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Troubleshooting Tasty Pins

Can I disable pinning on images outside the content area?

Learn about Tasty Pins' capabilities when it comes to disabling pinning on images outside the content.

How do I disable pinning on my theme’s featured images?

Learn more about how to disable pinning on your featured images.

How do I change the size of the hidden image thumbnails?

Learn how to use a different hidden image size if your site's thumbnails are too small to be picked up with scraping tools.

Does Tasty Pins have any known plugin or theme conflicts?

Learn if Tasty Pins has any known conflicts with other WordPress plugins or themes.

How can I make the hidden image work with lazy load?

Learn how to make the Tasty Pins hidden image work with some lazy load plugins, which only load images that are visible to the user.

Fusion Builder Minimum Image Size Support

If you're using Fusion Builder with Tasty Pins, this filter will enable support for the minimum image width and height feature.

Does Tasty Pins work with Social Warfare?

Learn how Tasty Pins works with Social Warfare.

Filter: Display Pinterest Banner only on recipe posts

Remove the Pinterest banner from non-recipe posts

Filter: Register a Tasty Pins Full-Size Image

If your theme makes unwanted adjustment to your full-size images, use this filter to register a Tasty Pins full-size image for Pinterest.

Filter: Include alt text on a Tasty Pins hidden image

Learn how to include alt text on hidden hidden images.