How to Collect Recipe Ratings

Tasty Recipes includes streamlined recipe star ratings to help site visitors rate recipes directly from the recipe card.

Recipe Ratings are displayed in the quick links at the top of the post and inside the recipe card when comments are activated. If commenting has been disabled on your post, no star ratings will be displayed. Clicking the rating quick link will jump to the comments section, where visitors can read and add ratings. Here's an example of the quick link ratings.

Rate recipe using quicklinks

Star Rating Settings

There are two settings related to star ratings, color and style. You can easily change the color using our simple color picker. Additionally, star ratings can be styled as outline or solid stars. These settings can be changed by going to the Tasty Recipes Settings page . Use the recipe card preview to get your star ratings just right.

Change color and style of star ratings

Collecting Ratings

Now that your star ratings look great, visitors can start rating your recipes. All ratings require a comment before they can be saved to your recipe and post.

Why are comments required for all star ratings?

In response to industry concerns and a commitment to maintaining the trustworthiness of recipe ratings, we've made a significant update. Previously, allowing anonymous ratings without confirmation posed several challenges:

  1. Erosion of Trust: Anonymous ratings risked undermining user trust in the authenticity of recipe ratings.
  2. Inflated Rating Numbers: The absence of confirmation could lead to artificially inflated rating numbers, potentially misleading users and search engines.
  3. Potential Google Crackdown: Google's awareness and discussions among large publishers signaled a potential crackdown on anonymous ratings, impacting search rankings.

By enforcing comments for all ratings we are fostering the following benefits:

  1. Increased Trustworthiness: Requiring comments and confirmation enhances the trustworthiness of our rating system, addressing concerns of credibility.
  2. Context for Ratings: Users now gain valuable context for each rating, fostering a deeper understanding of others' experiences and perceptions beyond just a star value.
  3. User Engagement: Encouraging comments promotes active user engagement, contributing to a vibrant and interactive community.
  4. Preventing Accidental Ratings: Confirmation helps prevent accidental ratings, ensuring more accurate and intentional feedback.
  5. Alignment with Best Practices: Implementing comments aligns with industry best practices, potentially positively impacting search rankings and distinguishing your site from increasingly common poor-quality websites.

By making these changes, we aim to create a more transparent, trustworthy, and engaging environment for publishers and their audiences.

How ratings work

Leaving a rating is as simple as following these three steps:

  1. Click or tap a star from inside the recipe card
  2. Click or tap Leave a comment to jump to the comments section
  3. Enter a comment and add name/email if required then submit

Updating a rating can be done within 24 hours by clicking another star rating and editing the previous comment. Rating updates prevent unintentional, duplicate ratings and improve rating authenticity.

In addition to leaving a rating from your recipe card, visitors can also leave a rating directly from the comments section of your post.

Blog post comments must be enabled

If the comments are turned off for the post, no rating links or details will show. This means visitors won't be able to rate your recipe. In WordPress, comments can be allowed in two different places. First, they can be allowed by default on all new posts under Settings → Discussion:

WordPress allow comments for ratings

This setting is only the default and doesn't affect existing posts or pages. To allow comments on a single page, go to edit the post and find the Discussion section. Make sure Allow comments is checked.

Now, visitors will be able to leave ratings and reviews.

leave rating in comments section

Troubleshooting: Why don't I see the option to rate my recipes?

Editing Ratings

As mentioned above, visitors can edit or update their own ratings within 24 hours. Additionally, admins or other users with access to the backend WordPress comments, can edit star ratings. To edit a star rating, go to Comments in your admin section and find the comment or rating in question to edit. Modify the Tasty Recipes rating and click the update button.

Edit recipe rating from admin


Change rating tooltip colors

There are currently no settings for changing the tooltip colors. To modify them use the following custom CSS:

/* change #000 in both places below to change the background, change #FFF to change the text color, change #F7D578 to change the link color */
.tasty-recipes-static-tooltip { background-color:#000 !important; color:#FFF !important; }
.tasty-recipes-static-tooltip:after { border-top-color:#000 !important; }
a.tasty-recipes-scrollto { color:#F7D578 !important; } 

Change star size and spacing in recipe card

To adjust the size and spacing of the star ratings inside your recipe card, use the following custom CSS:

/* change increase or decrease .97 to change star size, change 0.5 to change spacing */
.tasty-recipes, .tasty-recipes-ratings {
	--tr-star-size: .97em!important;
 	--tr-star-margin: 0.5em!important;

Enable anonymous ratings

By default, a comment is required for all ratings. This is in accordance with best practices and ensures the ratings on your site are authentic and valuable to your visitors and to Google.

If you'd like to enable anonymous ratings (ratings with no comment), you can do so with this code example. to require comments for 3-star ratings and below, change “return 6;” to “return 4;”. Note: If using a code snippet plugin to insert this code, make sure the option to run everywhere is enabled.

	function() {
		return 6; // Require comments for 4 and 5 star ratings too.
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