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Manage licenses & sites

Find your license key

Your WP Tasty plugin license key can be found in three places: on the purchase confirmation page, in your email receipt, and in your WP Tasty account.

WP Tasty Account

You can find your license key in your WP Tasty account. 

Purchase Confirmation Page

After you complete your purchase, you will be taken to a page with a purchase confirmation. Your license can be found on this page.

Email Receipt

A receipt was emailed to you that also contains your license key.

Managing your licenses & sites

Deactivate a site

Once your license is activated, you may want to see which sites your license is active on, and possibly even deactivate your license on one or more of those sites. To manage the sites that are on your license, go to the Account Licenses page and click View Sites on one of your purchased items.

This will bring you to a page where you can see which sites your license is activated on. You may deactivate your license from any one of the sites by clicking the Deactivate link.

Once this is complete, you may continue to see the license prompt on your site for a while until the transient clears. You can force the transient to clear, however, by removing and re-adding your license.

Block a site

The Manage sites page for deactivating a site can also be used to block a site. Go to the Account Licenses page and click Manage Sites for one of your licenses. Then click the Block site link. This will add the site to a list of Blocked Sites at the bottom of that page. Any site you block will be blocked from all of your licenses.

If you need to unblock a site, go back to the Account Licenses page and click Manage Sites for one of your licenses. Click the Unblock site link for the site you no longer wish to be blocked.

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