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Troubleshooting Tasty Recipes

Why do my recipe thumbnail photos look distorted?

Learn more about how to fix the issue with your recipe thumbnails looking "squished."

How do I get rid of the large space above my video?

If you're having trouble getting your video to show up, or you're seeing a large space in your recipe card, read on!

Why doesn’t the print page show the recipe?

Learn about what may prevent the print page from showing the recipe and how you can fix it.

Why aren’t images, etc converting from my Simple Recipe Pro recipes?

Learn why some items are not converting properly from Simple Recipe Pro and what you can do to fix it.

Why don’t my recipes show up on mobile?

Learn why your recipes aren't rendering when viewed on mobile devices.

Does Tasty Recipes have any known plugin conflicts?

Learn if Tasty Recipes has any known conflicts with other WordPress plugins.

Why don’t I see the option to rate recipes?

Learn why your readers may not be able to see the option to rate your recipes in the comment form.

Why does it lag when I enter text?

You may notice some lagging while typing into Tasty Recipes. Learn how to fix it here.

How do I get a copy of my database?

Sometimes to troubleshoot an issue we will ask for a copy of your database. This article explains where to get it.

How do I remove the weird things that show up on the print page?

Learn how to hide content that is not related to the recipe on the Tasty Recipes print pages.