Instacart WordPress Plugin

Want the Instacart plugin that makes your recipes shoppable? Tasty Recipes is here for you.

Adding Instacart shoppable recipes to your WordPress site is as easy as flipping a switch:


Just get our Recipe Maker Plugin, press a toggle in your WordPress dashboard, and voila! All your recipe cards will have a button that lets users easily add all the items in your recipe to their Instacart.

When your readers click that button, it automatically adds the items directly to their Instacart app – no further coding or configuration required. That means they can trade a trip to the grocery store for the convenience of grocery delivery!

Once users are inside the Instacart platform, the experience is the same one they’ve come to know and love. It’ll work well for both casual users and Instacart Express subscribers.

Make Money with Instacart Revenue

Giving your readers an easy way to skip the line as Instacart shoppers is great for customer experience. Not only that, but they’ll be able to skip the store navigation and get items loaded into their cart quickly.

But there’s one more feature that makes our WP Recipe maker even more profitable: Monetization. That means you’ll be able to monetize your content through Instacart’s Tastemakers program! Right now, Instacart offers a 3-5% commission on all qualifying sales.

Learn more here ? Food Bloggers: Earn Revenue With the Instacart Affiliate Program

So… an Instacart button can vastly improve the on-site experience for your readers… PLUS, you can make some extra cash? No need to hesitate; head to our pricing page and pick up Tasty Recipes now!

By the way, Tasty Recipes does a lot more than just Instacart plugins. It turns your WordPress site into a powerful recipe curation station:

We’ve also got a winning support team here to help at any time. Plus, extensive user docs like the one for this feature for example! While you’re at it, why not check out our entire suite of Food Blogging Plugins?

And if you want to see our plugin in action, check out this demo showcasing all the top Tasty Recipe features in real-time.

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