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What happens to my recipes when the plugin is disabled?

With Tasty Recipes, recipes are stored and displayed using something called a Custom Post ID in your WordPress database. Because of this, when the plugin is disabled the recipes no longer show up on your site – you will see a shortcode instead.

The good news: Even though deactivation of Tasty Recipes might make it seem like your recipes disappear, they're actually stored safe and sound inside your database.

Your recipes aren't gone if you need to deactivate or delete Tasty Recipes – they're just stored in your WordPress database until you either reactivate Tasty Recipes or convert to another plugin.

Also, other recipe plugin developers who build converters should know how to access and convert this data to their plugin. Whether or not they offer this from Tasty Recipes specifically is up to them – but know that accessing and converting this data is totally doable and something we openly allow other plugin developers to do.

We think freedom is a beautiful thing, even if it means freedom to switch to another plugin.

As a reminder, every paying Tasty Recipes customer receives unlimited and ongoing high-quality support. We're here to help!

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