The WordPress Cookbook plugin is out of commission, and it has been for a while now.

But that doesn't mean your recipe blogging dreams have to go up in flames. 🔥 Maybe you're just returning to your food blog after some time off and are in search of a new recipe maker plugin.

Well, look no further than Tasty Recipes.

It's not just the best WordPress Cookbook plugin alternative for your recipes. It's the best WordPress recipe plugin, period. And I'll break down all the reasons why it's the best choice for your food blog.

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Why Tasty Recipes is the best WordPress Cookbook plugin alternative

WordPress plugin development for Cookbook's plugin stopped a few years ago.

And sure, there are other WordPress Cookbook plugin alternatives out there. But let's be real, Tasty Recipes is the cream of the crop.

It's a WordPress recipe plugin made with food bloggers in mind. It makes it as easy as pie to whip up stunning recipe cards that look as delicious as your dishes taste. Plus, it's packed with perks to help you grow your blog and keep your readers craving more.

Now, let's get to the benefits that can't be beat!

Beautiful recipe cards

Tasty Recipes isn't your grandma's recipe card (unless your grandma was a web designer!).

Need a WordPress Cookbook plugin alternative? Tasty Recipes recipe cards are the best.

There are six beautiful recipe card templates to choose from. So, it's easy to find a style to match your blog's personality. Choose the colors, fonts, and layout to create a unique look that's all your own.

Tasty Recipes makes it easy to add photos and videos to your recipe cards, too. That way, your dishes look as good on screen as they do on the plate.

Recipe SEO

Want your recipes to be the first thing hungry searchers see on Google? Tasty Recipes is your recipe SEO sous chef. It helps your recipes get noticed and climb the search engine results.

But how does it work?

Well, Tasty Recipes automatically adds a special kind of code, called recipe schema, to your recipe cards. This code gives Google your recipe's yummiest details — your ingredients, cooking time, reviews, and more.

an image showing recipe rich results in Google

This helps Google understand your content better, making it more likely to show up in those click-worthy recipe rich snippets.

But Tasty Recipes doesn't stop there! It also helps you optimize your recipe content for rich pins on Pinterest too. You get all those same delicious details to show on your Pin!

But remember: Tasty Recipes makes your recipes SEO-friendly. But it doesn't guarantee top rankings. Creating high-quality content that connects with your audience is still key to success!

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Easy to use

Creating and adding recipe cards to your WordPress site shouldn't be hard.

That's why Tasty Recipes makes the process as smooth as a perfectly blended smoothie.

Here's what you can do with Tasty Recipes:

  • Add recipe cards directly to your posts: It's as easy as adding a recipe card block to your recipe post!
  • Fill in the blank recipe templates: Just add your ingredients, instructions, cooking times, and other details.
  • Choose a pretty template: Tasty Recipes has lots of options to make your recipes look awesome.

Tasty Recipes does all the hard work for you so you can focus on making delicious content for your recipe website.

Don't believe me? Just watch how easy it is! 🎥

YouTube video

Fun features and buttons

Tasty Recipes isn't just about pretty recipe cards.

It's the best WordPress Cookbook plugin alternative because it makes your recipes fun and easy to use!

Here are a few of the goodies to make your readers' lives easier (and tastier):

  • Skip the chit-chat: Long blog post? Add a “Jump to Recipe” button so your hangry readers can get straight to the good stuff.
  • Print it out: Make it easy to print your recipes and take them into the kitchen.
  • Change the servings: Let your readers adjust the recipe to feed a crowd or just themselves.
  • Get the (nutrition) facts: Add detailed nutritional info for your health-conscious foodies.
  • Rate & review: Encourage feedback and build a community around your recipes with recipe star ratings and comments.

Tasty Recipes star ratings and message thanking the person for the rating

These little touches might seem small, but they make a big difference in your readers' overall experience. And guess what?

Happy readers are more likely to come back for more, share your recipes with their friends, and become loyal fans of your blog!

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Pairs perfectly with other plugins

Tasty Recipes is a WordPress (WP) recipe maker plugin that's part of the WP Tasty plugins family.

That means it plays extra nice with the other tools to help you rock your food blog! Those plugins are:

  1. Tasty Links – WordPress link plugin
  2. Tasty Pins – WordPress Pinterest plugin
  3. Tasty Roundups – WordPress list plugin

Meet the perfect plugin for managing all your site's links — internal and external! It's Tasty Links! 🔗

And you know those beautiful recipe cards I've mentioned a time or two? Well, you can make the ingredients (and equipment) in your recipe shoppable with Tasty Links' integration with Tasty Recipes.

This delicious duo lets you cash in on your recipes by automatically adding affiliate links to the ingredients you list in your recipe cards. Talk about a recipe for success!

Tasty Links product image with admin options.

Monetizing your site shouldn’t be hard. Tasty Links makes it easy by managing all your affiliate links and magically inserting them into your posts.

Don’t forget about our 14-day money-back guarantee! Trying out Tasty Links is risk-free!

Tasty Pins

Want to expand your food blog beyond your WordPress website?

Pinterest is a great place for food bloggers to share their yummy posts or pages through pins.

Tasty Pins adds Pin it buttons to your images, and it gives you complete control over how your content shows up on Pinterest. Plus, you can add hidden descriptions and titles, and pick which image gets pinned when someone saves your post.

YouTube video

This means you can use beautiful, high-quality Pinterest images on your blog while still keeping your Pinterest feed filled with perfectly sized pins that drive pinners to your site.

Tasty Roundups

Have a ton of recipes that you want to turn into a collection?

Showcase your best recipes in beautiful, organized roundups with Tasty Roundups. Look how well done Pinch of Yum's best Taco Roundup is! 🌮

an image showing an example of a roundup post made with Tasty Roundups

It's the easist way to repurpose your content and give your readers more recipes to cook up. And bonus: it's SEO optimized, too!

Together, these plugins offer so many ways to ace your workflow, create your best content, and grow your food blog.

It's a match made in foodie heaven!

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Top notch customer support

WP Tasty is all about giving food bloggers like you the best WordPress plugins.

But that's not all. It's also about supporting our outstanding community of food bloggers. That means our amazing support team is always ready to lend a helping hand!

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or just starting.

Have a question about your recipe cards? Need help troubleshooting an issue? We're here for you!

WP Tasty is passionate about helping you succeed, and we're dedicated to providing quick and helpful support whenever you need it.

From importing recipes to setting up nutrition labels, WP Tasty has your back. Just reach out, and we'll help you make the most of Tasty Recipes.

Tasty Recipes product image with admin options.

Interested in trying Tasty Recipes?

With our easy-to-use, customizable recipe card plugin, Tasty Recipes helps you look good — and your recipes look even better.

Take a look at all Tasty Recipes has to offer.

Also, don’t forget about our 14-day money-back guarantee! Trying Tasty Recipes is risk-free!

Time to swap ingredients: The WordPress Cookbook plugin for Tasty Recipes

The WordPress Cookbook plugin is gone, but your recipe blogging is just beginning!

With WordPress cookbook plugin alternatives like Tasty Recipes, you can create stunning recipe cards, boost your SEO, and keep your readers coming back for more. It has all the ingredients you need to create a beautiful and engaging recipe website.

🚨 And here's a deal alert! You can get 1 year of the WP Tasty All-Access Bundle for just $149 (one site).

Want more blogging tips and tools? Check out the WP Tasty blog. There's a whole buffet of resources covering everything from starting a food blog to affiliate marketing and beyond.