinterest now thanks to you! The documentation is well-written, the whole company vibe is so welcoming for an exhausted-by-Wordpress non-techie like myself. I am very happy to have found you guys!

Headshot of Daria Storozhilova from Smart English Learning

Daria Storozhilova

Smart English Learning

I needed a simple plugin for my website to allow Pinterest descriptions. This is simple to use and doesn’t slow down my website!

Headshot of Alexis Rochester from Chemistry Cachet

Alexis Rochester

Chemistry Cachet

Tasty Pins has upped my Pinterest game like nothing else. Since downloading the plugin and optimizing my Pinterest text, I have seen a HUGE increase in traffic. Plus, I know that the great folks at WP Tasty are always there in case I run into problems along the way. Can’t thank them enough!

Headshot of Sam MacAvoy from Sam’s Dinner Diary

Sam MacAvoy

Sam’s Dinner Diary

I was so excited to hear about Tasty Pins on the Simple Pin Media podcast that I went straightaway to the website and bought it. I have struggled for years with trying to figure out how to please Google and still have a great Pin description. Now, it’s so easy! It’s like I breathe a sigh of relief every time I fill in those fields. Thank you, WP Tasty! (And I’m twirling my “mustache” when I say “WP Tasty.”)

Headshot of Nancy Basile from Media Medusa

Nancy Basile

Media Medusa

I was looking for an easy way to up my Pinterest game and I stumbled on Tasty Pins. It’s super simple, but that’s where its value lies. It’s very easy to use and it makes it a snap to optimize your blogs for Pinterest.


Headshot of Eric Leslie from Eric Leslie Photography

Eric Leslie

Eric Leslie Photography

Tasty Pins has definitely increased my brand awareness on Pinterest – I enjoyed their helpful tutorial that made it simple to understand and use to promote my blog. The results were instant!

Headshot of Erika J Villalobos from Essentially Erika

Erika J Villalobos

Essentially Erika

A friend told me about the Tasty Pins plugin a few weeks ago and I bought it right away. I love that I can upload multiple Pinterest images to each post without having all of them visible and slowing down my pages. I also love that I can set different Alt text and Pinterest descriptions. I think the plugin was worth the purchase and I enjoy using it. Thanks!

Headshot of Sophie Elise from My Cup Runs Over

Sophie Elise

My Cup Runs Over

Tasty Pins has allowed me to make sure that SEO for both Google/Bing and Pinterest is on point. Now, I can make sure that both of these top traffic sources are following best practices. And it’s so user-friendly!

Headshot of Tania Lau from Cooking For My Soul

Tania Lau

Cooking For My Soul

I love Tasty Pins! It is so easy to use. Optimizing my images for both SEO and Pinterest is a breeze and I can disable and hide pins with the click of the mouse, no coding required! This is one plugin I recommend to all my clients!

Headshot of Lori Riddle from The FitFilled Life

Lori Riddle

The FitFilled Life

After telling my web developer I needed an easier way to manage the pins so we could reshare more often, I was thrilled to discover Tasty Pins. It’s the perfect solution to manage this content & now, we’re reviewing our social process to decide how to make Tasty Pins an integral part of our weekly process.

Headshot of Tina Gleisner from Home Tips for Women

Tina Gleisner

Home Tips for Women

Tasty Pins really helps streamline my technical process. I can easily tweak my pins so they are not pinnable, and I love the custom description that’s available for each pin. I definitely recommend Tasty Pins. It’s affordable, flexible, and better for SEO.

Headshot of Audrey Marshall from Mommy Enlightened

Audrey Marshall

Mommy Enlightened

Tasty Pins is my new favourite thing when it comes to Pinterest tools. If you have a WordPress site, and you want to optimize your images for sharing to Pinterest.. then you need this plugin. It’s a huge part of growing your Pinterest traffic.

Headshot of Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted

Donna Moritz

Socially Sorted

Tasty Pins has been a great addition to my blog. I only recently worked out the importance of a presence on Pinterest and the Tasty Pins plugin has made it easier to use rich pins and to better customise my food photographs. It’s easy to install and easy to use. I happily recommend Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Gary Lum from Yummy Lummy

Gary Lum

Yummy Lummy

I am so thankful for Tasty Pins and the WP Tasty Team. Before starting my blog, I had never really used Pinterest before or even understood it. It was a struggle for me to learn and I didn’t know how to integrate it with my blog. Thanks to Tasty Pins I now feel much more confident with my workflow.

Headshot of Zachary Gawthorp of Salt Plus Thyme

Zachary Gawthorp

Salt Plus Thyme

I’m so excited about Tasty Pins! It’s made optimizing for accessibility, SEO & Pinterest so much easier and saves me tons of time.

The “disable pinning” and “hidden pins” features are particularly handy!

I highly recommend this tool for any blogger who is serious about getting traffic from Pinterest.

Headshot of Taughnee Golubović from Endeavor Creative

Taughnee Golubović

Endeavor Creative

Optimizing my image descriptions for Pinterest is simple with Tasty Pins. By prefilling the Pinterest descriptions of my images, I have confidence my pin descriptions are accurate. Best of all I’m helping my readers save time. Tasty Pins helps me be certain that my most helpful and shareable images reach Pinterest users easily, which translates into more pins and more traffic for my website.

Headshot of Allison Helsing Goines from Our Small Hours

Allison Helsing Goines

Our Small Hours

Although I’ve used Tasty Recipes for my recipes on my blog for over a year, I really wasn’t familiar with Tasty Pins until I attended a Pinterest class at Haven Conference 2018 taught by Alisa from Tailwind. She stressed the importance of having a Pinterest Text on every image in your posts and the easiest way to do that was to install the Tasty Pins plugin. I did that as soon as I returned home. In less than a month I’ve seen a significant increase in my repins and in my blog traffic from Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest now accounts for about 75% of of my blog traffic. Tasty Pins is one of the best plugins for a very reasonable price with high returns.

Headshot of Carol Lander from Bluesky at Home

Carol Lander

Bluesky at Home

The installation of the Tasty Pins plugin was dead simple and WP Tasty has a how-to manual to help you get the job done. I was able to do it without the help of my software engineer husband!

Once installed the plugin works beautifully. All of my photos now have a little “save” button on them so that I can easily pin every photo from every post- take advantage of the time you spend on photography! Plus, any site visitors can pin their favorite photo too! And the best part is that there is now a “Pinterest description” field on every photo so that I can control what data my photos are getting pinned with and make sure it represents my post and blog well. Since putting the plugin on my site I have already seen more people pinning directly from my site than before.

Tasty Pins is a simple and easy to use plugin that will help you manage your Pinterest account and make it easier for others to pin from your site as well. It also has great features like making some photos unable to be pinned and allowing you to have hidden photos that only come up when you want to pin the post to Pinterest. I am very happy with the one-time cost and the gains I am already seeing.

Thanks WP Tasty!

Headshot of Ellie Price from Hook Yarn Carabiner

Ellie Price

Hook Yarn Carabiner

I thought I knew where my pin descriptions were pulling from but whenever I pinned my recipes, the descriptions were all wrong. Tasty Pins takes the guesswork out of my pins because I know it will share the right information every time. I am so happy I started using Tasty Pins. It has made my life so much easier!

Headshot of Jenna Barnard from Butternut Bakery

Jenna Barnard

Butternut Bakery

Tasty Pins has been a dependable addition to my website. I’m new to the Pinterest game, but this simple, yet powerful plugin helps remind me of its importance. Not only this, you’ll find quick responses from the customer service team should you encounter any issue or question!

Headshot of Todd Weitzman from MoneyHax

Todd Weitzman


Tasty Pins has to be the easiest plugin to use but so valuable to me as a blogger. It makes creating a description for a pin so efficient whilst maintaining SEO with our alt-text descriptions. Just brilliant!

Headshot of michelle lakey from Lifejourney4two.com

Michelle Lakey


Tasty Pins has made it so easy to put appropriate Pinterest descriptions on my pins. It’s such a time-saver. I love it!

Headshot of Jillian Downing from Jillian Fae

Jillian Downing

Jillian Fae

I am currently trying to increase the views to my vegan food blog and I am fully aware that Pinterest is the ticket to doing so! I got Tasty Pins just a couple weeks ago and it has already increased my Pinterest interaction so much. People can now easily share my recipes in a way that is eye catching and repinnable!

Headshot of Faith VanderMolen from The Conscientious Eater

Faith VanderMolen

The Conscientious Eater

There is no other plugin out there like Tasty Pins for Pinterest. I was just putting together a description for my web developer to help me to come up with a method to have 5-10 hidden Pinterest images on my blog post and then I heard the podcast by Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media where she was discussing Tasty Pins and I realized that this was exactly what I was looking for. I got it straight away. It took me 2 minutes to install, and now I can add multiple hidden Pinterest images to each blog post and not only that, I can also add a custom Pinterest description for each Pin along with the hashtags. My Pinterest saves have increased a lot now and it’s not just random images that have been saved to Pinterest but it’s specific Pinterest images that I have chosen with my custom description and my hashtags. Love the plugin. Thank you!

Headshot of Jen Evansy from FoodHow.com

Jen Evansy


Tasty Pins has saved us a tremendous amount of time posting our Pinterest-ready images on our blog. They solved the big problem of being able to post multiple pinnable hidden images on our blog posts. With the Pinterest save button visitors can now easily pin one of many of our images right to their Pinterest boards without leaving our site. The big advantage is a huge boost in re-pins and more organic traffic from Pinterest. And we also don’t have a bunch of portrait style images making our blog posts look ugly. Very happy with this easy to use plugin.

Headshot of Alex Homes from Positopia

Alex Homes


I only recently purchased the Tasty Pins plugin and have used it on just one brand new post thus far. But I can’t believe I waited so long after learning about it to actually make my purchase. There’s no looking back now that I have it!

I love that I get to insert the exact phrase I want to be shared with each pin on Pinterest. And including all my hashtags with my image will ensure that my pin shows up in more search results.

It’s also great that you can disable pinning on individual images with just one simple click. This is helpful when doing roundups or in blog hops where you don’t want the hop graphic pinned.

So many thanks to the creators of the Tasty Pins plugin!

Headshot of Toni from Small Home Soul

Toni Harvey

Small Home Soul

I am not a food blogger so was hesitant to purchase. I’m so glad that I did because Tasty Pins is for any blogger who wants to save time inputing the description and hashtags for Pinterest!

Headshot of Janet Coon from Shabbyfufu

Janet Coon


I’ve been going through and updating all of my Pin descriptions. I’m seeing re-pinning activity improving already and can tell you this is WELL WORTH the $29!

Headshot of Tracey Amadio from Porch Daydreamer

Tracey Amadio

Porch Daydreamer

If you’re a blogger in any niche and Pinterest is at all part of your growth strategy (and if it isn’t – why not?!) Tasty Pins puts you in total control of which Pins your visitors share to the platform. No more random images in the wrong proportions. Only your best, Pinterest-optimised vertical images get shared, meaning more clicks, saves and free traffic to your blog. Love it!

Headshot of Sam Lancaster from Blogyoucademy

Sam Lancaster


Tasty Pins is an absolute game changer. I’m not the most organized person person in the world and until Tasty Pins came along, it was so hard to keep up with all the required info for my Pinterest images. Now, I can easily add descriptive alt text for all my images while I’m editing or constructing my latest post in WordPress. Tasty Pins has eliminated all the extra steps and saves me a ton of time. It has helped me increase my Pinterest traffic, which increases blog traffic, which increases “dollah” traffic. Cha-ching! Thanks so much WP Tasty!

Headshot of Shane martin from Shane & Simple

Shane martin

Shane & Simple

Using Tasty Pins has made a huge difference in my blog and in my pinning. I finally understand what goes in each area (Before: Alt? What’s that?? Now: Ahhhh!). I have a better understanding of keywords and their importance for Pinterest. Filling out all the info. on my images only takes a minute more. And best of all, my Pinterest re-pins and followers and my blog traffic have grown exponentially since I began using WP Tasty. I’m so thankful for this tool!

Headshot of Julie Pfeifer from A Loving Christ

Julie Pfeifer

A Loving Christ

Thanks to the Tasty Pins plugin, I don’t have to worry anymore about people pinning the wrong image with the wrong text. Now everything on my site looks and pins cohesively.

Headshot of Jilleen Butler from SoCal Field Trips

Jilleen Butler

SoCal Field Trips

Tasty Pins has saved me SOOOO much time and frustration!! I can easily hide my pins in my blog posts so they aren’t all visible in the article, but they still appear when a reader chooses to save to Pinterest. This has to be my favorite feature because it prevents my non-tech-savvy-self from screwing up HTML code! Hiding pins was the only feature I thought I was looking for, but Tasty Pins offers so much more! I love that I can disable pinning on images in my posts! So if I have a pic that isn’t optimized for Pinterest, I can simply check the box and not have to worry about it being pinned. Worth every single penny!!!

Headshot of Angela Evangelist from Handling Home Life

Angela Evangelist

Handling Home Life

As a Pinterest Manager, I am incredibly particular about what I recommend to my clients. Tasty Pins is one of my top recommendations, even for those just starting out. The ability to cater to SEO on Pinterest AND Google alone is worth the cost. I also love the ability to hide pinnable images and make other images unpinnable. The images pinned from my site are hand selected by me, making my presence on Pinterest appear exactly how I want it to! Of the few paid services I recommend to new bloggers, Tasty Pins is definitely one of them!

Headshot of Jessica Szekalski from JessicaPins

Jessica Szekalski


The Tasty Pins plugin has been a game-changer for me. No more worrying about adding complicated code to my WordPress site. Now I can add gorgeous pins to my posts with a click of a button. Best of all, my Pinterest engagement has skyrocketed since I added the plugin!

Headshot of Beth Deyo from Bliss Quest

Beth Deyo

Bliss Quest

I’m so happy that I purchased Tasty Pins! It has help my SEO and traffic so much! I personally love how I can add in so many keywords to really give my pins a chance to rank and it works! It was very easy to install and I could easily go in and update old posts and images immediately. I highly recommend them and think they are very affordable for what you get in return.

Headshot of Abbi Kirsten from Abbi Kirsten Collections

Abbi Kirsten

Abbi Kirsten Collections

I never knew how to fill out the fields in my images to optimize them for both SEO and Pinterest. Tasty Pins was just what I needed. It’s so simple to use. Once you install Tasty Pins, each photo in your post will have a field for your Pinterest description with hash tags and a separate field for your alt text. No more confusion. SEO and Pinterest optimized. I highly recommend this plugin if you want a simple solution for optimizing your images for both SEO and Pinterest.

Headshot of Lisa Goldfinger from Panning The Globe

Lisa Goldfinger

Panning The Globe

As an SEO (and Pinterest) enthusiast, Tasty Pins was a no-brainer addition to our WordPress site. Now I can finally optimize for both platforms without having to sacrifice one for the other. The plugin is also super lightweight, keeping my website as speedy as ever!

Headshot of Ben Huber from DollarSprout

Ben Huber


I’ve never felt comfortable using the alt text field as a description for Pinterest, but until Tasty Pins came along, there was no other option. I love being able to easily include descriptive alt text for my blog viewers who might not be able to view my images without sacrificing Pinterest traffic. Thank you so much WP Tasty!

Headshot of Brittany Mueller from I Love Vegan

Brittany Mueller

I Love Vegan

Tasty Pins has been a big help to me. I got saves almost right away! The plugin is so easy to use on my WordPress site. When I add new media, I just enter the Pinterest content as I’m putting in the other info. Another great feature is that you can add Pinterest descriptions to existing photos that you’ve uploaded. And, if you haven’t already, read the blog article about how to write Pinterest descriptions. That was super helpful too.

Headshot of Julia Osgood from Cook-N-Easy

Julia Osgood


I heard about Tasty Pins on the Food Blogger Pro podcast and thought it sounded like something which would be really useful to me. I have been hiding pin images individually via HTML and although it’s not difficult, it is time consuming. So that’s why I bought it, mainly, but also to use the Pinterest text feature. Once I bought the plugin it was so easy to use as you just access the features via the usual image config page. I also love the option to disable pinning, which is great for clickable images like adverts.

It’s so easy to add images just for pinning, as well as adding text and disabling pinning.

Thank you so much and keep up with the top tips in the podcast please, as they are so useful!

Headshot of Ali Richards from Diary Of A Detour

Ali Richards

Diary Of A Detour

I tried and tried to use coding to optimize my site for Pinterest, and I am so not a technical person that I spent way too much time on this. When I started using Tasty Pins, I was so super excited to stop trying (and failing) to code my posts for Pinterest and to start focusing again on my content! Tasty Pins makes it so easy to include beautiful images with descriptions in each and every post! So very grateful for Tasty Pins! I so wish I had known about Tasty Pins sooner!

Headshot of Heather Galloway from Her Autism

Heather Galloway

Her Autism

When I first heard about the conflict between Google and Pinterest I panicked. How was I supposed to choose which of my top two traffic drivers to focus on in the alt text. Finding a headache laden workaround didn’t make this low tech blogger feel any better. Then Tasty Pins entered my life and it’s been such a lifesaver. Everything looks the same, the process is still the same, I just fill out two lines instead of one for each image. It takes an extra minute but is SO worth it. Thank you so much for allowing me to make Google AND Pinterest happy!

Headshot of Bri Adams from Halfpint Design

Bri Adams

Halfpint Design

I’m so glad that I got the Tasty Pins plug in. It means that I can be confident that my Pinterest pins have optimised alt text and I can pin them straight from my website without having to go and get the page link and then write a description. Tasty Pins is the easiest plugin that I have on my site. It was so easy to use compared to any other plugin that I have, by far! Thanks Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Laurel Butler from You Can Bake This

Laurel Butler

You Can Bake This

I’ve been using Tasty Pins for a little less than one month now and love it. It’s so easy to use. The instructions are clear and the results great. In contrast to other alternatives for hiding my Pins, Tasty Pins does not slow down my site at all. Happy about this purchase!

Headshot of Justine from Travelbff

Justine Mfulama


Tasty Pins was just the plugin I needed to optimize my site! I always questioned whether or not I should make my alt text geared towards Pinterest, and I finally received a clear answer and solution to that problem with Tasty Pins! I recommend this plugin to any blogger!

Headshot of Sabrina Russo from Brina's Bites

Sabrina Russo

Brina's Bites

Tasty Pins plugin is a must for all bloggers! I am able to optimize my images for both Pinterest and SEO. Not only that, I am able to hide images on Pinterest instead of coding it myself. This has saved me so much time. I love this plugin!

Headshot of Amy Tinnin from A Cup Full of Sass

Amy Tinnin

A Cup Full of Sass

I was using the alt text for my Pinterest description like so many bloggers, then I found out that this wasn’t good for my SEO ???? and this was a big big problem. I didn’t want to lose my Pinterest description that I have made that are so important for my Pinterest traffic, but using the alt text for that was not good at all for my SEO, thankfully I found your amazing plugin and problem solved!!!! My next purchase is going to be Tasty Recipes for sure!!! Thanks a lot guys for the amazing work!!

Headshot of Citlalli Barberis from Sabores de mi Huerto

Citlalli Barberis

Sabores de mi Huerto

Tasty Pins has been a game changer for me. Being a solo-entrepreneur means my time in incredibly limited. Tasty Pins gives me more control on how my images show up in Pinterest without having to do anything fancy with the code. This means less steps for me, as well as the peace of mind that everything was done correctly and I didn’t break anything!

Headshot of Karlie Bryant from Diet Confessionals

Karlie Bryant

Diet Confessionals

Since using Tasty Pins, we have truly stepped up our Pinterest game! I love that we are able to include the Pinterest text that we want, and have added hashtags, which help us get discovered on Pinterest. It was also great to be able to disable ads from being pinned, which gives us a more professional look. The best thing, though, is that it has opened a new traffic stream into our blog – traffic from Pinterest! This is such a powerful channel for food bloggers, that you have to learn how to optimize for it. As a new food blog, we really feel like we’ve gotten off to a running start with Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Maren  Auxier from Date Night Meals

Maren Auxier

Date Night Meals

The Tasty Pins plugin is just perfect for me. It was easy to install and is simple to use! I am happy in the knowledge that by using this plugin, I am optimising my blog’s SEO. One other benefit of this plugin, which is often overlooked, is that when you purchase Tasty Pins (or Tasty Recipes) you get an extremely helpful, patient and personal customer service experience if anything should go wrong (not that I would expect it to!). I would recommend this plugin to anyone looking to grow their blog!

Headshot of Marianne Duquemin from Pointed Kitchen

Marianne Duquemin

Pointed Kitchen

I realized I was doing SEO and Pinterest all wrong. I am so grateful for this plugin. A majority of my traffic is Pinterest based. Tasty Pins makes it so easy to add proper hashtags and hide multiple pins with their plugin. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about Pinterest hashtags or descriptions interfering and competing with my websites SEO. I can now separately focus on SEO with Google keywords and hashtags with Pinterest keywords. Before I didn’t realize that hashtags and pin-worthy descriptions would interfere with my Google rankings (or lack thereof). If you use Pinterest for traffic, this plugin is a game changer!

Headshot of Chanele L. from Good Life of a Housewife

Chanele L.

Good Life of a Housewife

Tasty Pins was recommended to me a few weeks ago and I initially hesitated to push checkout on my shopping cart. Now I am wondering why? This is an amazing plug in that truly helps simplify the process. Adding a unique Pinterest description is so important in today’s blog world. How do we expect to get found if we don’t make the effort right? With time being at a premium we are all searching for ways to speed up the “publish” button. Tasty Pins allows you to easily add in a Pinterest description, limit what gets pinned, and all quickly and efficiently.. The investment is far less than I have spent on many other learning ventures. Take the plunge, you honestly will not regret it.

Headshot of Linda Cassidy from A Labour of Life

Linda Cassidy

A Labour of Life

I’m so happy to see that someone finally created a plugin to solve this problem!

Kristie Hill

Kristie Hill

Tasty Pins is so much easier than messing with Pinterest friendly coding by hand. No more using alt text out of convenience for Pinterest descriptions and losing Google juice. Now we pop in the right text for everything and we’re done. I also like the option to disable pinning to help keep people from pinning the “ugly” photos.

Headshot of Laurie Neverman from Common Sense Home

Laurie Neverman

Common Sense Home

Finally! A plugin that easily allows you to write great image descriptions for Pinterest and SEO – and it’s easy to use! I felt like I was always struggling to balance the two before, and therefore, not doing either particularly well. Tasty Pins makes it so easy to write great descriptive text for both, providing a great framework for growing bloggers!

Headshot of Meg Hemmelgarn from Green With Decor

Meg Hemmelgarn

Green With Decor

I just recently purchased Tasty Pins. My husband is a computer engineer and does most of my website maintenance/plug-in installations for me (so I don’t screw things up-as I can be prone to do). I really wanted this plugin immediately but I didn’t want to have to wait for him so I did the research, purchased it and downloaded it myself. It was super easy! I have to say I was so impressed with Tasty Pins and myself! It’s a great plugin and super easy to add the Pinterest descriptions. I highly recommend it!

Headshot of Amy Lawrence from Gourmet Done Skinn

Amy Lawrence

Gourmet Done Skinny

Tasty Pins solved one of my biggest Pinterest issues with just the press of a button, and it works beautifully! Since installing it, I have worked hard to create better Pin descriptions in the dedicated field, and use the alt text field to optimize my images for Google. What a brilliant solution!

Headshot of Tara Schatz from Back Road Ramblers

Tara Schatz

Back Road Ramblers

This plugin is a MUST HAVE. It is making my SEO life so much easier, as I’m now able to please both Google and Pinterest much more easily. LOVE it! Thanks so much!

Headshot of Chrissy Halton from Organise My House

Chrissy Halton

Organise My House

I’m SO happy that I came across the Tasty Pins plug-in! I had so much much trouble with hiding images and SEO before I started using Tasty Pins, like seriously struggled! Since I started using the plug-in 30 days ago, my average monthly Pinterest viewers have gone up 11% and my average monthly engaged Pinterest users have gone up 21%. It has been amazing considering it’s a “slow” time of year for Pinterest (Feb-Mar). I’m a newbie blogger so I LOVE that Tasty Pins is SO easy to use! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to up their Pinterest game.

Headshot of Amy Malcolm from Your Stay at Home Mom

Amy Malcolm

Your Stay at Home Mom

Finally! We had been doing this in the HTML text editor which is soooo time consuming and prone to errors. This plugin saves at least 20 minutes loading a post and we know it is set up correctly. Thanks so much!

Headshot of Elizabeth from Compass and Fork


Compass and Fork

When I decided it was time to start growing my Pinterest account, I knew I needed help. I also knew the people behind Tasty Pins would offer a product thoughtfully designed to get the most out of my effort. I also knew their product would be easy to use and fully supported. All of this has proven true, and setting my blog posts up for the most effective pinning couldn’t be any easier. I’m especially fond of “disable pinning” function. So smart!

Headshot of Emily Wilson from The Craveable Kitchen

Emily Wilson

The Craveable Kitchen

Tasty Pins has been such a HUGE timesaver! I have been working feverishly to get my Pinterest account back in action and had gobs of images to update and re-pin. This plugin has allowed me to basically do everything I need to do all in one place. If I want to disable pinning on product images, I can do that with one click instead of adding long code. I can easily have a different ALT text and Pin description and it is all manageable in one spot. Love this plugin and would be lost without it!

Headshot of Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama

Jennifer Saleem

Hybrid Rasta Mama

Oh, for the love of Pinterest! I adore my Tasty Pins plugin. What a time saver. I write detailed quilting/sewing tutorials which have lots of images. Before, I was adding a “no pin” code to all of the detail images that I didn’t want pinned. This code would occasionally get stripped out and I’d have to go back in and re-add the code. Now, all I have to do is tick a little box!

Headshot of Leslie Rutland from The Seasoned Homemaker

Leslie Rutland

The Seasoned Homemaker

I have been blogging for 5 years and Pinterest is one of my top sources of traffic. Tasty Pins has allowed me to add the needed sizes and description for my Pinterest pins. By offering the ability to choose my preferred image, descriptions and hide my pin if desired I am able to closely monitor and control the information being chosen. Tasty Pins is a must-have to supplement my SEO and social media plugins for the best user experience and optimal Pinterest participation.

Headshot of Marilyn Lesniak from Marilyn Lesniak

Marilyn Lesniak

Marilyn Lesniak

I love how quickly and easily I can put my Pinterest description in my chosen image and disallow pinning of the images I don’t want to be pinned.

Headshot of Angie Sherbondy from Best PowerPoints for Spanish and French

Angie Sherbondy

Best PowerPoints for Spanish and French

My traffic (and income) has more than doubled since I began optimizing posts for SEO. Tasty Pins is one more tool in my toolbox that has helped me optimize for both Google and Pinterest at the same time. It has so many useful features that are saving me a ton of time! I like being able to disable pinning on certain images. This feature puts me in control of the images that appear on Pinterest.

Headshot of Elaine Nessman from Flavour and Savour

Elaine Nessman

Flavour and Savour

As a non-techy person, I was hesitant to try out the new Tasty Pins feature on my blog. Reluctantly, I gave it a shot and am so grateful I did!! Tasty Pins made it so simple. I love that immediately upon logging onto their site, I am asked if I have any questions–great service! I also love that adding text to Pinterest on my blog is now done in the correct format and they made it so very easy. Best feature I’ve ever added to my blog posts!!

Headshot of Nicole Nigg from Repurpose Life

Nicole Nigg

Repurpose Life

I just recently started using Tasty Pins on my blog, Eat Chic Chicago, and I’m loving it! I no longer have to choose between optimizing the alt text and pin description for each of my post images. I also love that I can easily add a hidden image without having to go into my HTML code to do so. The tutorials for how to use Tasty Pins were great in helping me hit the ground running and guiding me to think strategically about the text I use for alt text and Pinterest text for SEO – thanks for making this so easy guys!

Headshot of Amari Thomsen from Eat Chic Chicago

Amari Thomsen

Eat Chic Chicago

Thank you Tasty Pins!

I’ve been curious/concerned about my long Pinterest descriptions in alt text for a while and wasn’t sure if that was the correct way to go about things. So thank you for the education and the simple solution!

Although I just started implementing Tasty Pins, I’m so excited about this plugin and have been telling every blogger I know to get it!

Headshot of Randa Derkson from The Bewitchin' Kitchen

Randa Derkson

The Bewitchin' Kitchen

I love the Tasty Pins plugin! I was really confused about how to make sure that our Pinterest description was used and not our alt text. This plugin made it a no-brainer for me. Now, I don’t have to worry about it and it does all the back-end work for me. Love it!

Headshot of Kristen Horst from HeroFIT Family

Kristen Horst

HeroFIT Family

We’re just entering the Pinterest game —but knew right away the Tasty Pins plugin was a hit. AND was super easy for this fifty something tech challenged blogger. If you are interested in upping your Pinterest game, this plugin makes it super simple to share custom pins without making your post look awkward or over-promoted.

Headshot of Nina Bandoni from Sharing a Journey

Nina Bandoni

Sharing A Journey

I’m digging the Tasty Pins plugin. It was so easy to set up and now it’s saving me a ton of time adding Pinterest descriptions to my images.

Headshot of Sandra Foyt from Getaway Mavena

Sandra Foyt

Getaway Mavena

Tasty Pins is exactly the plugin I needed to optimize my images for Pinterest without compromising SEO. I’d love to get at least as much traffic from search engines as I get from Pinterest, and this plugin is definitely starting to move the needle. The Tasty Pins plugin is easily going to pay for itself in increased revenue from search traffic. Definitely worth the investment!

Headshot of Mary Jane Duford from Home for the Harvest

Mary Jane Duford

Home for the Harvest

Using Tasty Pins has been fantastic! Organic search accounts for nearly 60% of our traffic so most of the content on our site is optimized exclusively for search. This posed a problem with Pinterest since our alt-text didn’t make for very appealing Pinterest descriptions. Tasty Pins has been the perfect solution! Now we have great Pinterest descriptions and great alt text. Our Pinterest traffic is already improving after just a short time using Tasty Pins. It’s definitely a must have for any blogger or website optimizing for search and Pinterest!

Headshot of Cassidy Tuttle from Succulents and Sunshine

Cassidy Tuttle

Succulents and Sunshine

This is so good, it’s easy to use! This helps us have one less thing to worry about with blogging. Thanks for making our lives easier.

Headshot of Rhonda Hallstrom from Hallstrom Home

Rhonda Hallstrom

Hallstrom Home

The Tasty Pins plugin has saved me so much time in adding Pinterest descriptions without having to go into the HTML code! Having the Pinterest text box available also acts as a quick reminder so I don’t ever accidentally leave my description blank. I’ll be recommending this plugin to all my friends and clients!

Headshot of Sarah Renae Clark from Sarah Renae Clark

Sarah Renae Clark

Sarah Renae Clark

Pinterest is my number one source of traffic, so prioritizing it on my site is vital. At the same time, we all want to do the best we can with all the SEO algorithms. I needed an effortless way to accomplish both goals at the same time and the Tasty Pins plugin allows me to do just that.

It’s easy to enhance old pages and takes no time at all to optimize new posts for both Pinterest and SEO.

Headshot of Megan MacNee from Traveling Nine to Fiver

Megan MacNee

Traveling Nine to Fiver

I’ve been really trying to build the blog for the last few months and I knew that SEO was going to be a major part of that. When I heard that Tasty Pins was created I was definitely interested. Then I heard the FBP podcast with Casey Markee and bought the plugin before the podcast had even finished. One of my favourite features is the Pin image selection ability. It’s an awesome plugin!

Headshot of Debs Thompson from Salted Mint

Debs Thompson

Salted Mint

I’ve been using Tasty Pins for about 3 weeks now and I love it thus far! Entering a Pinterest description is so easy now and I do believe it’s helped my traffic. I love that I can disable pinning on certain pictures which prevents those pictures from showing up in the choices of images available for pinning.

Headshot of Lynette Fitzgerald from The Grain-Free Kitchen

Lynette Fitzgerald

The Grain-Free Kitchen

Tasty Pins is the answer to the universal food blogging conundrum: optimize photos for SEO or optimize photos for Pinterest? Now you don’t have to choose because Tasty Pins makes it easy by allowing you to do both! An easy, lightweight plugin that makes it easy to take your food blogging another step further. Problem solved!

Headshot of Kristina Todini from Fork in the Road

Kristina Todini

Fork in the Road

Tasty Pins, where have you been all my blogging life? Such a time-saver! Being able to easily choose a hidden image for Pinterest is sooooo much easier than cutting and pasting code. Also, I’m thrilled that Tasty Pins lets me do alt text properly, yet still include a Pinterest-optimized description. Woot!

Headshot of Barbara Spanjers from Cake Is Magical Wellness

Barbara Spanjers

Cake Is Magical Wellness

The Tasty Pins plugin is *so* powerful and useful for food bloggers; from separating my Pinterest description/Alt Text to having the option of making specific images unpinnable, this is a plugin that I know I can continue to count on. I really appreciate that the plugin is constantly updated to include features based on user feedback. Thanks for everything!

Headshot of Ann Nguyen from Bake du Jour

Ann Nguyen

Bake du Jour

I have been concentrating on growing my website following over the last year. Through listening to Bjork and the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, I have learned so much about SEO and valuable plugins to use to increase your social media presence on outlets like Pinterest. Using this plugin I was able to easily add Pinterest text to my image descriptions. Within a week I have noticed a big increase in followings on Pinterest. I have loved using this plugin!!

Headshot of Mollie Tunitsky from FitFabFODMAP

Mollie Tunitsky


This came at the perfect time! I’m just starting to dive into SEO. Before, I didn’t care too much about what the alt tag said, I only cared about the Pinterest description. Then this email about Tasty Pins landed in my inbox and solved the problem before I even had a chance to worry about it too much! It works great and gives me everything I need for Pinterest and SEO. Thanks guys!

Headshot of Karen from The Food Charlatan


The Food Charlatan

Pinterest is essential for driving traffic to my blog. It was also my downfall. You can imagine my excitement when Tasty Pins was created! I love, love this plug in. It has been one of the best investments I have made. It is so easy to use. Once you upload a photo to your media file everything you need to create an awesome Pinnable image is right there. It is a great time saver!

When you purchase this plugin, you will receive two tutorials. One focuses on writing great Pinterest descriptions and the other is on Alt Tags. (I needed help on both of those areas.)

Don’t waste any time. Purchase Tasty Pins today! Your blog will thank you! 🙂

Headshot of Bridget Towery from Baking with Bridget

Bridget Towery

Baking with Bridget

The Tasty Pins plugin is really easy to use and it’s very helpful. Using it means that my images are optimized for SEO with proper alt text, making them accessible, and also the optimizes those same images for Pinterest. It’s a win-win in a super user-friendly package!

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This plug in is excellent! I’ve been blogging for a year and working really diligently on building traffic. I know how important optimizing for SEO is, and I also know how important using the right keywords for Pinterest is! Until this plug in, I always felt conflicted for which I should do! With this plugin, I can do BOTH so easily. I feel like I’m building a strong foundation for future success, and I’m thankful for this easy-to-use plugin to help me get there!

Headshot of Cynthia Markova from Home Beautifully

Cynthia Markova

Home Beautifully

Tasty Pins has made optimizing my images for both SEO and Pinterest infinitely easier! Before I was hand coding a lot of the data, so WP Tasty has saved me loads of time already — and time equals money. I especially love the option to hide a Pinterest-specific image.

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Tara Kuczykowski


Tasty Pins makes setting a Pinterest description so easy!

Headshot of Danielle Leonard from The Frugal Navy Wife

Danielle Leonard

The Frugal Navy Wife

I am loving the Tasty Pins plugin. I love that it enables me to optimize for both Pinterest and Google at the same time. I am also a huge fan of the feature that enables me to quickly and easily hide Pinterest-specific images. I was doing this before with coding, but it was such a hassle. This makes things so much easier!

Headshot of Hannah Whitcomb from Clean Eating Veggie Girl

Hannah Whitcomb

Clean Eating Veggie Girl

Tasty Pins was a clear answer to my SEO problem. Using the Tasty Pins plugin is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Headshot of Pam Young from Two Cups of Health

Pam Young

Two Cups of Health

Tasty Pins such a helpful and cool plugin. It allows you to add both alt text and Pinterest text while optimizing your images in your blog posts seamlessly. You can also add hidden Pinterest pins easily without adding any code. Truly a useful and lean plugin for WordPress!

Headshot of marnie Schwartz from Being Her Hero

Marnie Schwartz

Being Her Hero

Tasty Pins helps me fully optimize my image descriptions efficiently, and I’ve been able to take advantage of Pinterest hashtags easier than ever. The Pinterest-only image option takes a huge hassle out of my publishing workflow, too. I’m so thrilled to have this plugin!

Headshot of Cheryl Malik from 40 Aprons

Cheryl Malik

40 Aprons

As soon as I heard about the Tasty Pins plugin from Bjork of Food Blogger Pro, I immediately knew I had to have it! In WordPress I’d been using the Alt Text field for my Pinterest description instead of what it’s really meant for – the actual image description. Having a special Pinterest Text box in addition to the Alternative Text field has been a real SEO game-changer for my blog. As a completely non-techie person, I can attest to the beautiful simplicity of the plugin installation. It was a breeze. Hip hip hooray for the Tasty Pins plugin!

Denay DeGuzman

Confetti and Bliss

Wow! This plugin couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve finally decided it’s time to turn my passion into a serious side hustle. Tasty Pins has already increased my Pinterest and blog traffic in a mere matter of days! Thank you so much WP Tasty for helping me chase my dreams!

Sara Goldstein

Tomatoes Tomahtos

I had wanted to provide better Pinterest descriptions for a while, so I’m super happy to be able to do this easily with Tasty Pins. Having the possibility to hide an image from the post is something I look forward to, and the whole process of buying, downloading and installing the plugin was seamless. Very happy with my purchase.

Headshot of Pilar Hernandez from En mi cocina hoy

Pilar Hernandez

En mi cocina hoy

Tasty Pins is a must for any website that relies on visuals to promote their brand and to get their message across. As a quilt blogger, I need to optimise my Pinterest traffic, and Tasty Pins was a no-brainer purchase to help me do so.

Headshot of Alyce Blyth from Blossom Heart Quilts

Alyce Blyth

Blossom Heart Quilts

We’ve long struggled with how to balance the pull between Pinterest-friendly descriptions and SEO-friendly descriptions of our images. It’s such a relief that we don’t have to choose anymore! Tasty Pins makes it incredibly simple to maximize the reach of our images with one tool in one place.

Headshot of Lisa Riedl and Anna Schaber from Garnish with Lemon

Lisa Riedl and Anna Schaber

Garnish with Lemon

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