Built-in styles, multiple images in the structured data, and a converter for Simple Recipe Pro – Tasty Recipes 1.1.0

This Tasty Recipes update introduces built-in templates in the plugin settings page, multiple images in the structured data to comply with Google’s recommendations, and a converter for Simple Recipe Pro.

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Graphic of a computer with the words "alt text"

How to Craft Alt Text for Images

The alt text is an attribute added to an image’s HTML that describes what appears in the image. Adding optimized alt text to your images makes your blog more accessible for the visually impaired and also gives your blog an SEO boost.

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A graphic of a computer with colored boxes emulating Pinterest

How to Write Great Pinterest Image Descriptions

A Pinterest description is a snippet of text that, ideally, comes from the data-pin-description attribute on an image (using the Tasty Pins plugin, of course). Pinterest descriptions should be crafted with search and exploration in mind, utilizing keywords and hashtags (respectively) to reach the maximum number of users on Pinterest.

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