Tasty Links

Affiliate Disclosures

Learn what the disclosure text is, how it functions, and how you can customize yours.

How to Automatically Add Images from an Amazon Associates Link

How to use Amazon Associates links to dynamically add images to your Tasty Links.

How to Disable or Remove Links

Learn how to disable links in the Block editor.

How do I add a Featured Links block?

Learn how to add and use the Featured Links block to showcase your favorite links and products.

What if I need multiple keywords for the same link?

Learn what to do if you need two or more keywords to be linked to the same URL.

Filter: Limit links to only recipe ingredients

If you'd rather Tasty Links only show up inside the ingredients section of your Tasty Recipes, this article will show you how!

Filter: Custom block compatibility

Sometimes, custom blocks store their data in block attributes. By default, Tasty Links aren’t applied to block attributes. Starting with...

Filter: Prevent Tasty Links in specified Custom Post Types

Learn how to prevent Tasty Links from acting upon certain WordPress Custom Post Types that you specify.

Filter: Have Tasty Links only appear in Tasty Recipes Cards

Limit Tasty Links to only appear in the Tasty Recipes card.

Filter: Move affiliate disclosure under the post title

Learn how to modify your functions.php file to move your affiliate disclosure above the Tasty Recipes quick jump links in your posts.