Why Choose WP Tasty?

Headshot of Morgan Eisenberg
"The level of support you've given goes far above and beyond what I'd expect anyone to offer. You have always answered so promptly and kindly, and you've saved me so much time, frustration, and money. Really, I just can't thank you enough!"
Morgan Eisenberg / Host the Toast

Their customer support is out of this world! They truly are the definition of customer support, they are kind, super helpful, and quick with their responses!

Headshot of Audrey Maze from Audrey's Little Farm

Audrey Maze

Audrey's Little Farm

I can’t talk about WP Tasty without mentioning their customer service. Super friendly, super helpful, unmatched in any industry. Period.

Headshot of Julie Murray from go bake or go home

Julie Murray

go bake or go home

I’ve had nothing but excitement in adding Tasty Pins and Tasty Recipes on my blog. It’s added a level of simplicity in implementation and has made my SEO exposure that much better. I can’t say enough about the customer service, especially from Raquel who has corrected any issues I’ve had. Totally worth the money just for the product, the customer service is an added bonus!

Headshot of Mollie Tunitsky from FitFabFODMAP

Mollie Tunitsky

Mollie Tunitsky

As with all Tasty products, their support is amazing. I love being able to chat if you have a problem. I can’t wait for them to develop more!

Headshot of Amy Lawrence from Gourmet Done Skinn

Amy Lawrence

Gourmet Done Skinny

My favorite thing is the constant guidance and support. They have so much information online about what you can do with Tasty Recipes and they are incredibly responsive to emails (usually within a day!).

Headshot of Madison Surdyke from Sunny Thymes

Madison Surdyke

Sunny Thymes

I like how quickly my questions have been answered. The Tasty Pins staff answers my emails immediately.

Headshot of Angie Sherbondy from Best PowerPoints for Spanish and French

Angie Sherbondy

Best PowerPoints for Spanish and French

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