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How do I use the Author Link functionality?

The Default Author Link will be used on all recipe cards, unless a per-recipe override is set. 

It is best to link to a page that describes your qualifications for creating the recipes that you create. This may or may not be your general “About” page. If you have a page dedicated to your background with a certain type of cooking or that describes your experience in culinary school you could use that instead of a general About page. However, if this information is prominently and clearly included in your About page then that page would work fine as well.

To set the Default Author Link, head over to Settings → Tasty Recipes and enter a full URL into the Default Author Link field.

Add a Per-Recipe Override

If a recipe was created by a different author than the default author, you can override the author link in that specific recipe. To do this, visit the post you'd like to add the override to and select the Tasty Recipe Block (if the edit window opens, just click “save”). In the block sidebar, open up the “Advanced” area and add the custom author link in the “Override Author Link” field:

Save the post and that link will be used in that recipe instead of the default.

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