Give your readers more convenience and ease – and monetize your recipes – with Instacart shoppable recipes.

Instacart shoppable recipes is a new feature that allows content creators and bloggers to add shoppable recipes to their content.

To help users set this up, Instacart has developed an API. And although this API is pretty nifty, it leaves the majority of food bloggers out. That's because they'd need a developer worth their salt to code the API into their sites.

Since we already make a software solution that helps food bloggers bake recipes into their websites, this caught our attention. So we decided to build shoppable Instacart recipes into our very own recipe plugin!

Anyone looking to add shoppable recipes to their food blogs will love this.

With no coding at all, Tasty Recipes makes it easy to give readers more convenience and give food bloggers more ways to monetize their recipes. 

Talk about a win-win. 🙌🏻

So if you’ve ever wanted to give your readers shoppable recipes, Instacart is now a built-in feature of Tasty Recipes, our WordPress recipe plugin

Not only does Instacart make it easier for readers to try your recipe, but it fits in perfectly with your recipe layout. See for yourself!

instacart shoppable recipes

So What Are Shoppable Recipes and Why Are They Important?

Asha Sharma, the COO of Instacart, said, “By making popular recipes from destinations like TikTok and Hearst Magazines’ Delish easily shoppable in a few taps, we’re helping people put that passion into action by picking up a few items from their favorite local store so they can create exciting new meals.”

She went on to add that “We’re expanding our touchpoints beyond the weekly grocery shop or late-night cravings, and meeting people when food inspiration strikes and they want to discover new meals and cooking experiences.”

Those exciting new meals and cooking experiences? Those are your recipes. And if you want to give people the ultimate convenience, give them shoppable recipes. 

That’s where the WordPress Instacart plugin by WP Tasty comes in. 

With this feature, Instacart has given users the power to make their recipes shoppable. What does this mean? Shoppable recipes are recipes that have embedded links to purchase the ingredients needed to make the recipe. With the click of a button, the items needed to cook the recipe will be added to the Instacart app on your phone! Or, if you're on a computer, it will take you to the Instacart website.

What makes shoppable recipes so divine? They make it easy for consumers to purchase the exact ingredients needed for a recipe, without having to search for them themselves. By making it easy to buy what they need, you’d be helping your readers a lot.

Let's say you have a recipe for Tasty Sourdough Bread, and your readers click on the Instacart button.

First, they'll see the title of the recipe as well as local stores and delivery times.

Instacart recipe

Your readers will also get to see and adjust the ingredients.

Instacart ingredients

Another great feature is that Instacart will also differentiate ingredients that are common in most households.

Instacart ingredients

This kind of convenience is a game-changer for food bloggers. Making shopping lists, meal planning, and home cooking can be very stressful for busy households, working parents, and the like. People are more likely to cook your dinner recipes, for example, if they can have those ingredients delivered to their homes. 

This is why shoppable recipes are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for more convenient ways to shop for groceries online. 

With online grocery delivery built into your recipes, you're providing an easy and stress-free digital food experience that keeps readers coming back for more. 

Monetize Your Recipes in One Click

Having shoppable recipes provides a way for food bloggers and publishers to monetize their content, by earning affiliate commissions on the products purchased through their shoppable recipe links.

You’re catering to a large majority of the population (those that are busy and pressed for time) by making it easier for them to try your recipes. 

Our new-and-improved recipe plugin – Tasty Recipes – offers food bloggers a powerful way to earn affiliate income. With Instacart built into your recipe webpage, you can earn a 3-5% commission on qualifying purchases through Instacart’s Tastemakers program.

Learn more here 👉 Food Bloggers: Earn Revenue With the Instacart Affiliate Program

You can sign up through the Instacart app or online. 

What Tasty Recipes Can Do For Your Food Blog

The first step to monetizing your recipe blog is to increase the number of visitors to your site. Tasty Recipes does this for you. 

All you have to do is publish your recipes! It’s that easy.  

With built-in optimization and structured data, our recipe plugin takes care of everything you need to set your blog apart and show up in search results. 

What else can Tasty Recipes do for your content? We’ll tell you.

  • Automatic schema markup that ensures your recipes display nicely on Google
  • Beautiful recipe card templates that are customizable, organized, and printable
  • Search engine optimization that draws readers in and increases your web traffic
  • Social media buttons to easily share, save, and even comment on recipes

…plus so much more. Our continual updates give you access to the newest features, and you’ll get all the help you need from our caring support team. 

You can even try it risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee. 

How to Add the Instacart feature to Your Recipes

Once you have the Tasty Recipes plugin installed, the Instacart feature is enabled from the SettingsTasty Recipes page in your WordPress dashboard. You’ll find it under the Settings tab. 

tasty recipe settings

You’ll then click on the dropdown menu to enable it or turn it off. 


Once it’s enabled, you’ll be able to enter your Instacart Tastemakers Affiliate ID and get those commissions rolling in!


You can learn more about the Instacart feature on our Docs page. 

Til next time!

We’re so excited to see what strides you make with Instacart shoppable recipes and affiliate revenue commissions. If you're looking for more ways to monetize your recipe content, check out our recent blog on How to Start a Recipe Membership Site.

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