Automatically Add Amazon Product Images To Your Website

Tired of fiddling around trying to add Amazon product images to your website?

Easily add Amazon product images with the Tasty Links block

With Amazon's changing affiliate program policies, it becomes a headache trying to make changes.

Use this code. Okay, don't use that anymore, now let's use an API. Sound familiar?

So, it's time to upgrade your website with Tasty Links. This Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin makes adding Amazon affiliate product photos effortless.

Tasty Links product details

Here's why Tasty Links is a game-changer for you:

  • Effortless process: Forget technical terms and confusing code. Once you have your API key from Amazon, Tasty Links does the rest so your Amazon-sponsored images are always up to date.
  • Always policy-compliant: You don't have time to follow Amazon's changes. We do. So Tasty Links ensures you follow Amazon's image requirements.
  • Affiliate links made simple: From your images to links, everything is easy. You can set it and forget it to maximize your affiliate earnings while saving time!

Easily add Amazon product images

Amazon switched how they display images so product images across the web always stay updated.

And that's a good and bad thing for you.

It's great because it means your Amazon photos are always updated! But it also means you must find a way to connect an API (raise your hand if you've thought, “What's an API?” at least once).

Amazon API settings in Tasty Links

But that's why we made it simple for you to do with Tasty Links.

It's as simple as:

  1. Install Tasty Links
  2. Get your API from your Amazon Associates account
  3. Enter it into Tasty Links

Then, every link you enter will automatically pull the product image. No extra work required from you.

Add Amazon Link button in Tasty Links

This is just the start, too. We're sure to add even more features to make your Amazon affiliate marketing more powerful than ever. So stay tuned.

Tasty Links keeps you policy-compliant

As of December 2023, Amazon changed its policy on how affiliates could use product images.

Previously, affiliate marketers would use their SiteStripe feature and copy a piece of HTML code from the Amazon product detail page. But that all changed, and now affiliates must request a Product Advertising (PA) API to use on their website.

YouTube video

If affiliates have the previous HTML code, it'll be a broken link as of December 31st, 2023.

This is why we recommend using a plugin (and, in particular, our plugin). It's our job to keep Tasty Links in line with Amazon's policies. And making it easier for you to display high-quality affiliate links is one of those responsibilities.

And if you want to learn more about how to automatically add Amazon affiliate images from the product listing, check out this support document: