As a blogger, you’ll eventually run into structured data errors and warnings in your Google Search Console, which can prevent your content from showing up as a Rich Result. While Rich Results are never guaranteed, it’s definitely in your best interest to resolve any errors or warnings as much as you can!

Today we’ll be going through the Missing field: “description” error and how you can fix it. This error is Google’s way of letting us know that your video, whether it’s the main recipe video or a step-by-step one, is missing a description. 

Tasty Recipes is designed to automatically pull those descriptions in from Vimeo or YouTube, so your first stop is going to be to check the description field in your video provider. Here's an example from Vimeo:

If you see that the description is missing, all you’ll need to do is add one in and then head back over to Google Search Console to validate the fix!

Here’s how to validate the fix: 

  1. Login to your Google Search Console account.
  2. Navigate to the error in the Enhancements Reports. In this example, it was a ‘Guided Recipes’ error, so we’ll open up the Guided Recipes report.
  3. Select your error from the Details list. For this example, the error was Missing field “description.”
  4. Validate the fix.

You should receive an email confirmation that the validation process has started. If there are any issues validating your posts, you will receive a follow up email from Google.

And that's it—you now have the power to fix the Missing field: “description” error for good!