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How to move from a custom PHP template to Tasty Recipes

With Tasty Recipes 1.1.0, we added the recipe card styles into the plugin settings page. Doing this meant that selecting and switching styles was easier for our customers and that we could provide better support for the recipe cards.

If you are currently using the Bold or Fresh recipe card templates, and you uploaded the files to your website theme folder, we recommend switching to the templates that are built into the plugin.

As long as a tasty-recipes.php  file remains in your theme folder, you will not be able to select a template from the Tasty Recipes Settings page. This preserves the template you are already using and maintains the custom template functionality.

Using a Built-In Template

To select a template from the Tasty Recipes Settings page, first log in to your website via FTP. Navigate to your theme folder (wp-content/themes/your-theme-name ) and delete the tasty-recipes.php  file. 

Next, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings → Tasty Recipes. Select the recipe card style you were previously using. Optionally, add your Instagram handle and hashtag to activate the Instagram footer area.

If you are switching from one template to another (eg. Bold to Fresh, Fresh to Modern Compact, etc) then all tasty-recipes.php  and tasty-recipes.css  files will need to be removed from your theme folder.

Preserving Custom CSS Changes

If you made modifications to the tasty-recipes.css file, and you want to preserve those modifications, you have two options:

  1. Leave the tasty-recipes.css file in your theme folder, or
  2. Copy all the content in the tasty-recipes.css file and paste it into the Additional CSS area of your WordPress Dashboard (Appearance → Customizer → Additional CSS).

We recommend option #2 so that if your theme updates your changes won't be overwritten, but either will work.

Custom PHP Templates

If you customized the PHP file for the Bold or Fresh templates, be aware that switching to the built-in templates will not preserve those changes. Instagram changes can now be handled in the plugin settings page.

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