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Tasty Recipes is a great replacement for the WP Recipe Maker plugin on your WordPress blog. Tasty Recipes is up-to-date with Google SEO guidelines, supports rich data for Pinterest, is fully supported, and looks great on your website.

Converting recipes from WP Recipe Maker couldn’t be easier. You have the option to convert recipes individually for testing, and then in bulk once you are ready.

What's converted to Tasty Recipes?

The following recipe elements are converted from WP Recipe Maker to Tasty Recipes:

  • Recipe title
  • Summary
  • Post featured image
  • Ingredients (in bulleted list form)
  • Instructions (in numbered list form)
  • Bold & italic text
  • Links (including nofollow links)
  • Prep & cook times
  • Notes
  • Yield & serving size
  • Nutrition information
  • Recipe ratings
  • Videos

What's not converted to Tasty Recipes?

  • Unit conversions
  • Global affiliate links (but any links you added manually will be converted)

Can I style Tasty Recipes to look like WP Recipe Maker?

Tasty Recipes inherits your theme fonts and styles automatically, so your recipes will blend in to your page seamlessly. However, the clean markup for Tasty Recipes makes additional styling easy. See more information on creating custom styles, downloading pre-made styles, and including those styles on your site.

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