Ever wondered, “What is cook mode?” You're not alone!

Cook mode is one of the latest features that food bloggers can’t afford to ignore.

Ever tried to cook a recipe while checking your phone with honey all over your fingers? Cook mode is here to make sure that never happens again with hands-free cooking!

Cook mode (sometimes referred to as cooking mode) is an optional toggle that keeps the screen of your device on and prevents it from going dark when it’s not being actively used.

Readers will often use it while cooking and following along with a recipe. 

Why is cook mode important?

Cook mode vastly improves your readers’ experience. 

So how does cook mode work? Cook mode makes it easy to refer to the instructions or ingredients list without having to touch their screens. 

That way, they can follow your recipes just as you intended – in a way that’s stress-free and convenient. 

So if you've ever wondered how to keep the recipe page open while cooking, now you know.

Here’s an example of what it looks like on a recipe card. 

What is Cook Mode? It keeps your screen on and makes it easier to follow a recipe!

As you can see, the Cook mode button is snuggled into your recipe card perfectly! 

With a recipe plugin, every detail has been thoughtfully organized to make it easy for your visitors to enjoy your recipes.

Let’s get into what other benefits there are to using a plugin. 

Why use a plugin with cooking mode?

Whether you’re just starting out as a food blogger or you have experience, you want to set your blog apart from the competition.

You can do just that by ensuring your food blog has features that put your reader first! For that, we recommend having a recipe plugin.

But wait ? What plugin should you use? We may be biased, but we recommend WP Tasty. 

Why? Not only is our recipe card plugin easy to use and customizable, but it also stands out to visitors and to Google. 

Plus, by using Tasty Recipes, you get access to advanced features like cook mode. 

You deserve a recipe plugin that brings the best features to food bloggers, so you can bring the best experience possible to your readers. You deserve Tasty Recipes. 

Tasty Recipes: the elegant recipe solution

Tasty Recipes will streamline your blogging workflow so you can spend more time creating and publishing recipes your readers will love.

It’s the only WordPress recipe plugin you’ll ever need. Here's why ?

  • Everything you need to create and publish beautiful recipes is found in one tool.
  • Built-in schema makeup and SEO make your recipes discoverable to search engines. 
  • There’s no coding required! All you have to do is insert recipe details in each field.
  • Consistent updates make sure your recipes perform as wonderfully as they taste. 

Tasty Recipes also has six beautifully designed recipe card template options to showcase your culinary creations. 

In addition, our plugin works with ANY WordPress food blog theme. In fact, it picks up styles from your theme to make the recipe look “at home” on your website.

Lots of people love Tasty Recipes too, check it out!

Food bloggers love Tasty Recipes for its advanced features, including Cook Mode.

Lastly, you can try our premium plugin – and all its advanced features – for 14 days risk-free. Just check out our pricing page

How to add cook mode to your recipe cards

We’re all about providing food bloggers with the best tools possible that are also super easy to use.

Here’s how you can turn on cook mode in one click:

Step 1. Download Tasty Recipes

Step 2. Enable cook mode on the Settings page!

Turn cook mode on in just one click!

It’s that easy!

By default, once you download Tasty Recipes to your site, cook mode is automatically enabled as a feature on your recipe pages. 

Please note that using cook mode may increase battery consumption. 

For more detailed information on the cook mode feature, see our Docs page

Set your food blog apart

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Of course, all of our plugins are consistently updated for optimal performance!

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