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You may have custom styles they you for your EasyRecipes. If these styles were created as part of your theme and not in the EasyRecipe plugin styler, you may be able to use these styles with your Tasty Recipes.

***Before doing this, make sure that you have access to your site's files via FTP (the editor in WordPress is not sufficient in case problems arise) and that you are comfortable with editing your functions.php file. Any minor error in the functions.php file can result in the “white screen of death,” which is easily fixed via FTP but is difficult to fix otherwise (and a nuisance as your site will be unavailable until fixed).***

To use your EasyRecipe styles with Tasty Recipes, you must place the below code in your functions.php file for your theme:

add_filter( 'tasty_recipes_recipe_template', function( $default ){
	if ( ! is_admin() ) {
		return 'easyrecipe';
	return $default;

After enabling this function, test either a new recipe or a converted recipe to see if the styles used in your EasyRecipe convert correctly over to Tasty Recipes. You may need to make some adjustments in your styles to make it appear correctly, however, much of the styling should be converted over.

Just a note…

We really suggest using this feature as a sort of stop-gap between converting over to Tasty Recipes and having new styles made for Tasty Recipes specifically. The EasyRecipe markup is not nearly as clean and tidy as the Tasty Recipes markup, and you will be better served in the long run to have custom styles made for Tasty Recipes (or using the default or provided recipe card styles).

Fortunately, this change is easily reversed by removing the code snippet above that you placed in your functions.php file. Once you have your new styles for Tasty Recipes made, simply remove the code snippet and your recipes will start serving the Tasty Recipes markup instead of the EasyRecipe markup. 

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