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How unit conversion works with Tasty Recipes

A little while back, we released Tasty Recipes version 3.0.0, which brought with it a highly-requested feature: US customary to metric unit conversion! ⚖️ This was a pretty big day…

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Tasty Recipes Update

Small Fixes – Tasty Recipes 3.6.1

Hey there! Coming at you with a few quick fixes for Tasty Recipes! 💪🐛 Here’s what you’ll find in Tasty Recipes 3.6.1: Append calories to nutrition schema Allows ‘8’ as…

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How Category Pinning Works

Earlier this year, we released a feature in Tasty Pins that allows you to add hidden images to your Category pages for pinning. Hooray for more pinning opportunities! 🎉 Today,…

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