We purchased Tasty Recipes recently and have found it to work beautifully and seamlessly with WordPress for our blog. It’s great to have a recipe plugin that gives us ease of use and we have also integrated the Nutrifox nutrition label plugin to give is a double edge when creating and posting our blog. The details we can incorporate with simplicity is awesome. Thank you WP Tasty!

Headshot of Michael Hunsinger from MD and Chef Team

Michael Hunsinger

MD and Chef Team

I thought I was stuck with another recipe plugin until I was introduced to Tasty Recipes! It was amazing, migration is easy and now my recipe warning errors on Google Search Console is slowly clearing up, support is quite fast as well. As for the design, it will quite fit with any website with clean and clear templates plus it inherits your site fonts so your recipe cards will just look like a natural fit.

Headshot of Raymund from Ang Sarap


Ang Sarap

I love Tasty Recipes, super easy to use and so cool that you can put step-by-step videos into it. That makes it super simple for people to follow and watch. Tasty Recipes can be customised to take on your website colours to match and look like one. Also with the Nutrifox inside your card, it makes it really professional for people to check out nutrition and calories.

I highly recommend food bloggers to use Tasty Recipes.

Headshot of Paul Deehan from PopUp Chef

Paul Deehan

PopUp Chef

Love how easy the Tasty Recipes plugin is to use!! Definitely allows my readers the best way to print, double the recipe, and more!

Headshot of Nicole Triebe from Windy City Dinner Fairy

Nicole Triebe

Windy City Dinner Fairy

I have had this plugin on my blog for only a few short weeks and already have seen my traffic increase due to its recipe SEO features that Google search says are important! Just a few days ago, because Tasty Recipes is installed, Google reached out to me informing me of certain areas that I missed! I would never have known if it weren’t for Tasty Recipes! xo

Headshot of Samantha Clifford from The Golden Beets

Samantha Clifford

The Golden Beets

I am soooo happy that I finally got the Tasty Recipes plugin after so long! I love how beautiful my recipe card looks now (there are a few gorgeous templates to choose from) and how well it pops out from the post (my readers love it too)! Also love the scaling function that’s so easy to use and most importantly, practical for those who want to cook a double or triple batch of anything! No more mental calculations, so YAY!

I’m also seeing so many people printing recipes from my blog, which is great because that means my recipes are useful and my goal is for as many people to cook with my blog recipes as possible 🙂

There’s also been a slight uptick in search traffic, so I’m guessing the JSON-LD structured data provided by the plugin helps Google and other search engines better match my recipes with people searching for related recipes.

Totally worth the price, and it has improved overall user experience on my blog, which is super important for me 🙂

Headshot of Felicia Lim from Dish by Dish

Felicia Lim

Dish by Dish

We looked closely at Tasty Recipes and were immediately impressed by everything about the plugin. Since using the Tasty Recipes plugin, the look and feel of my recipe posts are noticeably improved and functionality is a dream.

Knowing how complex the behind-the-scenes cohesiveness of various plugins can be, and how easy it is to ‘break’ a website, my husband immediately recommended that we also integrate Tasty Pins and Tasty Links for a seamless recipe platform.

I am so glad we made the decision to go with WP Tasty!

Headshot of Tess Lee from My Sweet Tooth Bakery

Tess Lee

My Sweet Tooth Bakery

I was looking for an easy piece of software that could upload my recipes (from Notepad, not even MS Word!), and spit out a formatted recipe with nutritional info too. I came across a cooking blog that was built using Tasty Recipes, and I said, “Wow!”

This is the best, easiest, recipe plugin for WordPress. It even converted my old recipe formats. All my free recipes will eventually end up on my blog. I am working on that now using Tasty Recipes.

So, if you’re looking for a recipe plugin for your WordPress blog, stop right there, and sample Tasty Recipes. You won’t need to go anywhere else.

Highly recommended!

Headshot of Andrew Neves from Microgreens World

Andrew Neves

Microgreens World

This is the best plugin I have ever purchased for my blog! It is easy to download thanks to the WP Tasty directions and it’s super user friendly. It has made my website look so much more aesthetically pleasing and my readers can easily print off a recipe. I highly recommend this plugin! It’s worth every penny.

Headshot of Jessica Coggins from The Healthy Hippie Blog

Jessica Coggins

The Healthy Hippie Blog

I highly recommend WP Tasty products. I have all three plus Nutrifox. They are easy to use and for a new food blogger like myself, they are also extremely helpful. Tasty Pins helps me to ensure I have all the necessary information I need. Tasty Links saves me so much time. I just add the link one time and it automatically applies the link when I use the keyword. I also love Tasty Recipes. It looks so professional, it has everything I need. I did purchase Nutrifox and I can just grab my code and add it directly to my Tasty Recipes. I can not say enough about these products, they are amazing.

Headshot of Patricia Saunders from Thyme to Change

Patricia Saunders

Thyme to Change

I use both Tasty Recipes and Tasty Links on both of my two blogs and they are my favorite plugins. They are always up-to-date and easy to use. The way they integrate together is also very convenient. Thank you for making such a great product that makes my food blogging easier!

Headshot of Melissa Riker from The Happier Homemaker

Melissa Riker

The Happier Homemaker

I absolutely LOVE the Tasty Recipes Plugin. It always works, it’s beautifully designed and makes my site look professional and organized. I know and TRUST this brand and I highly recommend them.

Headshot of Mary Callan from The Well Fed Yogi

Mary Callan

The Well Fed Yogi

The first thing that comes to mind regarding WP Tasty is exceptional customer service. Which I often find lacking with any other WordPress plugin service. They respond in a very reasonable amount of time (usually operator error in my case) and are so helpful and friendly. Second is the ease of use with the plugin, their online tutorial is so helpful, and quick too. Keeping my recipes neat and orderly is important to me, and the extra SEO is a boost too. I’m a huge fan!

Headshot of Shelagh Mullen from SheCooks.Design

Shelagh Mullen


I was looking for a simple, elegant, and comprehensive recipe plugin for my blog for a while, and I’m glad I found Tasty Recipes! Because my site is about health and wellness, each recipe’s nutrition data is so important to us, and this plugin lets me display just the right amount of detailed information in a very organized and non-distracting way.
I also love that it offers a few different looks to choose from. It ensures the recipe’s design is seamless and integrates well with the rest of the feel and design of the site.

Awesome plugin and I highly recommend it!

Headshot of Misato Alexandre from Fitwirr

Misato Alexandre


I love Tasty Recipes and have been using it from the beginning. Other recipe plugins just don’t stand up to what we need as recipe makers and food bloggers. Tasty Recipes provides everything you will ever need.

Headshot of Barbara Cantrell from Hunger for Spice

Barbara Cantrell

Hunger for Spice

As a relative newbie to food blogging, I first felt that I may have to first prove myself or win traffic before indulging and buying plugins. But, luckily, I changed my mind quickly and have basically used Tasty Recipes from Day One. The seamless integration, professional look, ease to use and useful info that comes with the subscription have been invaluable for me. Now that I have started Pinterest, I have added Tasty Pins, which is again a great tool! Other than in the early stages of my blogging journey, I now have to say, that you cannot start getting the best and user-friendly plugins like the ones from WP Tasty too early. They save time and headaches – especially when we are rookies and not programmers! Can definitely recommend!

Headshot of Christiane Kuehl from Low Carb Lounge

Christiane Kuehl

Low Carb Lounge

I could never figure out how the pros made their recipe cards look so good on their blogs and I’ve finally figured it out. I can’t recommend WP Tasty products enough. Ann from customer service is amazing and is always available to answer any questions I have.

Headshot of Samantha Shue from The Decor Spot

Samantha Shue

The Decor Spot

Tasty Recipes is one of those plugins that once you start using it, you wonder how you managed without it… I had previously been using a recipe module which the developer had baked in to my WordPress theme. I didn’t find this very intuitive or easy to use and worse still, I found it slowed down my site.

After much research I have overhauled my blog, recoding all of my content to use Tasty Recipes. This was quick and easy to do and my site has really benefited from the change. It now loads much quicker, is far more reliable and is much more aesthetically pleasing. An added bonus is my SEO scores have really improved and my recipes are now appearing higher in search results!

Headshot of Tom Frizell-Shackley from Kitchen Notes

Tom Frizell-Shackley

Kitchen Notes

Tasty Recipes has been a game-changer for me! Not only is the plugin easy and seamless to use, but my website looks much more professional now to. I don’t know why I waited so long to get it but it’s the best purchase I’ve made for my business!

Headshot of Sharisse Dalby from Sharisse Dalby Nutrition

Sharisse Dalby

Sharisse Dalby Nutrition

I have LOVED using the Tasty Recipes plug in! Putting your recipes in and optimizing for SEO is a breeze. With Tasty Recipes, putting in a list of ingredients and instructions couldn’t be easier. I save so much time. I love the beautiful design and that the recipe card comes out to match my theme style. The support has been amazing and responsive as well. Getting Tasty Recipes has been worth every penny.

Headshot of Anya from Anya's Cookbook

Anya Gallentine

Anya's Cookbook

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