We’ve heard many concerns from bloggers as to whether Pinterest group boards are still worth using or not. Well, we’re here to shed some light on all your group board questions. ?

Back in the day, group boards were the way to share your pins to get hundreds of repins and clicks. This strategy was easy… almost too easy, and it was adopted by thousands of content creators. But in 2019, Pinterest decided to clarify their original intention for group boards: These boards are a place for bloggers and content creators looking to collaborate. While Pinterest has made some changes to how they view group boards, these boards can still be an effective way to grow your blog if they are used correctly.

Before diving into how to find the best group boards to join, let’s cover what exactly group boards are and why they are still worth using. ?

What is a Pinterest Group Board?

A Pinterest group board is a board that is created by one user and shared with other users that they grant permission to. If you’ve joined a group board, you can also invite other users to join it (unless indicated otherwise in the board’s rules.) Once a user is approved to join the board, they are welcome to pin to the board as often as they wish. Group boards are a way for people to collaborate with each other – all sharing pins and ideas in one board. 

Why Use Pinterest Group Boards?

In the past, Pinterest group boards were a great way for bloggers (and their followers) to repin each other’s content helping to increase the visibility of these pins. Since that was never Pinterest’s intention for group boards, they’ve started to limit the distribution of pins in group boards. 

What this means is that your followers will only see the content from the boards that you create, rather than the group boards you join (unless these followers specifically follow that group board, of course) helping to encourage true collaboration among the board’s users. This means there is no more spamming dozens of group boards with the same pins just to gain repins and clicks. Pinterest wants to see creators sharing unique, high-quality engaging content with each other.

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards

There are three easy ways to find group boards to join, without even leaving Pinterest!

1. Search for Group Boards ?

Searching for Pinterest group boards is a great place to start when looking for a group board to join.

  • Type a keyword in the search bar (i.e. Desserts)
  • Refine the search results by selecting “All Pins” and choosing “Boards”
  • The search results that come up will show any boards associated with your keyword
  • Group boards are designated with a circle in the bottom left corner that shows some of the members’ profile pictures

2. Review Other Food Blogger’s Group Boards ?

Search for other food bloggers and see which group boards they are members of. These could be great boards for you to join too!

To do this:

  • Go to the blogger’s profile page
  • Click on “Saved” to view their boards
  • Look for the circles in the bottom right corner of the board to determine which boards are group boards

Note: While searching for group boards, you’ll want to look for boards with a “Join” button, these are boards that are accepting contributors. Also, take note of the board’s description, sometimes this will provide different instructions for joining the board.

Since not all Pinterest group boards are worth joining, it’s important to make sure you are joining high-quality boards that will help rather than hinder your visibility on Pinterest.

Usually the best group boards to join are relevant to your niche, the members are sharing high-quality (not-spammy) content, and there are a variety of contributors (although, we recommend sticking to boards with less than 100 members, anymore and it’s hard to stand out among the other bloggers.)

3. Create Some Boards Yourself ?

If you can’t find any group boards that you want to join, why not take a stab at creating some yourself? Pins pinned to group boards that you create are likely to receive more views as your followers will automatically see the pins you pin! Don’t be afraid to reach out to other bloggers via Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. who you think would be a great fit for your group board.

While Pinterest group boards have certainly evolved, they are far from dead. If used correctly, these boards can still be a valuable part of your content strategy. 

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