How to Use Cook Mode

The Cook Mode toggle allows visitors to turn on hands-free mode. This will prevent their screen from going to sleep while cooking.

Cook Mode

How to Add Cook Mode to a Recipe Card

This feature is enabled from the WP TastyTasty Recipes page in your WordPress dashboard. You'll find it in the Settings tab. By default, Cook mode will be turned on.

Cook Mode setting

The Cook Mode feature works with all included recipe templates as well as most custom templates.


Browser Support

At this time, not all browsers support the required Wake Lock API. If the browser does not support it, the toggle will not show in the recipe card. At the time, the following browsers support cook mode:

  • Chrome v85+
  • Edge v90+
  • Opera v73+
  • Safari 16.4 is in beta and includes partial support

Firefox and IE are not yet supported.

HTTPS Required

Cook Mode requires a secure site (HTTPS) with SSL. Without it, the option will be disabled:

SSL required for cook mode
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