Pinterest is ever-changing and the newest feature, carousel Pins, is a great new way to showcase your content!

Just like an Instagram carousel post or a Facebook photo album, Pinterest carousel pins are the perfect way to showcase step-by-step photos for a recipe, tell your brand's story, process steps for a DIY project, and more.

These Pins give your audience even more opportunity to engage with your content and get a further glimpse into your recipe or step-by-step project!

Carousel Pins allow you to upload multiple images and arrange them in a carousel order, allowing you to showcase more of your photos! This is a great way to show the steps in a complicated recipe or project without using long pins.

A carousel Pin on Pinterest. Shows dots below the first image the indicate more images in the carousel and a title and description below the Pin image.

Creating a carousel Pin does require converting to a business account, but the process is straightforward and you won’t need to enter billing information. If you already have a Pinterest Business account and the carousel feature, you are good to go!

You also need to create these from a desktop or laptop!

Once you’ve hopped on a computer and converted to a business account, you're ready to create your first carousel Pin!

First, decide which article you would like to create a carousel Pin for and make sure you have 2-5 pictures that represent that article saved to your computer to upload. The best pictures will have a 1:1 or 2:3 ratio and are in PNG or JPEG format.

Pinterest's carousel-creation tool, with a place to drop images, add a title and description, add a link, and choose a board.

Next, add your pictures and upload. You can easily remove and replace images within the carousel to get the desired order for your Pin.

Next, add a title, description, and website for your carousel Pin. Your title is usually will be the recipe title, DIY project name, or a short snippet of what the blog post is about. The description will be similar or the same as your Pinterest text, with a well written description and hashtags that are relevant to your Pin.

To learn more, read our article about creating optimized Pinterest descriptions.  

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You do have the option to ‘Apply text to all’ or toggle this option off, if you want the text to only apply to the first photo in the carousel Pin.

A completed carousel pin ready for submission. Shows the pin images, title, description, and link.

The next step is to select a relevant board for your carousel Pin. Your board could be a blog board or something that is specific and relevant to your pin. For this example, we will be pinning our ‘How to Cook Tofu’ post to the Vegetarian/Vegan board, since the content is relevant to vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Once your board has been selected, your carousel Pin is created! Your Pin won’t show up with the option to view the Pin as would normally happen with a video or normal Pin. But, you will be able to go back to your board to view your carousel Pin when it is ready.

"Create successful! Your new carousel pin will be available to view when it is ready."

Pinterest has all of the nitty-gritty details around carousel Pins listed on their product specs page as well:

There you have it! Creating carousel Pins is an easy and great way to showcase more of your amazing content. Pinterest seems to be ever changing and this is just another way to distribute and share your blog content with the millions of Pinterest users.