When it comes to finding your groove with Pinterest best practices, you usually leave more confused than captivated. Right?

The truth is that Pinterest is a different beast from other social media. But don't let that intimidate you! With the right strategies, it's extremely useful for:

  • Growing your blog
  • Reaching new readers (like Pinterest users!)
  • Making your content work harder for you

Now, let's unravel the best practices when using Pinterest!

Is Pinterest right for you?

Pinterest feels like a different world than other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

But that doesn't mean it's not for you! There are more than 480 million people on Pinterest. It's a massive visual search engine.

People go there for inspiration, answers, and products or services that match their interests.

screenshot of Pinterest

And that means Pinterest can be a massive growth machine if your blog has any of that.

So, ask yourself a few questions to know if it's worth investing your time:

  1. Do you create visually appealing content? Beautiful photos, infographics, step-by-step tutorials. These THRIVE on Pinterest. Even if design isn't your forte, there are tools to help!
  2. Is your blog content evergreen? This means it has long-lasting value. Recipes, seasonal ideas, fashion, DIY projects, travel destinations. These are just a few things people search for repeatedly!
  3. Ready for a little extra effort? Pinterest success doesn't happen overnight, but your efforts pay off with the right strategies and patience.

Still unsure? The best way to find out is to dive in!

Pinterest best practices for account setup & sharing

Following Pinterest best practices are the best way to optimize your Pinterest.

Having Pinterst business account is one way to implement Pinterest's best practices.

The first step is setting up a Pinterest business account. Don't worry, it's free and fast, but it unlocks a ton of features that help you grow:

  • Analytics: See what content on Pinterest your audience loves
  • Pinterest advertising: You don't need this right away, but it's an option for the future
  • It looks official: People trust business accounts more

Pinterest profile power-up

Next, make your Pinterest profile shine. Think of this as your Pinterest home page.

This is where you find your: profile photo, profile name and description, and about section. Look at the example below. It's actually our WP Tasty Pinterest profile.

Another Pinterest best practice is to optimize your Pinterest profile

Here's a quick checklist to keep your profile on point:

  • Name: Keep it simple. Your blog or website name is perfect!
  • Description: Tell people what your site is about in a sentence or two. And don't be afraid to use a keyword or two! If you're a home DIY specialist, maybe something like DIY projects for busy homeowners.
  • Profile photo: Use a high-quality, recognizable logo or a clear photo of you. I went with our WP Tasty logo!
  • Claim your site: Connect Pinterest to WordPress! It takes just a few minutes and lets people know your content is legit!

Share Your Awesomeness

Get your blog posts out there!

You can create pins with Pinterest. There's a tool right on Pinterest for making pins.

Or, you could post to Pinterest with Tasty Pins! It's the best WordPress Pinterest plugin

Write eye-catching pin descriptions, add your keywords, and hide Pinterest-only images!

That way, only the images you choose get shared. All from WordPress. It saves so much time. Just watch how easy it is.

YouTube video

And don't forget this scheduling tip: If you're super-organized, scheduling tools let you plan your pins in advance. Pinterest's scheduling tool works great, and it's free.

Now, with your account set up and a way to share your content, you're ready to create click-worthy pins!

Pinterest best practices for scroll-stopping pins

People come to Pinterest for visual inspiration, so attention-grabbing images are everything.

But if you're thinking, “I'm no graphic designer!” don't panic. With these tips, your pins can stand out. Just like these ones.

An example showing clear, crisp Pinterest images

Yes, beautiful colors and readable text matter. But there's more to a successful Pinterest image than meets the eye.

Here are a few of our MVTs (most valuable tips!) for visually compelling Pin images:

1. Make sure you use the best Pinterest pin size for your pin type. Pinterest loves vertical images. They work nicely because they match your mobile device. The go-to aspect ratio is 2:3.

Type of Pinterest imageAspect RatioImage Size (Px)File Type
Standard image2:31000 x 1500.PNG or .jpeg
Square image1:11000 x 1000.PNG or .jpeg
Video pin1:1, 2:3, 4:5, 9:161000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500,
1080 x 1350,
1080 × 1920
.MP4, .MOV,
or .M4V
Carousel pin (Carousel ads)1:1 or 2:31000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500
.PNG or .jpeg
Collections pin (Collections ads)1:1 or 2:31000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500
.PNG or .jpeg
Story pin9:16 (the same as
an Instagram story)
1080 × 1920.PNG, .jpeg, .MP4,
.MOV, or .M4V
Profile picture1:1280 x 280.PNG or .jpeg
Board cover photo1:1600 x 600,
1000 x 1000
Image chosen
from pin board
Profile cover (Banner photo)16:9800 x 450.PNG or .jpeg

2. Your text matters. Choose an easy-to-read font and keep your text overlay clear and concise. The goal is to entice viewers, not overwhelm them. The example below is clear and easy to read.

An example of a pin showing a clear overlay text

3. Get creative with your pins! With Tasty Pins, putting multiple pin options in a single post is super easy. Try A/B testing to see what image styles and get the most clicks.

But remember: Even the best tools can't fix a bad photo. So learn simple tips for taking Pinterest-worthy pictures. But don't let perfection stop you from getting started!

Best practices for Pinterest SEO

People come to Pinterest looking for answers, products, and inspiration.

And the right Pinterest SEO tactics will get your pins to show up higher in their search results!

So, first things first. Keywords hold the power! Do that keyword research to find them. Then create pins that include them in your titles, descriptions (Tasty Pins can help with this!), and board names.

Pinterest Pin Descriptions

But it's not only about the pin when it comes to popping up in Pinterest's algorithm.

Relevant boards matter. DIY Kitchen Updates is a better board title than just Kitchen Ideas because it's more specific. Then, think about how someone searching for “DIY kitchen updates” might organize that board.

After you get your pins out there, it's always a good idea to come back and check in on them. Here's how to do that:

Both of these are great ways to see how your current pins are doing, where to make changes, and what new pins to create!

Best practices beyond the pin

You're creating amazing pins, you get how SEO works… now it's time to build a community around your awesome content!

Pinterest thrives on interaction, just like other social media markets. So make sure you're pinning consistently. Pinterest loves fresh content (5-10 pins per day).

Plus, you have to engage. Here's how to turn those clicks into a loyal following:

  • Connect with others: Find valuable pins in related niches and repin them on your own boards. Commenting and responding makes you more real and trustworthy.
  • Get people to save: When someone saves your pin, Pinterest notices! Create value-packed content. Think tips, tutorials, infographics, and seasonal ideas. All types of pins that people find save-worthy.
  • Try out Tasty Pins: It makes driving engagement even easier! Add calls to action in a click. Make it easy for people to save your content with hover buttons. Encourage readers with a customizable follow box (like our below!), and add Pinterest banners to your posts.
Pinterest follow box from the Tasty Pins plugin

Pinterest growth takes dedication. So, keep creating those amazing pins, interact with others, and let the value of your content shine!

A note about Pinterest Ads

Ads are powerful for growth, but seeing organic traffic first is best. Promoted pins are a simple way to put your best content in front of a wider, targeted audience within the Pinterest feed.

Put Pinterest best practices to work

You have everything you need to start seeing results on Pinterest: the tools, the strategies, and your amazing content! Now it's time to turn those best practices into pins that get noticed.

Remember, Pinterest success is a journey! Consistent effort and figuring out what works best for your niche are the keys to growth. And if you need help along the way, WP Tasty here to support you!

Ready to ease your Pinterest workflow and step up your SEO? Grab Tasty Pins and watch your blog traffic soar.

Why not start by optimizing your profile and pinning your top 3 blog posts today? You got this!