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How do I convert from WP Ultimate Recipe?

WP Ultimate Recipe utilizes two methods for displaying recipes: 

  1. As a custom post type, or
  2. Inserted into a regular post

Tasty Recipes can only convert recipes that have been inserted into a regular post. However, if you previously published recipes with WP Ultimate Recipe as a custom post type you can convert those to a regular post type, then convert to Tasty Recipes. 

How do I know what type of post my recipes are?

If the only step you took to create your recipe was to publish one single “Recipe” post, then you are likely using the custom post type. In this scenario, you clicked “Add New” under the “Recipes” heading and placed all your blog post content, photos, etc in the box on top. Below, you added your recipe, which was automatically inserted at the bottom of the post. There were no shortcodes involved and you never published a regular post for this recipe. In addition, the URL for your post looks something like this: http://example.com/recipe/my-recipe-title/. Note the /recipe/ in the URL. Here's an example of that:

If you put only the recipe content in the recipe post, then went and published a regular post and added a recipe shortcode into the post content, then you inserted the recipe into a regular post. Here's an example of that:

Converting recipes inserted in to a regular post

Converting WP Ultimate Recipes that were inserted into a regular post to Tasty Recipes is simple and straightforward. Simply navigate to the post you are converting from and click the “Convert” button at the top.

The original WP Ultimate Recipe will still remain in your “Recipes” custom post type. The post with the recipe inserted will have the WP Ultimate Recipe shortcode replaced with a Tasty Recipes shortcode.

Converting recipes published as a custom post type

Due to the number of variables involved (recipe placement, URL, etc), Tasty Recipes can't convert automatically from the WP Ultimate Recipe custom post type to a regular post with an inserted Tasty Recipe.

However, you can still convert from WPUR to Tasty Recipes – it just requires a post type conversion, which is easily done with the Post Type Switcher plugin.

  1. Install and activate the Post Type Switcher plugin.
  2. Navigate to one of your WP Ultimate Recipes that you published as a recipe with the post content. There should be your post content and images in the box at the top.
  3. Place the WP Ultimate Recipe shortcode for that recipe inside the post body content where you want your recipe to appear. Here's what the shortcode will look like: [ultimate-recipe id="#" template="default"]
  4. Replace # with the ID for the recipe found in the post URL (leave the quotes around it). In the screenshot below, the post ID is 28, so the resulting shortcode would be [ultimate-recipe id="28" template="default"].
  1. Update the post to save the changes. Next, change the post type from “Recipe” to “Post” in the Publish box on the right side. Click Ok, then update the post to save the changes again.
  1. Now you will see the dialog at the top that allows you to convert the WP Ultimate Recipe to a Tasty Recipe. Click convert and you should be good to go.

As a note, using this method (the post type converter method) will not maintain the recipe in your “Recipes” custom post type, though it does still exist in your database. Your post URL will change as it no longer has /recipe/  in the URL, but WordPress will handle redirecting from the old URL to the new URL automatically.

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