Pinterest pin size makes or breaks your pinning success.

Imagine scrolling through Pinterest and coming across an image that's either too tiny to make out the details or so large that it feels like it's shouting at you. Not the best experience, right?

That's why you need to hit that sweet spot with your Pinterest pin sizes.

So, we've put together a guide that covers the nitty-gritty of image orientation and pinpoints the perfect Pinterest image sizes.

Ready? Grab your virtual ruler, and we'll get into it!

Which Pinterest pin size should I use?

Take 30 seconds to scroll through your Pinterest feed right now: do you notice a pattern with the images?

Here are the top three Pinterest graphics in our feed right now:

Looking at Pinterest image size and shape: Vertical pinterest pins in the Pinterest home feed

We'll give you a clue: check out the orientation of the images. Do they have a horizontal or vertical orientation?

Yep, they're all vertical images!

You won't see tons of horizontal images on Pinterest for one simple reason — vertical images take up more screen real estate. And that's precious, considering Pinterest is a virtual search engine.

With that being said, the size of Pinterest pins should be a 2:3 ratio or 1000 x 1500 pixels.

This ratio is a sweet spot that makes your pins stand tall. It captures more screen space and user attention without taking over the feed. That way, your pins look great on phone and desktop screens.

Sure, there are square pins, long pins, and all kinds of other pins to make your head spin (this sentence may have done it alone!). And we'll cover those too! But it's hard to go wrong with the 2:3 aspect ratio.

Pinterest even says so!

What's the aspect ratio?

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the image's width to its height.

As of 2019 (and holding strong in 2024), the official word from Pinterest is to use a 2:3 aspect ratio for your standard pin size. Any pins larger than this risk getting cut off in the feed. And you absolutely don't want this since it negatively impacts the performance of the image.

So, how does that translate into the image size exactly? Think of these as your Pinterest pin frames.

No need to get out that ruler or level, though! We've got you covered with the Pinterest pin size chart below. Be sure to save this post to use it as a cheat sheet anytime!

Type of Pinterest imageAspect RatioImage Size (Px)File Type
Standard image2:31000 x 1500.PNG or .jpeg
Square image1:11000 x 1000.PNG or .jpeg
Video pin1:1, 2:3, 4:5, 9:161000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500,
1080 x 1350,
1080 × 1920
.MP4, .MOV,
or .M4V
Carousel pin (Carousel ads)1:1 or 2:31000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500
.PNG or .jpeg
Collections pin (Collections ads)1:1 or 2:31000 x 1000,
1000 x 1500
.PNG or .jpeg
Story pin9:16 (the same as
an Instagram story)
1080 × 1920.PNG, .jpeg, .MP4,
.MOV, or .M4V
Profile picture1:1280 x 280.PNG or .jpeg
Board cover photo1:1600 x 600,
1000 x 1000
Image chosen
from pin board
Profile cover (Banner photo)16:9800 x 450.PNG or .jpeg

What about square pins?

Square pins are smaller images. But they're the perfect Pinterest pin size for content that's already shining on Instagram!

They offer a neat, balanced layout for graphics, product shots, or quotes. Take a look at the square pin below!

An image showing a square Pinterest pin size.

Square images look good, but remember they're an addition. They shouldn't be the core of your Pinterest marketing strategy. They go great mixed in with the more common 2:3 pins. Plus, they give variety to your board without needing extra design time.

So, repurpose your content across social media. But keep the focus on the tried-and-true 2:3 ratio.

Are long pins still in?

Picture this: You've created a stunning, long infographic that's the giraffe of the Pinterest world.

It's tall and stands out, but oops…its head is in the clouds! That's what happens when your long pin gets truncated by Pinterest. Information will likely get cut off if the Pinterest pin size exceeds the 2:3 aspect ratio. And that tends not to sit well with Pinterest users and its algorithm.

But there are ways to adjust to this! Think about this example. You have an infographic to match your blog post on “10 Steps to Perfect Cupcakes.”

Well, instead of one extremely long pin, break it down into bite-sized, 2:3 ratio pieces. Each piece could highlight a step or two. That way, it's easy to understand and fully visible.

And your audience won't miss the secret ingredient just because it was on the giraffe's head!

What's the perfect Pinterest video pin size?

Every time you turn around, it seems like there's a new TikTok trend, or your BFF is sending you a new Instagram reel to make you LOL.

All this aside, we understand why video is so popular. It brings content to life!

That's true for video pins, too. Adding video pins to your Pinterest profile ups the attention-grabbing with movement and storytelling.

So, what's the ideal size for these blockbusters? You guessed it! Pins with an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Pinterest says you can also go with square videos (1:1) or vertical (2:3, 4:5, or 9:16).

Follow our tips for acing the time and size requirements:

  • Keep it under the 2 GB max file size limit.
  • Make it short and sweet. 15-30 seconds to get your message across without losing viewers.
  • For video ads, go shorter! 5-15 seconds is ideal.

Don't forget to create a catchy cover image that draws people in and tells them what the video is about!

What's the deal with carousel ads?

You see carousel ads as you scroll through your feed on Pinterest.

These pins take users on a mini adventure through a series of images. Each swipe reveals a new chapter, a new angle, or a new product. Honestly, it's a pretty cool way to tell a story or show off a collection.

As usual, stick to a 1:1 or 2:3 aspect ratio for these.

Tips for reaching more people with each pin

Pinning on Pinterest is like curating a visual storybook.

Each image is so important! The right images capture people's attention and get your message across at a glance. Just look at those irresistible images below.

An image of pins with vibrant, eye-catching images.

Here are a few of our tips for improving your Pinterest image strategy:

  • Consistency counts: When you create pins, stick to the 2:3 aspect ratio. It's what Pinterest loves most.
  • Variety with purpose: Add square and video pins to introduce visual diversity.
  • Photography tune-up: Invest time into photography. Eye-catching, high-quality images are key to Pinterest success. If you're a food blogger, our food photography tips are a perfect place to get started!
  • Use plugins for smarter pinning: Struggling to keep Pinterest images in check? Try Tasty Pins! That way, you can control your pins image. And, sneak in hidden images just for pinning and so much more! It's your one-stop tool to make every image Pinterest-perfect without messing up your SEO game.
  • Listen to your analytics: Use Pinterest analytics to find out what pins are a hit and what aren't.

Time to get pinning!

Alright, that's a wrap on our Pinterest pin size guide!

Just remember, each pin you create tells a story. Mix it up with different sizes. But keep an eye on those analytics to see what's working.

One last thing — Pinterest is always changing, so don't forget to pop back now and then for the latest tips and tricks. And hey, if you need a hand making sure your pins look top-notch, grab Tasty Pins! We're always here to help guide your pinning journey.

And, if you want more Pinterest wisdom, check out our other resources on making every pin count!

So, go on! Get creative and start pinning! We can't wait to see what you come up with.