Ever wished your mom advice or kid-friendly picks could fill up your piggy bank?

Welcome to the fabulous world of affiliate marketing, mommy mavens! Here, your knack for picking the perfect toddler toy or the ultimate mom hack isn’t just helpful for your readers. It also spells ka-ching for you!

In this guide, we're unlocking the treasure chest of the best affiliate programs for mom bloggers. They're cherry-picked for you, the superhero mom blogger.

So, if you're all about sharing savvy advice, heartfelt reviews, or that lifesaver product you found last Tuesday, there are some high-paying affiliate programs for moms on this list. Ready to sprinkle some magic dust on your blog and dance your way to earning while helping fellow moms?

If you're screaming “YES!”, let's get started.

1. Undercover Mama

Undercover Mama is one of the best affiliate programs for mom bloggers

Undercover Mama makes being a mom a bit more fabulous with comfy, stylish, and super practical clothes for breastfeeding.

Their parenting affiliate program is for mom bloggers who love sharing cool finds. You get a special link to share when you join, and when your friends buy from your link, you make money!

They offer a 10% commission, a 30-day cookie, and even have special bonuses to make earning even more fun. Plus, they give you lots of help with images and info you can use to spread the word. It's all about sharing the love and getting a little back in your pocket!


  • Exclusive offers and promotions.
  • High relevance for motherhood-focused content.
  • Boosts the lifestyle aspect of your blog.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates banner

Amazon Associates is like the superhero of affiliate programs for moms!

Why? Because it has everything a mom could need. From baby gear to books to home stuff, finding things to share on your blog or social media is super easy.

But here's the super part: you don't just earn when people buy your recommended product. You also earn from other stuff they buy during their shopping trip, not just the things you suggested. That's a boost to your conversion rates!

Plus, Amazon gives you cool tools to see what your readers love most.

It's a fantastic way for moms to earn extra cash while sharing their favorite finds!


  • Extremely wide range of products.
  • Recognizable and trusted brand.
  • Easy integration and user-friendly platform.

3. Etsy

Etsy banner

Etsy's affiliate program is a wonderland for mom bloggers who adore handcrafted or vintage things.

It's a jackpot for those who value the art of making things by hand and unique finds. From custom jewelry to one-of-a-kind home decor, Etsy is a treasure chest of products. And they're perfect for special blog posts or social media stories. With Etsy, making money online becomes an adventure. Every link shared could lead to something beautiful and unique.

And the cherry on top?

They offer fair commission rates, meaning every sale counts toward a nice little bonus for stay-at-home moms. It's not just about earning; it's about sharing the love for craftsmanship and extraordinary finds!


  • Unique, often handcrafted products.
  • Supports small businesses and independent creators.
  • Ideal for blogs focusing on art, crafts, or unique gifts.

4. ShareASale


ShareASale is like a big affiliate network full of different affiliate marketing programs for moms.

It's a special spot where you can find many brands to team up with, whether you're all about crafts or mom tips. With ShareASale, you're not just earning commissions. You're diving into a world of possibilities, all ready to make your blog sparkle.

And the best part? They keep track of everything for you, so you know what's hot and what's not. It's a fantastic way for moms to pump up their blogs and passive income!


  • Access to multiple brands from one platform.
  • Plenty of niche options are available.
  • Convenient payout system.

5. SnoofyBee

SnoofyBee banner

SnoofyBee isn't just a brand; it's a lifesaver for parents, made by parents who get it!

Their affiliate program is a golden ticket for mom bloggers, social media stars, or anyone who loves sharing awesome stuff with parents. It's all about helping other parents find things that make life a bit less messy and a lot easier, like a playtime changing pad or brushing buddy for babies.

So, if you're all about making being a mom simpler and want to earn money, SnoofyBee is your jam.


  • Innovative, problem-solving products.
  • Strong appeal for parents.
  • Great for blogs with a baby-care focus.

6. MomCozy

Mom Cozy banner

MomCozy is about making moms' lives easier, and their affiliate program for moms is no different!

They focus on top-notch products, including comfy maternity wear to must-have baby gadgets. And here's the fun part: when you join their program, you can earn up to a whopping 12.5% on sales!

Plus, who doesn't love free stuff? They sometimes send out products for you to review or give away. And guess what? You get special discounts just for your readers. It's all about sharing the love for quality, comfort, and convenience.

Ready to join? It's super easy, and you can monitor your earnings in real-time.


  • Practical, motherhood-simplifying products.
  • Resonates with everyday mom struggles.
  • Ideal for intimate, story-driven mom blogs.

7. The Spoiled Mama

The Spoiled mama banner

The Spoiled Mama is like a spa day but for your mom blog!

Their affiliate program lets mom bloggers indulge in a world of organic and toxin-free skincare. All while earning some sweet cash on the side. They focus on pampering moms with top-selling products.

And get this: you earn a solid 10% commission with an average order value of $70!

They've got your back with an easy-to-use platform, real-time tracking, and seasonal promos to boost your affiliate income. It's self-care, blogging, and smart earning, all wrapped in one!


  • Toxin-free, safe products for mothers.
  • Addresses often-overlooked postpartum needs.
  • Ideal for health-conscious, wellness-oriented blogs.

8. Crayola


Crayola's affiliate program is like a color explosion of opportunities!

Known for brightening lives with their rainbow of art supplies, Crayola also invites mom bloggers to add color to their wallets. With a 3-5% commission rate, affiliates can earn a splash of cash for every masterpiece (or crayon pack) their readers buy through their links.

And the more you sell, the brighter your earnings! They make payment easy peasy with options like direct deposit or PayPal.

So, if you're all about creativity and love spreading color, this program could be your palette for success!


  • Recognizable, trusted brand.
  • Encourages creativity and learning.
  • Perfect for family activities and craft blogs.

9. Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts banner

Green Kid Crafts is like a creativity explosion in a box, and their affiliate program is just as exciting! They offer fun, educational, and eco-friendly craft activities that kids and parents adore.

And guess what? For every box sold, they plant a tree! So, you're not just sharing fun crafts. You're helping the planet, too.

But here's the even cooler part: when you join their program, you can earn a whopping 15% on sales! Plus, they hook you up with exclusive offers, promotions, and sometimes even free boxes. And they use eco-friendly practices to offset all their carbon dioxide emissions in their boxes. Talk about loving the earth and creativity!

So if you're a mom blogger who loves crafts, education, or helping the planet, Green Kid Crafts might be your perfect match!


  • Eco-friendly, educational products.
  • Promotes hands-on learning through play.
  • Ideal for environmentally conscious, education-focused blogs.

10. Earth Mama Organics

Earth Mama Organics banner

Earth Mama Organics is all about pure, safe, and toxin-free goodies for moms and babies, and guess what?

They have an affiliate program! If you're already a fan and can't stop talking about their products, why not make some money while you're at it? By joining, you get your own affiliate link to share on your blog, social media, or anywhere you chat with other parents. And every time someone shops through your link, you earn a 15% commission on their purchases.

Plus, you can snag a custom 10% off coupon code for your followers, and who doesn't love a discount? They even throw special promos throughout the year to help boost your earnings.

So, if you're all about products that are kind to baby skin and Mother Earth, this might be the perfect match for your blog!


  • Organic, safe products for moms and babies.
  • Addresses specific pregnancy and postpartum needs.
  • Ideal for health and wellness blogs.

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