On the hunt for kitchen inspiration or tips from the best food blogs out there? Look no further!

I found the 15 best food blogs to follow for their unique style and culinary delights. These top food blogs have been picked for their popularity, success, and creativity.

Looking for easy, budget-friendly recipes or plant-based cooking? Love to drool over delicious food photography? There's something for everyone on this list. 

So sit back, grab a snack, and get inspired by these amazing WordPress food blogs!

Best food blogs for recipes

1. Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is one of the best WordPress food blogs

Pinch of Yum is the ultimate go-to blog for all things food and drink.

With over 10 years of experience, Pinch of Yum has a huge collection of mouthwatering food recipes for any taste and dietary preference.

Plus, their use of the Tasty Recipes WordPress plugin and Google fonts ensures their website looks professional and sleek while still appealing to search engines. 

And if you're in need of guidance or just looking to share your recipes, Pinch of Yum offers tons of helpful tips and tricks for food bloggers. See their Resources page. 

2. Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen, created by Deb Perelman, is a WordPress food blog that has also been around for over a decade. 

Their beautiful photos and clean design make their site a pleasure to visit and browse. Smitten Kitchen's recipes are not only delicious but they are also made for home cooks of all levels

They give clear instructions and tips for each recipe. That way, it's easy to recreate their dishes in your kitchen!

Plus, their use of the WordPress platform promises that their website is easy to use, responsive, and looks great!

Smitten Kitchen is on our list of the best recipe websites. And it's a must-follow blog for any food blogger looking for help. It's no wonder why they've been so successful for so many years.

3. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker is a must-see blog for anyone interested in plant-based cuisine.

They have an impressive collection of quick and easy vegan and gluten-free recipes. And they're absolutely perfect for those focused on real food with dietary considerations or looking for meal variety.

Each recipe is straightforward, requires minimal ingredients, and has tasty, natural flavors.

But their site doesn't stop at delicious recipes! Minimalist Baker also offers food bloggers a wealth of information on improving their craft. 

From recommendations on recipe and food blog themes to tips for making money, this blog is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to up their food blogging game.

Their website, which has a clean design and uses WooCommerce and Google fonts, is an excellent example of a professional, appealing WordPress food site.

4. Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes is a food blog that's been around for over 18 years and epitomizes classic, home-style cooking. 

It's perfect for seasoned pros or a beginners who want to get better at cooking. Simply Recipes caters to all audiences with easy-to-follow recipes and step-by-step instructions

Simply Recipes has so many great recipes, and their website is really easy to use. It's neat and well-organized, so you can quickly find what you want.

So, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes, just click on the menus at the top to explore.

5. Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes was made for those who love tasty food on a tight budget.

With a wide range of food recipes and meal plans that are easy to make and don't break the bank, Budget Bytes is perfect for bloggers who want to attract the taste buds of a broad audience.

Their website is simple yet effective. It has a clean design and beautiful photographs. This recipe site also has a great search function, so visitors can find exactly what they're looking for quickly and easily.

Plus, they've got a secret ingredient that many others don't. Budget Bytes puts the cost breakdown for each meal and per serving, showing you can eat well for less!

6. Damn Delicious

Damn Delicious is one of the top food blogs

Damn Delicious started as just a fun project for its creator, Chungah, and turned into a big success!

The blog is all about helping you make yummy meals without a lot of work. It's got simple guides and videos that make cooking clear and fun.

The website is also really well put together. It's organized and easy to look around, so finding your next favorite recipe is a piece of cake.

No matter if you're just starting out or if you've been cooking for years, Damn Delicious is a great blog example of how to make homemade food without the fuss.

7. Half Baked Harvest

Half Baked Harvest

Half Baked Harvest is known for its comfort food. After all, it's hard not to adore those heartwarming, family-friendly recipes.

With their gorgeous food photography, unique flavor combinations, and easy-to-make recipes, they've got all the ingredients for a successful food blog.

Plus, with a published cookbook and tons of recipe inspiration, they have many resources for aspiring food lovers and bloggers alike.

So, if want to up your game in the kitchen and online, Half Baked Harvest is worth checking out.

8. Foodie Crush

Foodie Crush is one of the most popular food blogs

If you're a food blogger looking for some recipe inspiration, Foodie Crush has your back. 

They offer tons of recipe roundups and collections, so you're sure to find something that fits any meal and occasion.

And it gets better! They have a “What should I make for dinner?” quiz on their website. It's a genius way to engage the audience and give personalized recommendations based on their taste buds.

Plus, it's just plain fun! Who doesn't love a good quiz? Especially when the outcome is a delicious recipe idea!

9. Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker

Let's talk about Joy the Baker! This blog is a must-visit for anyone who loves to bake (or eats baked goods, which is basically everyone). 

But what sets Joy apart is her approachable and friendly writing style. She makes you feel like you're baking with a close friend. And with her helpful tips and tricks, even the freshest bakers feel confident in the kitchen.

Plus, Joy uses the Tasty Recipes plugin and the Foodie Pro theme, so her site not only looks gorgeous, but it's also easy to use to find all those delicious recipes.

10. The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is one of the best recipe websites

Ree Drummond is the Pioneer Woman! And she has made a name for herself with her delicious recipes, charming personality, and killer marketing skills. She's not just a blogger; she's a brand.

She has a huge following on her blog. Plus, she's also got cookbooks, a TV show, and a line of products in stores across the country. With this, she’s got brand exposure to everyone and not just recipe makers!

Plus, the photography on her site is out of this world. Every dish looks like a work of art, and that's not easy. It helps, too, that she’s got such fun color schemes on her site to make it all pop. 

11. Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons is one of the best food blogs out there.

Love and Lemons, created by Jeanine and Jack, is all about vegetarian recipes and healthy eating. It's a treasure trove of the best healthy food ideas.

Their site has healthy recipes, perfect for those who love fresh, wholesome ingredients. Plus, its layout is bright and welcoming, making it easy to find the best plant-based recipes.

But that's not all!

They've also got healthy cookbooks that add to their passion for wholesome, plant-based meals into print. These cookbooks, praised by the New York Times, give readers a wealth of creative and nutritious recipes to enjoy at home.

12. David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz food blog image

David Lebovitz's blog is a gateway to experiencing Paris through food, wine, and culture beyond the kitchen.

Each post blends culinary expertise and a peek into the Parisian lifestyle, reflecting his journey as a pastry chef and author.

And the recipes? They're a mix of French sophistication and homey comfort. A match made in heaven for those who appreciate fine pastries and simple, hearty meals.

13. The Recipe Critic

The Recipe Critic

The Recipe Critic, led by Alyssa Rivers, has a bit of everything. From savory soups to savory sweets, it's the perfect spot for finding meal ideas.

Alyssa brings her food critic expertise to each recipe. That way, they're just as yummy as they are family-friendly and easy to follow. The website's design is clear and inviting, making it easy to search for and find recipes.

So, whether you're experienced in the kitchen or just starting, The Recipe Critic has something for everyone.

14. Sally's Baking Addiction

Sally's Baking Addiction

Sally's Baking Addiction is a haven for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Sally is a self-taught baker. And she deserves a true round of applause! She fills her blog with kitchen-tested recipes, sumptuous photography, and step-by-step tutorials. That way, readers like us are inspired to put on an apron and bake from scratch with confidence!

From bread to breakfast and from pies to pastries, her site includes recipes that are easy to find.

Sally's expertise is well-known, too! She's been recognized in several media outlets, like Huffington Post. This truly shows influence and reach in the culinary world.

15. Fit Foodie Finds

Fit Foodie Finds

Fit Foodie Finds is where health meets indulgence.

Our mouths are watering just thinking about their mixture of sweet and savory recipes to indulgent and healthy recipes. This site is crafted for real food enthusiasts.

Dive into a world where flavor knows no bounds and balance is baked into every bite.

Tools for food blogging success

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