In the WordPress world, there are two popular recipe plugins for creating delicious content: WP Recipe Maker and Tasty Recipes.

In this article, we'll compare these two plugins and let you decide which one truly spices up your food blogging experience.

We'll break down their functions, ease of use, and how they cater to the needs of food bloggers.

Our goal is to help you make a decision about which plugin adds the most to your food blogging experience. So, join us as we explain the stand-out benefits of these plugins. And figure out which is the best choice for your website!

Let's sum up the plugins: WP Recipe Maker Premium and Tasty Recipes

Picking the best WordPress recipe plugin is like choosing between a zesty lemon and a sweet orange. Each brings its own flavor.

Now let's get a better taste of our two options, WP Recipe Maker Premium and Tasty Recipes. Take a look at the feature comparison chart below.

A feature comparison chart of Tasty Recipes Plugin and WP Recipe Maker Plugin Premium

Note: There is a free version of WP Recipe Maker available. However, the most useful features for food bloggers require you to pay for WP Recipe Maker Premium, which is $49 per year.

WP Recipe Maker makes it straightforward to add recipe cards to your blog. It's designed for ease of use. But what does that mean exactly?

Well, you can add recipes quickly.

Plus, it has some other cool features. It makes sure your recipes are Google-friendly. And gives you the option to add nutritional info or make them printable.

Our Tasty Recipes WordPress plugin does all of this too. Plus, it adds some extra flair and functionality to your food blog!

How so? Let us explain.

This plugin is a breeze for creating stunning recipe cards. Choose from lots of template styles to match your food blog's theme. But it's not just about good looks.

It's also SEO-smart. That way, your recipes get noticed on Google. And it even handles the nitty-gritty like nutritional facts. Plus, it makes your recipes easy to share on social media.

Easy to use

WP Recipe Maker by Bootstrapped Ventures is user-friendly.

Adding a recipe is as simple as filling out a form. And it works well with different WordPress themes and popular page builders. However, some reviews do mention a bit of a learning curve.

Tasty Recipes is designed for ease right from the get-go.

When you first use Tasty Recipes, you'll find that creating a recipe in WordPress is a piece of cake. Don't believe us? Let us show you.

Tasty Recipes dashboard

The plugin guides you through a simple process. You enter your custom recipe details, like ingredients and instructions, into each section. And then it takes care of the rest!

That way, you spend less time fussing with settings. And more time creating amazing content for your readers.

Recipe cards and templates

WP Recipe Maker's recipe cards are clear and no-fuss.

You get practical recipe templates. They're good for blogs with a classic look. Imagine a simple vanilla cake recipe card. Easy to read and easy to follow.

Tasty Recipes captures food aesthetics perfectly. Our recipe cards have all the ease of WP Recipe Maker plus pizzazz. They're vibrant, customizable, and perfect for those who want their blog to be as visually tasty as their recipes.

It's like turning that vanilla cake recipe into a funfetti feast with colorful images and stylish fonts. Isn't it hard to resist taking a bite out of this Confetti Birthday Cake from Sally's Baking Addiction?

Tasty Recipes Recipe Card from Sallys Baking Addiction recipe for Confetti Birthday Cake

Both plugins have their own recipe card blocks, making it easy to add recipes to your posts.

It's about what flavor you want to give your blog: classic and straightforward with WP Recipe Maker or visually rich and stylish with Tasty Recipes.

Food blogger favorites

When it comes to functionality, WP Recipe Maker and Tasty Recipes are the top plugins for your WordPress site.

Especially for food bloggers focused on details like nutrition labels, unit conversion, and user star ratings.

With WP Recipe Maker, adding nutrition labels to your recipes is easy. But, it's unit conversion feature is only available on the

Tasty Recipes matches WP Recipe Maker here. It also has detailed nutrition labels. Along with a user-friendly unit conversion tool.

And it has a star rating system too! Just look at how many ratings these Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies have!

Recipe rating in card

Rich snippets and SEO

WP Recipe Maker focuses on making your recipes SEO-friendly. It automatically handles the technical stuff like rich snippets and JSON-LD metadata. That way, your recipes are more likely to pop up in search results.

Tasty Recipes also nails the SEO game.

It creates those eye-catching rich snippets and manages recipe schema too. It makes sure everything's set up correctly behind the scenes. That way, you get better Google search rankings and yummy recipe displays!

An image showing recipe rich results in Google

And you know what else?

It doesn't just help with rich snippets on Google. You also get rich pins on Pinterest. Show off ingredients, instructions, and ratings just on the first pin click.

User experience and feedback

WP Recipe Maker has a good reputation for being user-friendly.

The star rating feature is a highlight because it lets readers engage directly with the recipes. Plus, with a comment, they're providing valuable feedback to the blogger. And the elite version comes with recipe submission forms where readers can submit their recipes as well.

But when it comes to user experience and feedback, Tasty Recipes stands out.

Pinch of Yum, a big name in the food blog world, uses the Tasty Recipes WordPress plugin to make their recipe collections pop and get real-time feedback from their readers.

And it's not just Pinch of Yum.

An image of a Tasty Recipes testamonial

Many other food bloggers are also raving about how Tasty Recipes has transformed their blogs. These testimonials speak volumes about its ease of use and benefits to food bloggers.

Recipe management and organization

WP Recipe Maker simplifies the process of importing existing recipes.

It makes the transition smooth and hassle-free. Whether you're moving recipes from another platform or consolidating your current recipe collection.

If you're switching from another plugin, Tasty Recipes has got you covered.

Along with its smooth import feature and the handy quick edit option. It makes changing from another recipe plugin extremely simple. Your recipes move over smoothly. And they keep all their unique flavors and personal touches just as you created them.

Why choose Tasty Recipes?

Choosing Tasty Recipes means choosing the best recipe plugin for WordPress.

Here's why we stand by that choice:

  • Boost your blog's look: Change your recipes into visual treats with stunning templates.
  • Easy and efficient: Simplify your blogging process, making it enjoyable for beginners. Plus, quick edits and easy recipe imports save time and effort.
  • Get noticed: Improve your blog's visibility with advanced SEO tools.
  • Top-notch support: Our outstanding customer service promises a worry-free experience. We're always here for you!

And, it's affordable. Tasty Recipes is priced at $49 per year, offering great value for your food blog.

It also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. That way, there's confidence to try it out and see if it's a perfect match.

All of this makes Tasty Recipes the best practical and worry-free option for growing your food blog.

How to switch to Tasty Recipes

Switching to Tasty Recipes is like giving your blog a new, exciting flavor.

And we have all the details on how to make the switch.

First, download and install the plugin. Get Tasty Recipes from our website, upload it to your WordPress Plugins section, and hit Activate.

Add a new plugin to WordPress

It's that simple!

Got recipes from another plugin? Tasty Recipes lets you convert recipes one by one or in bulk. It's like moving your old cookbook into a sleek new binder!

Next, it's customization time.

Time to play with your blog's look. Tweak the settings to dress up your recipes in a style that screams you.

Then, add your recipes!

Creating your first recipe with Tasty Recipes is like mixing your favorite ingredients to cook up something special. Click (+) from your post, then click the option to add a Tasty Recipe.

An image showing how to add a Tasty Recipes recipe card to your WordPress blog post.

Here, you enter your recipe's name, ingredients, instructions, and any other details you want to share. It's easy to use. And it guides you through each step, making it easy to add photos, videos, and even nutrition information.

When you're done, preview your recipe to make sure it looks perfect. Then hit publish. And it's time for your recipes to shine.

Tasty Recipes recipe card

Once everything is set, share your recipes!

Which plugin will you choose: Tasty Recipes or WP Recipe Maker?

Choosing between WP Recipe Maker and Tasty Recipes might seem like a tough decision. But we have a clear favorite.

Tasty Recipes stands out for its ease of use, visual appeal, and features that simplify the blogging process. It's made to improve your food blog with minimal effort, making it a top choice for bloggers who love efficiency, aesthetics, and SEO.

So, if we had to pick, Tasty Recipes is our go-to for transforming a food blog into a culinary masterpiece!