Migrating to Tasty was incredibly easy, and the support has been amazing. I love the way the recipe cards look and the extra features, like unit conversion.

Donna Dundas

Midweek Meals and More from Donna Dundas

We needed a recipe plugin that was both simple to use and beautiful. We were also moving from a previous plugin, so we wanted the transfer process to be a breeze, too. Tasty Recipes met all of those requirements, and we're very happy with it!

Stacy Farrell

Food Prep Guide

At WPBrigade, we had the pleasure of testing WPTasty on several of our customer sites, and the results were truly outstanding. The user-friendly interface made it easy for our clients to manage and display their recipes in a visually appealing way. We were particularly impressed with the customization options, allowing us to tailor the appearance to match each site's unique design.

Muhammad Adnan


I’ve had outstanding support since signing up. The customer service is like no other. Quick to help and answer any questions. I’m thrilled with Tasty Recipes. Best decision I have made.

Nikki Gouws


I have all 4 (Links, Pins, Recipes, and Roundups) and love how they work together so seamlessly. I also love how my recipe cards look, and have upgraded the look of my recipe posts.

Jenn Giam Smith

Jenn Smith

Jenn Giam Smith

I am loving WP Tasty Recipe! Someone recommended this to me and I am so glad I took their advice. It is so easy to use and I love the clean, crisp look of my post when it is complete. Thank you 🙂

Lori Capuano


As the owner of ReceptenPunt, a Dutch food recipe website, I'm highly impressed with WPTasty's Tasty Recipes plugin. It undoubtedly deserves a 5-star rating. This plugin seamlessly integrates into our WordPress platform, simplifies recipe management, and significantly enhances our site's user experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Tasty Recipes to any culinary website, regardless of the language.

Frank Bouquet


Wordpress Tasty has made recipe creation simple and beautiful. You can easily customize your template to match the theme of your website with a few clicks. We love how it's elevated the look of our site!

Morgan Hicks


I have been cooking and creating food for years; but when it comes to website design, I am a complete newbie. I chose Tasty Recipes as my WordPress recipe plug because the recipe templates were beautiful and because it is also used by many top recipe blogs. I have been SO happy with my decision. The template is easy to use. There are lots of ways to customize and the end result is so professional looking.
I have contacted customer support with a couple user questions and they have been impressively quick to respond, so polite and helpful. My entire experience with WP Tasty has been positive from beginning to end.
Thank you, Tasty Recipes, for making the recipe part of website creation simple with a product that I am proud of!

Kristi McCollom

The Special Belly

Using Tasty Recipes plugin is right choice for us. Before finding WP Tasty I have tried several similar plugins, but all looks difficult for beginners, especially our contributors. Luckily after finding this all was resolved well. Other important points this plugin doesn't affect our website speed ​​performance. Regarding support, is undoubtedly and which is certainly very helpful. Thanks to all WP Tasty Team.

Sutan Sipahutar


WP Tasty is so easy to use! All of my recipes look great and are showing up in searches perfectly. They also print beautifully. I’ve seen many online recipes that are a complete mess when sent to the printer, but mine look clean and polished. I’m so happy with this plugin!

Mandi Carringer

Mandi of the Mountains

I have tried some recipe plugins for my website, but not many were as simple as WP Tasty. For any food blogger I highly recommend using WP Tasty plugin. I love the metrics feature, where it can convert any metric unit into US units. For a European it is truly amazing. 🙂


The Savoury Pineapple

WP Tasty has been a revolution for my food blog. Its intuitive interface allowed me to easily upload and beautifully display my recipes. Within just a few days, my entries made it to the recipe carousel, boosting my blog's visibility. Thanks to WP Tasty, I can now focus more on crafting unique recipes, while the plugin handles the technicalities. It's a game-changer for any food blogger looking to elevate their site. Highly recommended!

Jared Whyms

Toast It Roast It

Tasty Recipes was easily the best purchase for my new website! It makes composing my recipes a breeze and it feels like tools I used working at large food media companies. Love the simple, sleek layout options and attention to SEO. Thanks for making such an intuitive, easy-to-use tool!

Adam Dolge

The Real Recipes

WpTasty Recipe plugin has been a game changer. It was the easiest way to get those juicy recipe schemas and at the same time offer more accessibility to my readers when it come to saving and sharing our recipe cards.

Absolutely Loving it!

Karan Labra


Hi, I am using up tasty, pins, and links. I really love all the features.

Headshot of steven chandra from steve kooks

Steven Chandra

Steve Kooks

I've been using Tasty Recipes for years and I love it! It's easy to use, and it makes my recipes look clean and organized. My readers love being able to print the recipes, and it integrates with Nutrifox making it super easy to add in the nutritional information!

Headshot of Liz Thomson from I Heart Vegetables

Liz Thomson

I Heart Vegetables

The Tasty Recipes Plugin has made such a huge difference for my site! Not only is it easy to use, with all the fields necessary for good SEO, but I love how easy it was to customize it so that it looks seamlessly like a part of my overall blog design. The few times I have had a question, the folks at Tasty Recipes have gotten back to me pronto and helpfully. And adding Nutrifox, which lets you quickly figure out nutritional info, was a game-changer for me. Love them both!

Headshot of Kate Morgan Jackson from Framed Cooks

Kate Morgan Jackson

Framed Cooks

As someone who needs to be led by the hand in internetville, I can’t thank Tasty enough for taking me step by step through the whole process of entering a recipe, photos, and dealing with SEO prompts. You’ve taken away my fears and provided me with confidence. Thank you! Thank you!

Headshot of Greg Patent from thebakingwizard

Greg Patent


I am a huge fan of everything that the Tasty team does and Tasty Recipes is no exception! I first heard about it on the Food Blogger Pro podcast, and since switching from another popular plugin, my website already looks 10x more professional – and the recipe cards are the only thing I've changed! Transferring plugins couldn't have been easier, and I feel great knowing that team Tasty always has my back.

Headshot of Simply Fresh Foodie from Simply Fresh Foodie

Simply Fresh Foodie

Simply Fresh Foodie
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