If you aren't pinning your recipes to Pinterest you're skipping over an excellent Pinterest marketing strategy for expanding your reach as a food blogger.

After all, more than 480 million people use Pinterest, and a big slice of them come to Pinterest looking for recipe ideas. So, if you can get a chunk of those people to savor your pins and posts, you will grow on Pinterest!

Not sure where to get started?

Don't worry, we've got your back! We'll take you through two ways to get your recipes pinned to Pinterest.

Ready to make sure your culinary creations get the spotlight they deserve? Let's get to it!

Sign up for Pinterest

Before you pin your recipe, you need to do two things:

  1. Have or create a Pinterest account
  2. Create a recipe post

Already have a Pinterest account?

Perfect! Skip these next few paragraphs and start with the section on creating your recipe post.

Creating a Pinterest account is simple. Go to Pinterest to get started.

From there, create a personal account or a business account.

We recommend a business account so you get Pinterest rich pin details like ingredients, ratings, and cook times right on your pin, encouraging more people to click and save!

Still unsure just what a rich pin is? We've added an example of one below for an article/recipe on easy energy balls.

How to add recipes to Pinterest: use rich pins!

See how the ratings, servings, cook time, and ingredients are even broken down here? That's a rich pin a work! It gives you just about everything you need before you even get to the article.

Once your Pinterest account is ready, show off your recipes with your first recipe post.

Create your recipe post

Now, you need to write a food blog post that your recipe pin leads to!

Your food blog post connects you to the readers before they make whatever recipe they're looking for, so it's important that your post is well-written and engaging.

As a food blogger, you've got a lot on your plate, right? Even if you love creating blog posts, sometimes these things are daunting and time-consuming. It's easy to spend time mulling over just what the perfect recipe post is.

That's where WP Tasty’s Tasty Recipes plugin is useful!

screen shot of a Tasty Recipe's recipe card

It places your recipe content into a beautiful recipe card, optimizes it for search engines, and makes your pins more appealing to potential readers and cooks.

How to pin a recipe to Pinterest

Now, let's get to the fun part! You can pin your recipe to Pinterest in two ways.

Those ways are:

  1. The manual way through Pinterest
  2. The simple way with Tasty Pins

Let's break down the ways to pin something to Pinterest, shall we?

The manual way through Pinterest

To get started, log into your Pinterest account. Once you're in, head to the menu and select “Create Pin.”

Next, upload a mouthwatering image of your recipe and fill in the details.

Craft a pin title and pin description that captures the essence of your dish. Remember, your title and description are invitations to potential followers, so make them count.

Don't forget to link directly to your recipe to help Pinterest users find your content easily.

a screen shot of the pin details that need to be filled in on Pinterest

After that, choose a Pinterest board to save your pin to, or create a board.

Pinterest boards are like digital cookbooks. Like a cookbook is divided into sections, you can organize your recipes into themed boards. This makes it easy for your foodie followers to find exactly what they crave.

Remember, each board you create should reflect your culinary niche.

Last, add your pin to the mix.

Creating the perfect pin can feel like a recipe with too many steps. But don't worry, there's a shortcut to nailing the perfect presentation!

Enter Tasty Pins — the tool that simplifies pinning for you and your audience, making sure your delicious dishes are just a click away from pin fame.

Simplify the process with Tasty Pins

Tasty Pins serves up a feast of features to help you get your recipes onto Pinterest with ease.

With our handy plugin on your WordPress site, you can set specific Pinterest descriptions to images so they're different from your SEO-focused alt text.

How to pin a recipe to Pinterest with Tasty Pins

The result?

Your recipes are ready to be discovered on both Pinterest and search engines!

Do you have stunning images you'd rather keep just for Pinterest eyes?

Tasty Pins lets you tuck away these images from your page while still having them ready for pinning. That way, your eye-catching banner is still what everyone who pins your post sees!

You also gain the power to stop certain images from being pinned, keeping you in charge.

And there's more to savor!

pin now hover button gif

To increase your pinning impact, Tasty Pins also allows for a custom Pinterest hover button. That way, your audience can easily pin your recipe, too!

And last but not least, we're here to help you bring in more followers.

So, after someone pins an image from your site, a friendly follow box nudges them to stick around and follow you on Pinterest.

Which recipes will you pin first?

Which tasty creation from your recipe website will you pin to Pinterest first?

Whether it's a crowd-pleaser from your blog or a signature dish from your restaurant's menu, it's now just a click away from being discovered, savored, and shared by food enthusiasts on Pinterest.

All that's left to do is grab Tasty Pins and start pinning away. Let the world taste your passion for cooking!

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