I have really enjoyed using the Tasty Recipes plugin. I have generated more income through referral links now that I have the ability to link those within the actual recipe. I also love that I can add a photo of the recipe within the plugin. It is very clean, easy to use, and has made adding recipes to my blog a breeze. Can’t beat it and definitely worth the money!

Headshot of Spencer Miller from MacroChef

Spencer Miller


As first-time food bloggers, Tasty Recipes is perfect for us. It is easy to use and looks great! We looked at a few other recipe plugins and they just did not have the features we were looking for, nor did they have the professional feel that we wanted. We love how our recipes look, and we already feel like we have a leg up on the competition even though we just started. Thanks so much! : )

Headshot of Jack and Eveline from Toastie Lab

Jack and Eveline

Toastie Lab

I’ve been in the process of updating my site and trying to improve SEO. Site speed was a huge issue. I was hesitant to change but downloaded Tasty Recipes. It was a simple installation and improved my site speed from 6.53 seconds to 2.43 seconds! I still have a lot of work to do on my redesign but Tasty Recipes solved a huge problem. And I love all the features. And NutriFox? It’s a time saving game changer!

Headshot of Julie Parnell from Screwyism

Julie Parnell


Hello Lindsay and Bjork,

I am inspired by what you both have created with Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro and I just love the Tasty Recipes plugin. Tasty Recipes has organized the recipes I post in a stylish professional way and is really easy to use. I love the plugin and highly recommend any food blogger that wants to take their blog to the next level to get it. I am inspired by you both everyday thanks for taking the time to help out us newbies. All the best.

Headshot of Susan Ramirez from Sueseaqpi

Susan Ramirez


Tasty Recipes makes life so much easier. I love using Tasty Recipes for my blog. They have a variety of different templates you can use and the layout looks clean and professional and is user-friendly. It is optimized for SEO and easy to use. I would definitely recommend Tasty Recipes for food bloggers.

Headshot of Emily Charman from Simply Healthy Vegan

Emily Charman

Simply Healthy Vegan

I’ve been using Tasty Recipes for months now and I absolutely love it! The plugin comes with some really nice clean-looking templates that you can still customize to fit your website. I really like how it allows me to format my text a lot more flexibly than the other plugins I’ve used in the past.

The support is amazing as well. Always helpful and responds very quickly!

Headshot of Nart from Cooking with Nart


Cooking with Nart

I moved my site from Blogger to WordPress and use Tasty Recipes and Tasty Pins. My site looks awesome and the search is much better. I love how the recipes are uniform.

Headshot of Tim Taylor from Cook Savor Celebrate

Tim Taylor

Cook Savor Celebrate

Unlike many of Tasty Recipes users I have been blogging for over 12 years. I liked the look of Tasty Recipes (mostly) and I particularly liked the fact that I could make changes to the CSS. Installation was simple and with the help of excellent support staff (thank you Amber) I was able to make the style changes I wanted so that it fit my blog perfectly. I am confident that Tasty Recipes will help my blog stay in compliance with Google’s every-changing requirements.

Headshot of Katie Zeller from Thyme for Cooking

Katie Zeller

Thyme for Cooking

Tasty Recipes has honestly made a starter blogger like myself, feel less overwhelmed by formatting and presentation. It has enabled me to be a content creator with ease and confidence! I absolutely love their recipe cards and couldn’t imagine by blog without it. It is seriously worthwhile!

Headshot of Mollie Winter from mollie winter

Mollie Winter

Mollie Winter

I write a blog on gluten-free living that includes recipes.
For a reasonable one time fee, I was able to get great features. Converting my already posted recipes was really easy. Writing new recipes is really easy too!
I am really impressed with Tasty Recipes, and I would highly recommend it!

Headshot of Janice Schroeder from Gluten Envy

Janice Schroeder

Gluten Envy

As any food blogger will attest, we put so much time into our recipes and the idea of handing them over to a plugin can be overwhelming. I was so relieved to have zero issues converting hundreds of older recipes with Tasty Recipes. The process couldn’t have been any simpler for me and creating new recipes is a breeze! I love that I can customize the look to fit my blog (you know how some recipe cards stick out like they don’t belong?) and still easily include links to the products and ingredients I use and recommend.

Headshot of Erin Cox from Real Food and Love

Erin Cox

Real Food and Love

I was pulling my hair out until I found WP Tasty. Once I installed Tasty Recipes, my blog turned out to be exactly what I envisioned. I received exceptional customer service and a special CSS code to help me customize my recipe card, which made all the difference in my design. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I also purchased Tasty Pins and can’t imagine publishing a food blog without this incredible plugin. My monthly views on Pinterest have skyrocketed since I started using Tasty Pins. I’m a happy girl!

Headshot of Debi Morgan from Quiche My Grits

Debi Morgan

Quiche My Grits

I picked Tasty Recipes mostly for looks. I loved the look of the recipe cards and I was able to customize them more with very simple CSS.

But what’s really been great is that I can use it for all the non-food projects I do, like soap and lotion tutorials. It looks beautiful and creates useful printables without me having to do anything.

Headshot of Katie Shaw from Heart's Content Farmhouse

Katie Shaw

Heart's Content Farmhouse

I’m a brand new blogger, I’ve had a domain name for months, had a plan and dreamed of getting started for years but Tasty Recipes really was the tipping point to PRESS GO! There is an overwhelming amount of technical Googlespeak out there but with Tasty Recipes I can focus on learning the content creation process and leave the upper level technical jargon to the pros! THANK YOU Tasty Recipes!

Headshot of Adriana Dikih from Willamette Transplant

Adriana Dikih

Willamette Transplant

I can’t say much more other than I love Tasty Recipes! Before buying it, I had researched other recipe plugins, but none seemed as user-friendly, logical, or beautiful as Tasty Recipes. It has really enhanced my blog. My only regret is not buying it sooner!

Headshot of Alex Aldeborgh from Daisybeet

Alex Aldeborgh


I highly recommend the Tasty Recipes plugin. It is so easy to use and converted perfectly from the EasyRecipes plugin. After only 4 weeks, the structured data has already helped my SEO. And best of all, you can customize the standard recipe templates. I’m not a programmer, but the customer service was great. They helped with the CSS, and now I have a personalized recipe card that fits in with the design of my blog.

Headshot of Emillie Parrish from Fermenting For Foodies

Emillie Parrish

Fermenting For Foodies

I love how simple Tasty Recipes is. It doesn’t have a lot of features I don’t use that slow down my site or make it complicated. I also know and trust that they stay up-to-date on the latest best practices so I don’t have to worry about that. I intend to be a customer for life. I’m so glad they finally made this plugin after years of trying out others that all had problems.

Headshot of Rebecca Baron from My Natural Family

Rebecca Baron

My Natural Family

I’ve been looking for an easy WP recipe plugin for quite some time. Tasty Recipes is actually my third one. I knew immediately after I had installed it that it was the One. It’s super easy to install, customize and use. As I use Instagram heavily, I like how it integrates this platform with hashtags and tagging. So far I have no complaints!

Headshot of Lisa London from Lisa London

Lisa London

Lisa London

I absolutely love the Tasty Recipes plugin for my website! I’m so thankful Tasty Recipes has simple instructions on how to convert from another plugin because I had been looking for something like this for a while. With Tasty Recipes I’m able to customize the recipe card to fit my website. One of my favorite features are the “jump to” and “print recipe” links at the top of my posts. I also recently took a free webinar they offered, that taught about SEO and how recipe plugins work. I learned so much! I am very happy with Tasty Recipes, not only do I have a fun recipe card on my website, but they also send me helpful information on a consistent basis to help keep me knowledgable and my site running at its best.

Headshot of Abri Fernandez from Abri K Living

Abri Fernandez

Abri K Living

Tasty Recipes has made food blogging so much easier not only for me but also for my readers. I am very happy to have bought this plugin. Along with the Food Blogger Pro course I am truly equipped to go pro with my vegan food&thought blog. Oh and the support is great too! Always helpful and responds in no time. Thanks a lot!

Headshot of Rahel Lutz from Don't Waste Your Taste

Rahel Lutz

Don't Waste Your Taste

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