Why don’t I see the option to rate recipes?

Tasty Recipes allows your readers to rate your recipes when they leave a comment on a recipe post. However, this functionality works with the default WordPress comment form.

Any plugins, such as Jetpack comments, Disqus, or others, will not work with the default Tasty Recipes ratings. Why? Simply because we can't “hook” the functionality into an unknown area – the only one we know to exist is the default WordPress comment form.

Similarly, if you use a theme that uses a custom comment form instead of the default comment form, the ratings will not be available. To test this, switch your theme over to the Twenty Seventeen theme, which uses the default form, and see if the ratings option appears. 

The good news

If you are using Jetpack comments, you can turn that off to re-enable the default WordPress commenting functionality. 

If you want to continue using your comment plugin (Jetpack or Discus), or your theme has a non-standard comment form implementation that prevents the rating from showing up, we offer an integration with the WP-PostRatings plugin to allow readers to leave a rating without leaving a comment.

WP-PostRatings integration

Note: Switching between comment-free ratings and comment-associated ratings is not supported. What you use is what you will stick with, so give this some consideration.

Tasty Recipes supports an integration with the WP-PostRatings plugin. With this integration, clickable rating stars will be added to the recipe card in place of the default rating stars. Users are no longer able to leave a rating with a comment. Instead, they are only able to leave a rating by clicking on the stars in the recipe card.

To use this integration, install WP-PostRatings on your WordPress website, then enter the following snippet into WPCode.

If you are using a custom Tasty Recipes PHP template, add the following snippet where you would like the ratings to appear:

<?php if ( ! empty( $recipe_rating_icons ) || ! empty( $recipe_rating_label ) ) : ?>
	<div class="tasty-recipes-rating">
		<?php if ( ! empty( $recipe_rating_icons ) ) : ?>
			<p><?php echo $recipe_rating_icons; ?></p>
		<?php endif; ?>
		<?php if ( ! empty( $recipe_rating_label ) ) : ?>
			<p><?php echo $recipe_rating_label; ?></p>
		<?php endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

As a note, ratings that exist in your recipes already (either natively with Tasty Recipes or in recipes to be converted) will not be transferred over to the WP-PostRatings functionality. These ratings are stored in your database and will be used if the default rating system is reactivated.

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