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What does it mean to disable pinning on certain images?

Not all images are perfect for Pinterest. Give your readers fewer, better options for saving to Pinterest by disabling Pinning on certain images. 

Disabling Pinning prevents pin hover buttons from showing up on that image. It also prevents the image from appearing in the multi-select Pinterest modal window.

To disable pinning on any image, check the “Disable Pinning” box in the block sidebar for that image.

Disable pinning on single image

If you want to disable pinning on an image already added to a post, simply select the image in the post, click the pencil icon, and click the “Disable Pinning” box in the dialog that appears.

This feature is currently limited to images inside WordPress posts and pages. It will not work for the Image Widget due to an issue in WordPress core. If you would like to see this work for the Image Widget, let us know and we'll keep hounding WordPress for a fix

Wondering how to disable pinning on images outside the content? Learn about what Tasty Pins can do.

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