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"Tasty Links has been a total GODSEND. It makes it incredibly easy to link ingredients and products to Amazon Affiliates – in just one click, populating my whole entire blog. So simple! I’ve seen a significant increase in an affiliate income after installing this – I highly recommend it!"
Sylvia Fountaine / Feasting at Home

I could not be more thrilled with Tasty Links! The setup is super simple – even for a total non-techie person such as myself. But that’s just the beginning.
It is such a time saver! I no longer have to manually copy and paste every single link. And then, go in and add the no-follow code. I just set up each link ONCE, hit the button for no-follow and I’m done. I never again have to worry about that link. Plus, I know I’ll never forget to link something important.
No matter where I type in my keyword for each link, Tasty Links recognizes it and does all the work for me. If you use hot links on your site, get this plugin! You will be so happy you did!

Headshot of Robin Ashley from Taste the Vegan Life

Robin Ashley

Taste the Vegan Life


I have a blog that has over 120 blog posts that I have not done any affiliate product sales for, since I had been focused only on content and recipes.

I woke up one day and decided I’m going to start linking to Amazon Associates products for my blog….. but felt overwhelmed because not sure where to start! It would take me forever if I try to go to every blog post and scroll through to find linking opportunities (my blog posts are longgggg).

THIS APP IS A LIFE SAVER! All I had to do was tell it to link to a wood cutting board that I love on Amazon each time my blog mentions the word “wood cutting board”. one minute task and TA-DA all the links appear everywhere in my blog where the word “wood cutting board” is .

I also love the feature where I can add a box in the Gutenberg editor for “My Favorite Tools for this recipe” and add a very gorgeous looking box that’s pre-formatted to link to products of my choice.

5-stars!! Total life saver.

Headshot of Janine Do from Arousing Appetites

Janine Do

Arousing Appetites

Tasty Links is a fantastic plugin! At the beginning of 2022, I decided to start monetizing my food blog. I knew I wanted to become an Amazon affiliate, and after hearing about Tasty Links, my aim was to set up both in conjunction. And I’m so glad I did! Tasty Links is a very straightforward plugin to install and use. But even when I did have a question, I received support and a solution within hours, despite being based in the UK!

My initial strategy was to decide what affiliate links I wanted in my top posts, and just like magic, Tasty Links automatically added those links to all my other posts. No need for manual updates! And, you don’t have to worry about compliance since Tasty Links adds disclaimers for you. What a HUGE time saver! I’ve even used the plugin to build a shop page on my site so my readers can easily find the kitchen products I use. I hit Amazon’s sales target within a week, and my application for the affiliate program was approved! Thank you, WP Tasty!

Headshot of Cheryl Whyte from The Real Food Geek

Cheryl Whyte

The Real Food Geek

This Plugin takes inserting affiliate links to the next level! I feel confident knowing they’ll be properly placed and the settings will stay the same the first time I publish the link. Keep it up!

Headshot of April Brown from Level Up Bakes

April Brown

Level Up Bakes

I love that you can set up a tasty link and know that it inserts it site wide. It’s so quick and easy to set up. I love the simplicity, no more worrying that I am not maximizing my link potential!

Headshot of Mandy Applegate from Splash of Taste

Mandy Applegate

Splash of Taste

I already have signed up for Tasty Pins, and recently added Tasty Links to my arsenal. Next up would be Tasty Recipes to complete the set.

It’s a bit of a learning curve, but I am getting there. The support is incredible and only an email away. Thank you for the fantastic feedback I have received on queries.

The Tasty Links plugin is such a timesaver and I love it as it makes it incredibly easy to link ingredients and products and have all my links only a click away and no need to hunt for them all over. I look forward to working with Tasty for many years to come.

Headshot of Esmé Slabbert from EsmeSalon

Esmé Slabbert


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Screenshot of the Tasty Links edit screen, with fields for keyword, url, and options for nofollow, new window, and disclosure

Common Questions

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    How does Tasty Links work?

    When your post content is written to the page, Tasty Links scans the content, finds any keywords that you set, and links those keywords to the URL you set.

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    Can I nofollow the links or have them open in a new tab?

    Yep! Each link has options for adding a nofollow attribute to the link and for opening the link in a new tab.

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    How does the disclosure text work?

    The Tasty Links settings area has a text field where you can add some sort of disclosure text. If the disclosure text is enabled for a link, then the disclosure will be inserted after the keyword on the front-end of the site.

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    Can I see the links in the post edit screen?

    Not at this point, but let us know if this is something you would be interested in!

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    How much does Tasty Links cost?

    Tasty Links is $49 per year. If you decide not to renew, the plugin will still work, but you won't get any updates. If you have more than one site, we also offer the option to purchase multiple site licenses at a discount.

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    Is there a free version of Tasty Links?

    There's not. We wanted to build a plugin that was built well and supported well, and both of those things come at a cost that made a free version prohibitive in the long run.

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