Using Tasty Recipes

How Do I Re-Use a Recipe on Another Post?

Learn how you can use an already published recipe within a new post in either the Gutenberg Blocks or Classic Editor.

How to abbreviate ingredient measurements

Learn how to use abbreviations in your recipes!

How to disable recipe scaling on a single recipe

Learn how to turn off the recipe scaling feature on individual recipes or all of the recipes on your site.

How to use Nutrifox plain text instead of labels

Love the ease of using Nutrifox with Tasty Recipes but would rather not have the labels? Now you get a choice!

How to use unit conversions for recipe ingredients

How to enable the unit conversion between US customary and metric for your recipe ingredients.

How To Use Tasty Recipes with Thrive Architect

When using Thrive Architect, you have the option to build your posts using the Thrive WordPress Content block or using the WordPress editor.

How to clear formatting when using copy-and-paste

Learn how to remove imported formatting when copying your recipe text from another text editor into Tasty Recipes.

How to use Tasty Recipes with Elementor

When using Elementor, you have the option of building your posts using the Tasty Recipes Elementor widget or using the WordPress editor.

Customizing recipe card buttons

With all Tasty Recipes templates, you can decide which buttons to display on your recipe card.

How to update a recipe without updating your post

Update your recipes without risking the potential SEO impacts of updating your post.