Are you tired of manually adding Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress blog? We created a solution! Meet the plugin that automates the process for you.

Are you tired of spending hours adding Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress posts? ⌛

Say goodbye to manual link insertion and hello to an easy, automated process that allows you to focus on what you do best – creating awesome content!

In this post, we'll show you how to add Amazon affiliate links the easy way. You'll be able to monetize your blog in a snap and spend more time doing what you love. 

Sound too good to be true? ?

Trust us, it's not – read on to learn all about this magical plugin that integrates seamlessly with the Amazon Associates program!

Amazon Affiliate Linking: The Manual Way or The Tasty Way

So, imagine you're a blogger who writes about all kinds of things, from your favorite recipes to your latest travel adventures. You've heard that you can make some money by including Amazon affiliate links in your posts, but the whole process of finding and adding the links can be a bit of a hassle.

So, today, we’ll show you how to an insert Amazon affiliate link into WordPress…The Manual Way or The Tasty Way. 

The Manual Way

Alright, so, you’re inside your Amazon Affiliate Program, and you’ve found the product you want to promote. You’ve clicked “Get Link,” and you’re taken to a new page where you:

  1. Choose your URL type (text only, product image, or text and image) and customize its appearance.
  2. Copy the HTML code for the product link and navigate back to your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Add a Custom HTML block in the editor where you want your link and/or image to appear. 
  4. Then, paste the code from inside your Amazon Associates account into the Custom HTML block. 

That’s all fine and dandy… until you have to do it with every single product and every single link on every single post

Trust us when we say,  ? there’s a better way to embed Amazon affiliate links in WordPress. Let’s call it The Tasty Way. 

The Tasty Way

Tasty Links does the hard work for you, so you can 

  • Grow your affiliate revenue ✅
  • Create engaging content ✅
  • Watch your traffic increase ✅

Plus, using the Tasty Links plugin to put Amazon affiliate links on WordPress only requires 1 step. ? 

1. Just create a New Tasty Link with the keyword of your choice and a destination URL and press “Publish.” The text is linked automatically across your entire site anywhere the keyword is mentioned.

This is what it looks like in WordPress, with “Meal Prep Containers” as the example:

New Tasty Link

So, what does this mean? Promoting Amazon affiliate products has never been easier. 

When you write a post and mention a product you want to link to (a keyword), Tasty Links will automatically insert an affiliate link for that product. 

So, instead of having to go to your Amazon, find the product, generate the affiliate link, and then paste it into every single post where that keyword is mentioned, Tasty Links will do it all for you after you set up the keyword just one time. Pretty cool, right? ?

How Affiliate Linking Can Increase Your SEO

You probably know that every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, it can boost your website's traffic. That means cha-ching for your blog AND your wallet! ?

More traffic also means higher search engine rankings, which means even MORE people will find your WordPress site. It's a traffic-boosting, money-making win-win!

Now, let's be real – manually linking every page on your site is a major drag. 

✨Enter Tasty Links  – the plugin that automates the link-adding process and makes it easy to use Amazon affiliate links on WordPress. ✨

As you now know, Tasty Links lets you set up specific keywords that will be linked to Amazon products. So, if you're writing about running and mention “running shoes,” Tasty Links can automatically link that phrase to a specific Amazon product page. 

But there’s more – Tasty Links also allows you to automatically add affiliate product images, which increases your site’s user experience (which, in turn improves click rates and visitor rates ?). 

It takes just two easy steps to automatically add Amazon Affiliate images to your Tasty Links.

Select ‘Insert from Amazon‘ in the backend of your site and then paste your Amazon Affiliates image code in the window. 

Use the Tasty Links plugin to  automatically add Amazon Affiliate images to your WordPress site.

You can find the code on Amazon here:

Running Shoes Image text

So don't let the name fool you – Tasty Links is more than just a yummy-sounding plugin. 

It’s a powerful tool for any blogger looking to improve their website's user experience and save time. 

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for the easiest way to add Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress blog, Tasty Links is it. 

Our powerful auto-linking plugin can help you increase affiliate income and improve internal linking on your site. You can even feature your favorite links, add a disclosure, and turn on the “nofollow” attribute. 

featured links block

The Featured Links block gives you an aesthetic way to post Amazon affiliate links on WordPress.

Simply add a new Featured Links block to the page, select which links you'd like to show, and enjoy the extra clicks those featured links bring in. ?


FTC regulations require that affiliate links are disclosed to the reader. Tasty Links makes this easy. On the Tasty Links settings page, set the disclosure text you'd like to use and define the disclosure location. The disclosure can either appear after every link, or at the top of any page that contains an affiliate link.

Nofollow attribute

Tasty Links makes it easy to add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to any link that can generate affiliate income for your business.

For links that don't generate income, you can turn the nofollow attribute off.

There you have it! 

Tasty Links is like a little magical helper that makes it super easy to add WordPress Amazon affiliate links to your blog posts and start earning some extra cash. 

With our plugin, you get access to amazing auto-linking capabilities, superior code quality, and a helpful support team ready to answer all your questions. 

Get ready to sit back and watch those traffic numbers soar!

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