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How Do I Re-Use a Recipe on Another Post?

You can re-use Tasty Recipes on multiple pages or posts as you see fit. We're showing you how to do just that with this support document!

Gutenberg Blocks

  1. Go to your published recipe that you want to use on your new post. In the top right corner, you'll see 3 vertical dots. When you click on it, you will see an option to switch to the Code Editor.

    Locate the

  2. After you switch to the Code Editor, scroll down until you find the Tasty Recipes code.

    Find the wp:wp-tasty/tasty-recipe code block in your post.

  3. Copy the ID number in the Tasty Recipes code block.

    In the Tasty Recipes code block, copy the ID number.

  4. Go to your new post. There, select the Shortcode Block. If you do not automatically see the Shortcode Block as an option, use the searchbar provided.

    Search and Select the Shortcode Block option.

  5. Once you add the Shortcode Block to your post, you will use the following code inside the block. Be sure to replace our example ID number with yours!
    . Your Shortcode Block should look like this, except with your own Recipe ID number.

    Your shortcode block should include the square brackets before and after tasty-recipe id=

  6. The shortcode block will not preview your recipe card within the editor. After you save your draft, you can double-check that your shortcode is working in your new post by using the Preview option before publishing it.

    Double-check that your shortcode saved properly before publishing.

  7. And that's it! Your new post is re-using your recipe!

    Your recipe is now displaying on your post!

Classic Editor

First, navigate to the blog post where your originally inserted the recipe you want to re-use. Switch from the “Visual” editor to the “Text” editor. You will see a tasty recipe with an ID number.

Tasty Recipes inserts recipes into your posts with shortcodes. In the Visual editor, you see a preview of your recipe and how it will look on your live site. In the Text editor, however, you will see just a shortcode. Here's how that will look: . You will use the code inside the text editor.

Be sure to replace our example ID number with yours! Your shortcode should look like this, except with your own Recipe ID number. Copy that shortcode (including the brackets) and paste it into your new blog post's text editor where you want to reuse that recipe and save the post.

After switching from

Once you've added it into your text editor, switch back to the visual editor. There, you should see the preview of the recipe card in your post.

Switching back to the Visual editor after inserting your shortcode into the Text editor, your visual editor will preview the recipe card in your new post.

As always, if you find that you still need assistance getting your published recipe into your new post, please feel free to reach us at [email protected]!

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