Want to know how to create a recipe roundup post so good your readers share it with all their foodie friends? You're in the right place!

Recipe roundups show off your best recipes and keep readers on your site.

They're also a great way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO). Imagine ranking higher in search results for “gluten-free holiday appetizers” or “easy weeknight dinner recipes.”

All thanks to a well-done recipe roundup post!

Plus, they're perfect for grouping up recipes with common ingredients or catering to special occasions (Thanksgiving feasts or Super Bowl snacks).

In this post, I'll show you exactly how to turn your best recipe collections into mouthwatering recipe roundup posts. These are sure to have your readers coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths!

Start Creating Recipe Roundups!

What is a recipe roundup post?

A recipe roundup post is a collection of your most delicious recipes in one post. It's a fantastic way to showcase your best dishes and help your readers discover new favorites.

You can create roundups based on specific ingredients, dietary restrictions, seasons, holidays, or any other theme that tickles your fancy.

Want to learn more about the benefits of roundup posts? Watch the WP Tasty YouTube video below! 🎥

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Why should I do recipe roundup posts? Perks for food bloggers

Recipe roundup posts are more than just a fun way to organize your content. They're also a useful tool for growing your food blog.

Creating a roundup post of your recipes also ups the potential to:

  • Get more readers: Recipe roundup posts attract hungry readers looking for meal ideas.
  • Rank higher on Google: Roundup posts can help your blog get found by more people, especially if you're using a WordPress list plugin like Tasty Roundups. Its schema makes sure your roundups are search engine optimized.
  • Keep readers engaged: Recipe roundups create a better user experience because they connect your readers to more recipes on your site.
  • Become an expert: Show off your culinary skills and knowledge. This also helps build trust and your overall brand.
  • Share on social media: Roundups are perfect for sharing on Pinterest and other platforms.

Ready to whip up a recipe roundup piece that'll leave your readers hungry for more? 🤤

Let's go through each step!

How to create a recipe roundup post in WordPress

Creating a recipe roundup post doesn't have to be a time-consuming chore.

With Tasty Roundups, our WordPress list plugin, you can whip up easy recipe roundup posts in minutes!

Here's how you can create a high quality recipe roundup post in a few easy steps with Tasty Roundups.

Download Tasty Roundups

1. Download, install, & activate Tasty Roundups

First, download Tasty Roundups.

After your purchase, you'll get a confirmation email with a download link. Click the link and Download the plugin ZIP file. Don't unzip it!

Then, log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New.

An image showing how to add a new plugin to WordPress

Click Upload Plugin and choose the Tasty Roundups ZIP file. Hit Install Now and then Activate. Now you're ready to create your first recipe roundup post.

P.S. If you get stuck along the way, WP Tasty has handy support guides on downloading your plugin, uploading it to your site, and verifying your license key.

And of course, the support team is always here to help if you need it!

2. Create a new blog post (or edit an existing one)

Create a fresh canvas for your recipe roundup by starting a new post or page.

You can also breathe new life into an old post by turning it into a roundup.

Look at this example of a roundup post, “The 5 Best Homemade Trail Mixes for Your Next Hike.”

An image showing step 2 of creating a recipe roundup: Start a new post (or edit an existing)  in WordPress.

Want more recipe roundup inspiration?

Here are four recipe roundup ideas, each with a different focus:

  • Tasty treats for every season: Your best recipes for each season, like warm soups for winter, refreshing salads for summer, or cozy desserts for fall.
  • Recipes for picky eaters: Create a roundup of dishes that everyone will love, even the pickiest eaters in your family.
  • Quick and easy home cooked meals: Round up your fastest and easiest recipes for busy weeknights. Think one-pot meals, sheet pan dinners, or 30-minute recipes.
  • Cooking with kids: Gather your favorite recipes that are fun and easy to make with kids. Add in kid-friendly snacks, desserts, and simple meals that your little chefs can help prepare.

3. Add the Tasty Roundups block

Once you have your post or page ready, it's time to unleash the power of Tasty Roundups!

Simply click the [+] icon in the block editor. It's the one that looks like a plus sign if you're new to this whole block editor thing. Search for Tasty Roundups.

An image showing the steps of creating a recipe roundup post in WordPress with Tasty Roundups.

When you find it, click it to add the block to your post or page.

This block is your recipe collection command center. It makes it easy to add, organize, and show off your delicious recipes.

An image showing the Tasty Roundups block for adding posts for your recipe roundup.

4. Find and add your recipes

Now for the fun part: adding your delicious recipes to your roundup! And thanks to Tasty Roundups, this step is as easy as pie.

See that handy search bar?

Start typing the names of your recipes. From there, Tasty Roundups automatically pulls up matching results from your website. No need to dig through your archives or copy and paste internal links.

It's all right there at your fingertips, and you can add as many roundup items as you'd like!

Tasty Roundups internal linking example

See the recipes you want? Click the [+] button next to each one. Tasty Roundups will do the rest, automatically adding the recipe title, description, featured image, and link.

Getting creative is up to you, though.

You can add as many recipes as you want to your roundup and arrange them in any order you like. You can group them by theme, cuisine, or any other way that makes sense for your recipe roundup.

And here's a bonus tip: Want to add recipes from other sites (like those from your favorite food blogger friends)? No problem!

Just click the “Add Post Manually” button and paste it into the recipe URL. Tasty Roundups will work its magic and pull in the relevant information. Then, you can edit it as you want.

An image showing how to add a post manually with Tasty Recipes

Style your roundup

Choose from a few layouts to display your recipes in Tasty Roundups settings. There's a classic grid, a stylish list, or a visually engaging carousel.

Personalize the look of your roundup by adjusting colors and fonts. You can also add a featured image.

5. Review, publish, and share your recipe roundup post

Before you share your best recipe roundup with the world, review it for a final taste test.

Make sure all your recipe card info is correct, your images are ideal, and your links are working. Double-check your title and intro to make sure they're tempting to click and SEO-friendly.

Happy with your creation? Hit “Publish” and share it far and wide!

Promote your roundup on social media (like Instagram), add it to your newsletter, and link to it from other relevant posts on your blog.

And you know what else? With Tasty Roundups, you can easily update your roundups as you publish new recipes. Add new posts to the mix and rearrange the order to keep things fresh and exciting for your readers.

Get WP Tasty!

What's the first recipe roundup post you'll create with Tasty Roundups?

With Tasty Roundups, it's easier than ever to curate and share your recipes with your eager audience.

So, what will your first masterpiece be? A roundup of your most popular cookie recipes? A collection of healthy weeknight dinners? You could even write a product roundup of your favorite kitchen gadgets!

The possibilities are endless!

And don't forget to try Tasty Roundups — the secret ingredient to making your recipe roundup posts even tastier.