Customizing Tasty Recipes

How to add custom CSS to Tasty Recipes

Learn how to use custom CSS to change the way Tasty Recipes look on your website.

How to customize the color of your recipe card icons

How to customize the color of your recipe card icons when using the Bold or Fresh recipe card templates.

Filter: Nutrifox in Plain Text in Custom Templates

If you use a custom recipe card template, learn how to enable the plain-text option for your Nutrifox nutrition information

Can I use a custom PHP template?

A custom PHP template allows more granular control of the recipe display. Learn more in this article.

How to move from a custom PHP template to Tasty Recipes

We recommend using PHP templates that are built into Tasty Recipes. Learn how to transition here.

Filter: Hide nutrition information in the print view

You can use this filter if you would prefer to hide nutritional information by default for all of your recipes in the print view.

Filter: Prevent Tasty Links Inside of Tasty Recipes

Do you only want Tasty Links to appear in your post but not inside of your Tasty Recipes card? Add this filter to your site!

Filter: Update the default author name

Learn how to use a different default author name with tasty_recipes_default_author_name

Filter: Option to scale down a recipe to 1/2

Using this filter enables the option to scale down a recipe to ½x, 1x, and 2x.

Filter: Edit “Equipment” label in recipe card

Learn how you can edit the Equipment label to the title of your choice.