Getting Started

Getting Started with Tasty Recipes ✨Settings✨

How to set up Tasty Recipes: recipe card styles, quick links, author links, instagram and affiliate settings, bulk recipe processing.

Recipe card templates

Learn what the recipe card templates that come with Tasty Recipes look like and how to activate one on your website.

How do I add a Tasty Recipe to my post?

Learn how to add Tasty Recipes to your WordPress posts.

How do I convert recipes to Tasty Recipes?

Learn the quick process to convert your recipes over to Tasty Recipes in bulk.

Convert from Other Recipe Cards

WP Recipe Maker Tasty Recipes is a great replacement for the WP Recipe Maker plugin on your WordPress blog. Tasty Recipes...

What page builders work with Tasty Recipes?

Learn which page builders are supported by Tasty Recipes

What does Tasty Recipes look like on a live site?

Learn what Tasty Recipes will look like on your site, and see examples of Tasty Recipes in use on other sites.

What are the requirements for using Tasty Recipes?

Learn what server and software are required for the proper functioning of the Tasty Recipes plugin.

How to Collect Recipe Ratings

Tasty Recipes includes streamlined recipe star ratings to help site visitors rate recipes directly from the recipe card. Recipe Ratings...