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Ask WP Tasty:
Should I include prep time even if it varies so much from person to person?

Welcome to the first post in our new Ask WP Tasty series!

We get great questions from customers all the time, and we want to share our answers with you, our loyal readers. These Ask WP Tasty posts will be short, easy-to-read snippets that answer a specific question about recipe SEO, Pinterest optimization, affiliate income, and more.

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Google Recipes Report: What it is, how to use it, and what it means for your SEO

Email inboxes buzzed across the blogosphere on June 27 with a new email from Google. The subject line reads, “Fix Recipes markup for https://yoursite.com.” The email content wasn’t very comforting either. Here’s what it said (emphasis mine): Google systems show that your site is affected by 1218 instances of Recipes markup issues. This means that your Recipes pages might not […]

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Recipe Videos & Keywords – Tasty Recipes 1.4.0

Today we pushed out a Tasty Recipes update with some great new features that are aimed at making sure your recipes are in tip-top SEO shape. Here’s what you’ll find in Tasty Recipes version 1.4.0: 1. A new Video field! 📹 Google recently added some new structured data guidelines for recipes. These guidelines were aimed at […]

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NoPin: How to Tell Pinterest to Not Save an Image

Pinterest is a fantastic traffic tool for bloggers. Pins that go viral on Pinterest have the opportunity to bring in thousands of pageviews every month to a single blog post! Certain types of images tend to perform better on Pinterest – notably, long (or tall) images with multiple photos and text overlays tend to do great. […]

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Maximize Affiliate Revenue with Tasty Links!

Here at WP Tasty, we’re always looking for ways to make blogging more fulfilling. We do this by creating products that help you spend more time creating and less time dealing with technical stuff, like structured data and image attributes for Pinterest. As bloggers, something we’ve always struggled with is taking advantage of the power […]

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Recipe Rich Cards: Two Simple Ways to Optimize

In today’s food blogging landscape, SEO is really important. Solid SEO can be the difference between a blog that survives and a blog that thrives. We built Tasty Recipes with this in mind – we wanted to give bloggers the best chance of thriving with SEO. So, we made sure that Tasty Recipes included all the fields […]

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A Fix for Page Builder Conflicts – Tasty Recipes 1.2.1

The last version of Tasty Recipes included a bug fix that prevented the text widget from displaying the TinyMCE editor that we use in Tasty Recipes. However, this fix created some problems with page builders such as Beaver Builder and Thrive Architect. Tasty Recipes 1.2.1 fixes this conflict and enables Tasty Recipes to work alongside […]

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WP Tasty is Acquiring Simple Recipe Pro

We’ve got some exciting news to share today: Simple Recipe Pro is merging into WP Tasty! The Simple Recipe Pro team has worked long and hard to create a really awesome recipe plugin for their customers. Their main goal with Simple Recipe Pro was to provide a stellar customer experience, and we’ve personally experienced this […]

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