Want to make a WordPress recipe website? It's easy! In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a recipe website that is both beautiful and SEO-ready.

Calling all foodies, food bloggers, chefs, and the like!

Do you want to share your recipes online without dealing with complex formatting, SEO concerns, or wasting hours of your time?

Then you need to start a recipe website on WordPress.

It’s easy with the right WordPress recipe plugin.

Ready to learn more about how to create a cooking website? Let’s go!

How do I create a recipe website in WordPress?

First things first, set up your basics.

  1. Pick a domain name and buy the URL.
  2. Find a web hosting platform like BigScoots.
  3. Install a WordPress website.
  4. Install recipe cards on your website.

All it takes is a day, and you can have your own website up and running!

WordPress (WP) is the go-to choice for many because it offers endless customization options. With its wide range of cooking website templates and themes, you can create a site that truly reflects your unique style.

The hardest part is adding your recipe cards.

There are two main choices for adding recipe cards: 1) WordPress themes or 2) WordPress plugins.

Let’s take a look at both, so you can choose which one is best for you.

Recipe themes vs. plugins

If you’ve ever tried to learn how to make a recipe page on WordPress before, you may have used a free version or the Elementor page builder. Perhaps you've even looked at themes like Foodica or Foodie Pro. Those are nice options by themselves, but they might leave you a little boxed in.

Why? Using a WordPress recipe theme doesn’t give you as much flexibility as recipe plugins do. This is because compared to a plugin:

  • Themes are not updated as often (especially in smaller niches like food blogs).
  • Recipe themes don’t usually have as many options for customization.
  • Themes provide less flexibility in terms of how recipes are created, displayed, etc.

Later, we’ll introduce a plugin that works with ANY WordPress themes and provides a better way to easily create beautiful food recipes.

So what can a plugin do for my recipe site?

With most plugin software, there is an accompanying support team, as well as updates to ensure everything is working as it should. On top of that, the plugin will:

  1. Create a great recipe site
  2. Save you time
  3. Save you money

1. Create a great recipe site 🌐

Among other features, a WP recipe maker plugin allows your website to have:

  • Website Design: Recipe pages that are easy to follow, visually appealing, and printable
  • Adapt: Tools to adjust serving sizes, ingredients, and nutritional information
  • Social: Easy-to-find buttons to share, save, and even comment on recipes
  • Search: Systems that organize and filter recipes or provide a recipe index 
  • Growth: Search engine optimization that brings more visitors to your site 

2. Save time ⌛

Now, can you imagine creating those tools and features on your own? Probably not. You know how to cook, not code.

Sure, you can build a WordPress recipe site from scratch — format every paragraph on every page, input your information and social media links and even edit every picture until it’s perfectly aligned with your vision. But that’s going to take… a super long time.

Many features of a recipe website are complex. Unless you are a seasoned developer, a plugin is going to make everything much easier. If you’re afraid you’ll end up spending more time on the computer than in the kitchen, your concern is completely warranted! 

3. Save money 💰

A recipe site is, of course, a collection of recipe pages. 

With the right software, you can serve up beautiful and organized recipes without paying someone else to create your site page by page. 

Tasty Recipes is an all-in-one plugin that will provide your readers with everything they need:

  • User-friendly experience
  • Beautiful design for your recipe content
  • Enhanced recipe review system
  • Jump to recipe shortcut
  • Complete nutrition facts
  • Cook Mode feature
  • Instacart link
  • And more!

You won't need to buy any other tool. It's like having your own digital recipe book on your website!

So let’s get to it!

Making a WordPress recipe site using a plugin

The easiest way to make a WordPress recipe site is by using a plugin. Here’s one that can get you up and running in under 5 minutes.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make recipe pages in WordPress. A recipe page is any page or post that contains an SEO-optimized, beautifully designed recipe card.

To make those recipe cards, all you need is one plugin: Tasty Recipes. Let’s learn how to use it!

How to make a recipe page on WordPress

1. Download and install WP Tasty

For this step, you’ll want to go to our pricing page and get Tasty Recipes. You’ll then install the plugin ZIP file to your WordPress site. Last, click the Activate Plugin button to activate and enter your license key.

2. Create a new blog post

You need to create a new post on your site where you can place the recipe. Simple enough, right?

3. Add a recipe card to your post

In the Block Editor: 

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to your post and click the (+) button to add a new block.
  • Search for “Tasty Recipe” and select the recipe card block.
tasty recipes block to build a recipe website

In the Classic Editor:

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to your post
  • Place your cursor where you'd like the recipe to go, and then click the Add Recipe button. 
add recipe to create a recipe website

4. Fill out all the fields for your Recipe Card

On either Classic or Block Editor, you will:

  • Fill out all the recipe card fields and then click the Insert button. 
  • Preview on the post editor page (or on your site after you click Preview).

5. Publish!

The last step is to publish your post or page. That’s it! Now your recipes will not only look great but bring in new visitors. 

And there’s a lot more power in the WP Tasty plugins too. Check this out 👇

Tasty Recipes: take your food blog to the next level 

So what's the low down? In essence, Tasty Recipes is the best recipe plugin for WordPress that enhances the experience of your readers and makes it easy for you to publish recipes. That way, you can focus on what you enjoy most!

Our software provides great features:

  • Recipe cards that work with ANY WordPress theme
  • The option to monetize your website
  • A HUGE recipe database to hold your precious goods
  • Schema markup that helps your recipes get rich snippets
  • Printable recipe templates that are mobile-friendly 
  • Pinterest and social media integration 
  • Structured data (like prep time and cook time) that engages search engines
  • Enhanced system for recipe reviews
  • And so much more!

This premium version gives you access to a responsive help team, and you can try it risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

Plus even more Tasty plugins

Want even more powerful food blogging tools?

WP Tasty offers more than one way to boost your blog's performance and income. In addition to Tasty Recipes, we invite you to check out: 

  • Tasty Roundups, which turns your content into beautiful roundups that rank in search results
  • Tasty Links, which can be used to maximize affiliate revenue
  • Tasty Pins, which optimizes your images for Pinterest and SEO purposes

You can also satisfy hungry audiences and organize all your recipes with a WordPress recipe index.

Plus, with a well-established food blog, you can create more opportunities for monetization by starting a recipe membership site.