How to Collect Recipe Ratings

In Tasty Recipes, the recipe ratings are collected using WordPress comments.

Here are a few places the recipe star ratings will show up.

In the quick links at the top of the page when there haven't been any reviews:

Quick links "leave a review" link if no recipe ratings

And once there has been a review:

Quick links for recipe ratings

Inside the recipe cards:

Recipe card rating example

And listed in the comment section at the bottom of the page:

Rating with comment example in comments

Change the star color

The star rating color can be customized for your site. To change this color, go to the Tasty Recipes Settings page and set the Star Color.

Recipe rating color setting

How to allow comments

If the comments are turned off for the post, no rating links or details will show. In WordPress, comments can be allowed in two different places. First, they can be allowed by default on all new posts under Settings → Discussion:

WordPress allow comments for ratings

This setting is only the default and doesn't affect existing posts or pages. To allow comments on a single page, go to edit the post and find the Discussion section. Make sure Allow comments is checked.

WordPress post allow comments

Now, visitors will be able to leave a review. The comment will only be required when the rating is 3 stars or less.

Recipe rating without a comment

Troubleshooting: Why don't I see the option to rate my recipes?


Require comments for all ratings

By default, a comment is not required for a 4 or 5 star rating. If you'd like this to work differently, like always require a comment, this quick code snippet will help. If you want to require comments for 4-star rating and below, change “return 6;” to “return 5;”.

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