The Tasty Links and Easy Affiliate Links WordPress plugins both promise to make affiliate marketing easier. But which one truly delivers?

Strap in as we compare the features of each plugin. Then, you decide whether Tasty Links or Easy Affiliate Links is best for you.

An overview of the plugins

Let's start with a side-by-side look at the key features of the WordPress affiliate plugins, Tasty Links and Easy Affiliate Links.

A feature comparison chart of the affiliate WordPress plugins: Tasty Links vs. Easy Affiliate Links

Tasy Links and Easy Affiliate Links are both affiliate WordPress plugins that simplify affiliate link management.

Easy Affiliate Links has features like link cloaking and click tracking. It's pretty easy to use. And it saves you a lot of time in the long run since it allows for quick editing and organizing your affiliate links.

Are you part of an affiliate network like Amazon Associates? If so, Tasty Links and Easy Affiliate Links make your job much easier!

Tasty Links automatically adds your Amazon affiliate links throughout your site content. So, every time you mention a favorite item, the link appears in your content!

Easy Affiliate Links helps you keep links organized, making it quick to add or change your Amazon links.

So now that we have a basic understanding of the plugins, let's dive deeper into their standout features!

Automatic keyword linking

Tasty Links' automatic keyword linking feature makes it easy to get affiliate links shared across your site.

It's like having a smart assistant in your affiliate dashboard. And that assistant creates affiliate links whenever you mention your most loved products or services.

Wondering how this happens? Take a look at this example:

You're an outdoor adventure blogger who often refers to your favorite ‘hiking poles' (that you have an affiliate link for) in your content.

Well, with our plugin, you just add a new Tasty Link that contains your keywords and the affiliate link.

an example of creating a new Tasty Link for hiking poles

Then, it'll automatically create affiliate links when you type ‘hiking poles' in your content.

Not only that: Tasty Links makes it easy to add ‘nofollow‘ and ‘sponsored' tags to your links, which is great for SEO. And you can also automatically add a disclosure to keep things clear with your readers.

After all, you want to give them the best experience possible so that they trust you and support your growth as an affiliate!

Tasty Links simplifies highlighting the key products from your affiliate programs.

Think of it as a way for you to directly influence your readers' shopping cart decisions!

Need an example? No problem.

Let's say you're recommending must-have kitchen items. Tasty Links allows you to feature this product as a nice visual ad in your content.

Simply click the + button in your post, and click to add Tasty Links – Featured Links.

a screen shot of adding the Tasty Links - Featured links to WordPress

Here's a tip: if you add the Amazon images beforehand, you just need to select your items from a drop-down menu.

From there, it will take a prime spot on your page.

An example of what products look like on a featured link block

This draws attention and nudges readers to snag the product without any complicated coding from your side!

Use with Tasty Recipes

Tasty Links also boosts your affiliate system when you pair it with Tasty Recipes, the best WordPress recipe plugin.

For food bloggers, it's your missing affiliate link ingredient!

Tasty Links connects your recipe content with relevant affiliate products. That way, your recipes are the gateway for readers to purchase what they need.

Tasty Links and Tasty Recipes integration autolinks your links straight to your recipes cards.

Recipe source: Fit Foodie Finds

This means you can link to your ingredients and kitchen equipment within your recipe posts. And before you know it, followers find and buy their cooking essentials easily.

Talk about improving both user experience and your affiliate income strategies!

The Easy Affiliate Links plugin has ideal features for covering the basics of your referral links. You can add affiliate links, edit them, cloak them, and remove them quickly.

There is one basic feature that stands out for us though: their real-time reporting function.

a screen shot of what tracking link clicks looks like with Easy Affiliate Links WordPress plugin

You'll see monthly and lifetime click counts to know how your affiliate links perform in your content.

You can use these stats with Google Analytics to give you a clearer picture of how your affiliate links are doing.

Free version availability

Easy Affiliate Links understands that not every blogger is ready to bite the financial bullet for a plugin right away. That’s why there's a free version.

It has enough features to get you started, so you can quickly add and manage links on your WordPress site without the upfront costs.

But if you want the extra features like more detailed click stats, graphs, and more…you'll need to pay.

When it comes down to it, Tasty Links goes beyond just link management. It's my top choice for the best WordPress link plugin.

It’s a perfect match for content creators who want to make the most of their affiliate platform. Plus, it's especially savvy for those in the food blogging world with its Tasty Recipes integration. It's the perfect tool for adding affiliate links straight into recipes.

It's built with a focus on user experience.

That's right, we're thinking about YOU!

It's so you can automagically link to the same products you rave about in your email marketing newsletters and social media posts right on your WordPress site. (Just don't include your Amazon affiliate links in your newsletter!)

YouTube video

Need more convincing?

Here's why we’re all in on Tasty Links:

  • Easy to use: The dashboard is user-friendly and makes managing your affiliate links easy.
  • Automatic keyword linking: Type your keywords, and the link to the product appears!
  • No coding required: Feature products without touching a single line of code.
  • Outstanding customer support: We're ready to help with every step.

Tasty Links also comes with a price tag of $49, but the value it adds to your digital marketing strategy makes it worth it.

We're confident that you'll love it. And, if it doesn't live up to your expectations, there's a 14-day money-back guarantee.

So, head to the Tasty Links pricing page to get it!

From there:

  1. Install and activate Tasty Links
  2. Add your affiliate links
  3. Set your keywords and paste your links

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a beginner promoting affiliate links, Tasty Links is the plugin to choose for simplifying and maximizing affiliate money-making.

So, take the next step, download Tasty Links, and connect your readers to the world of products you believe in.

What will you link to first? A product you love, a service you trust, or perhaps a gadget that's changed your life?

Let us know!