Custom hover buttons — Tasty Pins 1.1.0

We just pushed out a new version of Tasty Pins—new and improved with custom Pinterest hover buttons! 🎉 📌  Here’s what you’ll find in Tasty Pins version 1.1.0: Custom hover buttons Ability…

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What are Pinterest Story Pins?

Pinterest recently rolled out a new feature that allows you to add Story Pins to your profile. This allows you to showcase your content in ways that aren’t possible with…

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inbound links graphic

How to Optimize Your Internal Links

Linking to internal content is a great way to optimize the content you’ve already created and keep readers active and engaged on your site. That all sounds fine and dandy,…

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icon of laptop with two graphical recipe cards on the screen

The Latest on Google’s Guided Recipes

In the food blogging sphere, Guided Recipes have been the talk of the town lately. Chances are you’ve recently received emails from Google notifying you of all your posts affected…

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Tasty Recipes Update

Recipe Card Bug Fix – Tasty Recipes 2.7.1 🐛

We just pushed out a minor update to Tasty Recipes to fix a bug in the recipe card. Here’s what you’ll find in Tasty Recipes version 2.7.1:  Fixes </div> placement for Default, Elegant, and Simple recipe…

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