How does Default Pinterest Text work?

The Pinterest browser extension is currently required for the custom descriptions.

Default Pinterest Text allows you to set the Pinterest text for all images in your post in a single location. This is perfect for posts with lots of images that all use the same text!

How to set Default Pinterest Text

In your post editor, head on down to the Tasty Pins meta area at the bottom. You'll see a field for “Default Pinterest Text”:

Add the Pinterest Text you'd like to use there, then save the post.

Where is the Default Pinterest Text used?

The Default Pinterest Text is used on any image that does not have a Pinterest Text individually set. If an image has a Pinterest Text individually set, that will be used instead.

However, if an image is force-pinned, the force-pinned image's Pinterest Text will take precedence. If a force-pinned image does not have any Pinterest Text set, then the default text will be used.

To summarize, the Pinterest Text will be sourced in this order:

  1. From the individual image instance

  2. From the force-pinned image, if one exists and it has Pinterest Text set

  3. From the Default Pinterest Text field

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