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Why Choose WP Tasty?

Headshot of Morgan Eisenberg
"The level of support you've given goes far above and beyond what I'd expect anyone to offer. You have always answered so promptly and kindly, and you've saved me so much time, frustration, and money. Really, I just can't thank you enough!"
Morgan Eisenberg / Host the Toast

One of my favorite things about using WP Tasty is the support. When you sign up for most software products, you get a series of useless emails that are hardly worth opening. However, that is NOT the case with WP Tasty. The emails you get from WP Tasty help you easily set up and customize your recipe card for your own unique website. I'm not very tech-savvy and these emails made it VERY hard to fail. Also if you don't understand something (which happened to me once), you literally just hit reply to the email, and someone responds almost instantly with a solution.

Headshot of Avi Silverberg from FeastGood

Avi Silverberg


Since using Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins and Tasty Links together, the time saved preparing and publishing each recipe and post has been hugely reduced, giving me a lot more time for baking. And controlling how my recipes and photos are Pinned with Tasty Pins is a game changer! I noticed an immediate increase in traffic to my site.

Headshot of Tess Lee from My Sweet Tooth Bakery

Tess Lee

My Sweet Tooth Bakery

WP Tasty's support is top-notch. Every time I have a question, someone gets back to me within a day and it's always a real live person, not a bot. I highly appreciate that personalized attention and response time!

Headshot of Kimberlee Ho from kickassbaker

Kimberlee Ho


The first thing that comes to mind regarding WP Tasty is exceptional customer service. Which I often find lacking with any other WordPress plugin service. They respond in a very reasonable amount of time (usually operator error in my case) and are so helpful and friendly.

Headshot of Shelagh Mullen from SheCooks.Design

Shelagh Mullen


I highly recommend WP Tasty products. I have all three plus Nutrifox. They are easy to use and for a new food blogger like myself they are also extremely helpful. Tasty Pins helps me to ensure I have all the necessary information I need. Tasty Links saves me so much time. I just add the link one time and it automatically applies the link when I use the keyword. I also love Tasty Recipes. It looks so professional, it has everything I need. I did purchase Nutrifox and I can just grab my code and add it directly to my Tasty Recipes. I can not say enough about these products, they are amazing.

Headshot of Patricia Saunders from Thyme to Change

Patricia Saunders

Thyme to Change

WP Tasty is great at acting on customer feedback; they invite users to contribute and vote on functionality you want to see added in the future. Something I have suggested has already been assigned a high priority position in their development queue!

Headshot of Rachael Gunn from Champagne on Arrival

Rachael Gunn

Champagne on Arrival
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