I love how simple Tasty Recipes is. It doesn’t have a lot of features I don’t use that slow down my site or make it complicated. I also know and trust that they stay up-to-date on the latest best practices so I don’t have to worry about that. I intend to be a customer for life. I’m so glad they finally made this plugin after years of trying out others that all had problems.

Headshot of Rebecca Baron from My Natural Family

Rebecca Baron

My Natural Family

I’ve been looking for an easy WP recipe plugin for quite some time. Tasty Recipes is actually my third one. I knew immediately after I had installed it that it was the One. It’s super easy to install, customize and use. As I use Instagram heavily, I like how it integrates this platform with hashtags and tagging. So far I have no complaints!

Headshot of Lisa London from Lisa London

Lisa London

Lisa London

I absolutely love the Tasty Recipes plugin for my website! I’m so thankful Tasty Recipes has simple instructions on how to convert from another plugin because I had been looking for something like this for a while. With Tasty Recipes I’m able to customize the recipe card to fit my website. One of my favorite features are the “jump to” and “print recipe” links at the top of my posts. I also recently took a free webinar they offered, that taught about SEO and how recipe plugins work. I learned so much! I am very happy with Tasty Recipes, not only do I have a fun recipe card on my website, but they also send me helpful information on a consistent basis to help keep me knowledgable and my site running at it’s best.

Headshot of Abri Fernandez from Abri K Living

Abri Fernandez

Abri K Living

Tasty Recipes has made food blogging so much easier not only for me but also for my readers. I am very happy to have bought this plugin. Along with the Food Blogger Pro course I am truly equipped to go pro with my vegan food&thought blog. Oh and the support is great too! Always helpful and responds in no time. Thanks a lot!

Headshot of Rahel Lutz from Don't Waste Your Taste

Rahel Lutz

Don't Waste Your Taste

Since starting my blog in 2015, I had been typing out my recipes without using any sort of recipe card plugin and it damn near drove me insane. Using the Tasty Recipes plugin, it has been so much easier to upload my recipes. It has also kicked up my “legit” factor quite a few notches with such beautiful recipe card designs and option to print, making this the most valuable and loved plugin for me!

Headshot of Ruthie Landelius from Black Fig Food

Ruthie Landelius

Black Fig Food

Finally a recipe plug-in I can count on! Tasty Recipes is the most important plugin I use. It is optimized for SEO And simplified for easy use. The theme integrates perfectly to match my blog’s look and feel. It is worth every penny. I only wish I had found it sooner.

Headshot of Sally Roeckell from Table and Dish

Sally Roeckell

Table and Dish

I’m not sure why I even bothered trying to make other plugins work before I found Tasty Recipes and Tasty Pins. I’m still new to the food blogging world but I’m confident that these plugins have started me off on the right foot rather than having to go back and fix hundreds of previous posts later on. They work so seamlessly and they do exactly what I want them to do. The support is also amazing and I received help quickly and effectively when I needed a piece of code to fix my recipe formatting. I love that this team is directly from the food blogging industry and know their stuff!

Headshot of Gail Ng from Teak & Thyme

Gail Ng

Teak & Thyme

I’m so excited to have found this suite of tools! Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins, and Nutrifox have made SEO and Pinterest optimization so easy. Everything just works and the formatting is beautiful. Google sees the markup it needs to surface my recipes in search results. Pinterest sees the markup it needs for my descriptions and rich pins. Best of all, my readers see a beautifully formatted blog!

Headshot of Heather Cooan from Heather Cooan

Heather Cooan

Heather Cooan

If you’re a food blogger struggling with cracking the code on Google SEO and Pinterest, there are no better tools out there than Tasty Pins and Tasty Recipes. My workflow for new content is streamlined, simple, and checks off all the necessary boxes for maximizing opportunities to reach new readers. In two weeks, I’m already seeing a significant jump in Pinterest views thanks to these tools. Simple instructions, simple implementation, superb guidance and customer care make these plug-ins no brainers. I only wish I had installed them sooner!

Headshot of Jen Czupek from Apéritif Friday

Jen Czupek

Apéritif Friday

I did a lot of research looking for a quality but user friendly recipe plugin for my health blog and Tasty Recipes definitely works the best for me! I love the design, all of the features, and the recipes are super easy to upload. And I’m not even a food blogger! They’ve certainly thought of everything! Whether you’re a novice blogger or an expert you’ll love Tasty Recipes!
Keep up the great work! I would definitely recommend Tasty Recipes.

Headshot of Emily Standley from healthy-food-life.com

Emily Standley


Tasty Recipes has helped me with SEO and traffic. Small increases in traffic have become more and more apparent. This is one of the most simplistic and easy recipe plugins out today! Totally worth it!

Headshot of Jonathan Doran from Fooding-Around

Jonathan Doran


Absolutely loving the Tasty Recipes plugin! I am delighted that this plugin is up to date, meaning I can actually fill out all the fields needed to complete my recipe cards for Google. The different templates are great too. Just brilliant!

Headshot of Michelle Minnaar from Greedy Gourmet

Michelle Minnaar

Greedy Gourmet

I’m loving Tasty Recipes! Easy to use, visually enhances my blog and converted all my older recipes over seamlessly when making this switch.

Headshot of Nicole Dawson from Allergylicious

Nicole Dawson


I was frantically searching for a solution that would seamlessly integrate with my site’s aesthetic while providing SEO and an intuitive interface. Tasty Recipes was everything I was looking for, with stunning templates, a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require inline coding, and attentive customer service and tutorial resources. It’s worth every penny. My only regret is that I didn’t find this plugin first.

Headshot of Vanessa Sebek from Fresh. Out.

Vanessa Sebek

Fresh. Out.

This plugin made it easy to convert all my previous recipes published. I didn’t have to worry about manually updating each recipe on the site. I didn’t have to worry about all the extra work. It was like magic and a big sigh of relief when the recipes converted over. Tasty Recipes is easy to use and I would recommend this to any food blogger. Thank you, WP Tasty!

Headshot of Cherie DeBrule from Taste & Review

Cherie DeBrule

Taste & Review

I’ve been very pleased with the transition of using Tasty Recipes. It was a solid recommendation from a former plugin I was using due to the impending Gutenberg release. I feel very lucky to have chosen a recipe plugin that will be supported and grow with my needs.

Headshot of Lisa Sprague from Midwest and Grassfed

Lisa Sprague

Midwest and Grassfed

As I begin my blogging adventure I have made several mistakes – Tasty Recipes was not one of them. It has been a pleasure (and a great relief) to find a plugin that just works. Period. No figuring things out, no major learning curve. From installation to first recipe published took less than 20 minutes. Thank you!

Headshot of Mary Jaras from The Gelato Life

Mary Jaras

The Gelato Life

I can’t believe how easy it was to switch over to Tasty Recipes–and that’s saying a lot because this sort of thing does not come naturally to me at all. I also love the design options and the way the plugin is structured – it makes adding new recipes super simple, I couldn’t be happier with it!

Headshot of Catherine Culpepper from Lila Ruth Grain Free

Catherine Culpepper

Lila Ruth Grain Free

Tasty Recipes is my favorite plugin of all time. The “Bold” one makes my recipes look so professional. I love that my fans can print the recipe or pin the image right from the recipe. Great for SEO and is a real bargain. As you can see, I am a huge fan.

Headshot of Linda Lee from My Honeys Place

Linda Lee

My Honeys Place

I’ve just spent the last month migrating my food blog from Squarespace to WordPress. And one of the biggest factors in switching over was to improve the quality of my recipe cards. With Squarespace, I had to enter my own JSON-LD code for each recipe. It was a huge pain. So I was really happy to switch over to a painless recipe card. I love the style of my new cards and the tech support has been great. With all the troubles I had with my site migration, inputting my recipes into Tasty Recipes wasn’t one of them. Thanks so much!

Headshot of Emily Krill from Resolution Eats

Emily Krill

Resolution Eats

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