Why Choose WP Tasty?

Headshot of Morgan Eisenberg
"The level of support you've given goes far above and beyond what I'd expect anyone to offer. You have always answered so promptly and kindly, and you've saved me so much time, frustration, and money. Really, I just can't thank you enough!"
Morgan Eisenberg / Host the Toast

WP Tasty is great at acting on customer feedback; they invite users to contribute and vote on functionality you want to see added in the future. Something I have suggested has already been assigned a high priority position in their development queue!

Headshot of Rachael Gunn from Champagne on Arrival

Rachael Gunn

Champagne on Arrival

We have been using WP Tasty plugins for about 1 month now, and we are not looking back. The plugins are so easy to use. Plus, WP Tasty provides amazing customer support. The code behind the plugins is rock solid and is going to help propel our SEO both on Google and Pinterest.

Headshot of Kaitlynn Fenley from Cultured Guru: Enrich your Ecosystem

Kaitlynn Fenley

Cultured Guru: Enrich your Ecosystem

The customer service is top-notch as every time I send a query, I get an almost instantaneous reply.

Headshot of Jade MacRury from Live A Blissful Life

Jade MacRury

Live A Blissful Life

When I had a question, Ann from your Support team was right there with the answer. Top-notch customer service.

Headshot of Susan Ramirez from Sueseaqpi

Susan Ramirez


The WP Tasty team provides excellent customer service, and I always receive quick responses and solutions to my queries. I was also super impressed to find that they are continually requesting ideas and feedback from their customers in order that they can improve the plugin with additional useful features in the future!

Headshot of Cara Baker from Caradise

Cara Baker


If you want something that pleases your readers as well as Google, look no further than WP Tasty plugins! I have both Tasty Recipes and Tasty Pins! They play nice with teach other and they’re both so easy to use and so customizable. If you ever need additional help with the plugins, there’s an extensive FAQ that you can follow along. And support staff are readily available and so friendly and quick to respond as well. Thank you guys for making such an amazing product!!

Headshot of Jocelyn Wilhelm from Joz Mahal

Jocelyn Wilhelm

Joz Mahal

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