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What does Tasty Recipes look like on a live site?

Tasty Recipes automatically picks up the fonts and headers already in use on your site so that your recipes will blend in seamlessly. The plugin can also be completely customized to look however you want it to on your website. 

Here are some example sites using Tasty Recipes:

Hilah Cooking is an example of a site using the plugin with no extra styling added. Tasty Recipes picks up the basic styling of the page (fonts and headers) and uses those in the output, so it looks really integrated with no extra work. 

Life as a Strawberry has a bit of styling added. She used one of the provided recipe card styles to make the recipe card stand out a bit more. Even though she has applied some styles, the plugin still uses her site's default fonts and headers to keep everything looking cohesive. 

Project Meal Plan also used a provided recipe card style, and then added some extra flare by customizing the provided recipe card. 

Finally, Pinch of Yum did a fully custom styling to match the site. 

In a nutshell, you can make Tasty Recipes look however you want, though right from the get-go it'll look really cohesive with everything else on your page. 

How can I create custom CSS for Tasty Recipes?

Where can I get recipe card styles? 

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