I’ve been blown away by the support for WP Tasty. I didn’t expect customer support to take on our feedback and develop a migration for Mediavine’s Create plugin.

Not only that, but their development team found a way to bring over our reviews, which was a massive win.

I’m pleased with how the new recipe cards look and perform, and I feel more confident than ever knowing that we’re delivering a top-notch user experience.

Headshot of Maša Ofei from The Minimalist Vegan

Maša Ofei

The Minimalist Vegan

I’m so happy with choosing WP tasty as my recipe plug-in. It’s easy to use, you can custom your design so it follows perfectly to your own overall aesthetics and I’ve noticed that my readers appreciate it very much as well, since the plug-in makes my recipes easy to follow, print and pin.

Headshot of Nina Cederholm from Nina Cederholm

Nina Cederholm

Nina Cederholm

I have been food blogging without a recipe plugin for over a year. What was I thinking? Integrating WP Tasty was seamless and I wish I had added it to my site from the beginning. The recipe cards are so beautiful, easy to read and completely customizable. You won’t regret this amazing plug-in!

Headshot of Beth Bollinger from Nest Wellness

Beth Bollinger

Nest Wellness

Tasty Recipes has been an amazing addition to my website! I love the functionality of the plugin and love the beautiful designs. Tasty Recipes gives my readers easy-to-follow instructions presented in a beautiful format!

Headshot of Kayla DiMaggio from The Fresh Fig

Kayla DiMaggio

The Fresh Fig

I just redesigned my site and Tasty Recipes has made the process simple. Especially because my old recipes from another plugin that is no longer supported, converted themselves! The SEO features are much better than my old recipe plugin.

Headshot of Christine Siebels from Going My Wayz

Christine Siebels

Going My Wayz

I can’t imagine my blog without Tasty Recipes. My favorite thing about Tasty Recipes is you have the ability to add step-by-step videos from Vimeo. It’s so satisfying to see your videos right in your recipe! Plus, you can add a nutrition facts label through Nutrifox and it updates on its own if you update the label. I’m amazed by the technology. They offer 5-star support if you can’t figure something out or if something isn’t working. The team running it is so knowledgeable and helpful. I’m a new blogger and I’m so happy with this product.

Headshot of Nisha Melvani from Cooking For Peanuts

Nisha Melvani

Cooking For Peanuts

Tasty Recipes has worked perfectly for me at Eating Vincent Price and I am enjoying it so much I recommended it to my client for whom I write recipes.

I especially like the way it works with Nutrifox.

Headshot of Bull Garlington from Eating Vincent Price

Bull Garlington

Eating Vincent Price

After building the food blog, I found out that I was missing some of the features that the plugin Tasty Recipes provides. Schema.org, “Jump to recipe”, “Print” or “Pin” the recipe: these are all things that are necessary for a good running food blog. That’s why I love this plugin because everything is built in nicely and automatically. And the design is really beautiful!

Headshot of Juraj Harsanyi from cookhomey

Juraj Harsanyi


I am new to the food blogging world! I love how clean and user-friendly this plugin is. The pre-made templates make it easy to customize the perfect recipe card. The best part of WP Tasty is they are constantly updating this plugin, so you will rank high in Google search results. I feel at ease purchasing any of WP Tasty plugins because it is developed by and for food bloggers!

Headshot of Michael Cleavenger from The Frizzled Leek

Michael Cleavenger

The Frizzled Leek

I’ve tried so many different recipe plugins in the past but I can confidently say none even come close to Tasty Recipes. It has made my site more stylish and professional with its customization options and user-friendly functions. Most importantly, the customer support is fantastic.

Headshot of Catherine from Living the Gourmet


Living the Gourmet

I was looking for a well-designed recipe plugin that is easy to use and Tasty Recipes has been all I wanted. I love how easy it is to style and edit the recipes. I love that you can see the recipe on the post. I’m so happy with this plugin. Definitely go for it to take your blog up a notch! Thank you for this amazing plugin that is continually updated.

Headshot of Melissa Sunday from So Festive!

Melissa Sunday

So Festive!

Wow! Tasty Recipes has been SO valuable for us! We are brand new bloggers and had no idea where to start! Several friends in the blogging community recommended this plugin and we are so happy with it! We launched our blog with recipes that are easy to read, easy to print, and connected to Pinterest!

Tasty Recipes plugin helped us keep a consistent, professional look from the very start! We have had TONS of questions and their support team has been so helpful! They have even helped us to customize our template to better fit our brand’s look! This plugin is helping us with our SEO and we can’t recommend it enough. Worth the investment!

Headshot of Scott & Taylor Woodworth from foodworthfeed

Scott & Taylor Woodworth


I’ve been blogging for several years, and recently upgraded to Tasty Recipes from another recipe plugin.

The recipe conversion process was very easy, and I could immediately see the improvement to my site. My recipes are now much easier to find (I love having the “jump to recipe” option at the top of each post!) and print, and the overall look is cleaner and more visually appealing.

The best part of my experience thus far has been with customer support. There were a few minor changes I wanted to make to my recipe card, but I couldn’t figure out how achieve the desired result. I contacted WP Tasty support, and over the course of several days the rep helped me customize the CSS so that the plugin work exactly as I wanted it to. I was very impressed with the fast, friendly, and helpful response.

I’m now using both Tasty Recipes and Tasty Links, and I can’t imagine Tasty Pins will be very far behind!

Headshot of Rebecca Frey from Baste Cut Fold

Rebecca Frey

Baste Cut Fold

Having an easy way to get recipe reviews has been awesome. I love how easy it was to setup and how intuitive it is for people to leave reviews. It’s also helped build Google street cred when my recipes have hundreds of reviews from real people. Thanks, Tasty Recipes!

Headshot of Jen Hansard from Simple Green Smoothies

Jen Hansard

Simple Green Smoothies

Tasty Recipes is a game-changer. It only took one blog post for people to notice the beautiful update and might I add the upscale look to my presentation. The card is so very easy to use and customize without me worrying about the back-end technology. In addition, my readers love it, and isn’t that what it is all about.

Headshot of Lisa Keys from Good Grief Cook

Lisa Keys

Good Grief Cook

I’ve only been using Tasty Recipes for a month or so but have already seen an SEO boost! I didn’t have any recipe card templates I was using so my recipe text was hard to distinguish from my blog post. Now it looks super professional and clean. And the best part for me is how easy it is to use! One of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my website!

Headshot of Madi B from Cooking Supper

Madi B

Cooking Supper

Having one of the more popular food blogs, it’s critical that my recipes be clear, well laid-out and with visual aplomb. WP Tasty’s recipe plugin gives me all of this and more, adding in fantastic markup and proper Google recipe syntax so my recipes rise to the top of the search index. Add in great support and you have a truly winning combination! I, the Suzerain of Spice, the Revolutionary of Culinary Revelations par excellence salute you! 🙂

Jonathan Hirshon

The Food Dictator

I don’t know where I would be without this plugin. I am newer to blogging and was working off of shortcodes which can be so time-consuming, finicky, and just confusing! I thought to myself “There has to be a better and easier way!” and then BOOM I found Tasty Recipes and in a blink of an eye, I am able to create gorgeous easy to follow PRINTABLE recipes. I now enjoy the process of creating the recipe as opposed to wanting to give up at times like before.

I am beyond grateful for this plugin. If you have not given it a try and create recipe based content, I implore you to give it a chance. You will not be disappointed!

Headshot of Chelsea Gage from SheLivesNaturally

Chelsea Gage


Tasty Recipes is the second plug-in I got from WP Tasty and I have never regretted it. I have used other recipe plug-ins before and none of them were as user friendly as the Tasty Recipes plug-in. I like how you can expand the window and it looks like a Word document. I also love the latest update because now you can change the look and feel of the recipe template to fit your website. I would strongly recommend this plug-in to any food blogger, new or established. Also, I have to add how extremely helpful the WP Tasty team is. Thank you!

Headshot of Elena Elliott from A Is For Apple Au

Elena Elliott

A Is For Apple Au

I’m a parenting, family, and marriage blogger and I wanted to feature recipes on my blog from time to time. After exploring different recipe plugins, I decided to try Tasty Recipes as I already use Tasty Pins and am very happy with that plugin. I posted my first recipe a few weeks back and am extremely happy with the way it turned out. You can choose from a number of different formats depending on how you want your recipe to look. I’m extremely happy with these plugins so far and will definitely explore other options through WP Tasty first in the future!

Headshot of Sarah Mulligan from Mom Snippets

Sarah Mulligan

Mom Snippets

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