What's so great about recipe apps that work with Instacart?

They make meal planning and recipe organization way easier!

Imagine finding a delicious recipe and adding everything you need to your Instacart cart with a simple click. No more searching all over for ingredients. It's the perfect solution for people when food inspiration strikes!

They're especially amazing for:

  • Food bloggers/Instacart affiliates
  • TikTok foodies with a knack for recipes
  • Anyone tired of long grocery lists

Instacart shoppable recipes help readers get in, get out, and get cooking! They also connect foodies with ambition to their favorite local stores so they can create exciting new meals.

So, are you ready to explore the best recipe apps that work with Instacart? Use this guide to find the perfect recipe app for you.

3 Best Recipe Apps That Work With Instacart

Lots of recipe apps connect to Instacart.

But I'll help you find the perfect one to take your cooking game to the next level. Whether that's in your kitchen or through your blog's custom shoppable recipe content.

1. WP Tasty: The best recipe apps that work with Instacart for food bloggers

Okay, technically, the WP Tasty suite works as a set of WordPress plugins, not standalone apps.

This means you need a WordPress website to reap the benefits. But it's worth it for people who put passion into sharing their recipes, meals, and cooking experiences.

Why shoppable recipes rock for food bloggers:

  • Convenience for readers = Loyalty for you: Make cooking easier for your readers whether they just need to pick up a few items or everything on the list.
  • Make money: Combine the convenience of shoppable recipes with your affiliate links to make a little extra cash! Connect with retail partners to deepen your experience!

Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes isn't just an Instacart WordPress plugin. It's the best WordPress recipe plugin.

A screen shot of a Tasty Recipes recipe card

Imagine your crockpot chicken and rice soup as a stunning Instacart shoppable recipe card on your food blog.

With Tasty Recipes, it can! It makes it so easy to show off photos, give instructions, and integrate that shoppable recipe button.

Instacart shoppable button in a Tasty Recipes recipe card

Want to earn money from your recipes?

Instacart's affiliate program is a great way to do it! And Tasty Links is the easiest WordPress affiliate plugin for adding your affiliate links to your recipes.

Tasty Links is one of 4 WP Tasty recipe apps that works with Instacart

Want to include a link for your favorite chicken broth in your crockpot soup recipe? Tasty Links does it automatically as long as you add the keywords.

Tasty Pins 

Tasty Pins banner

Attract attention on Pinterest with a mouthwatering photo of your finished crockpot chicken and rice soup, ready for sharing.

Tasty Pins is the best Pinterest plugin! It helps your images stand out. Driving clicks back to your blog's stunning, shoppable recipe.

Tasty Roundups

YouTube video

Have more than one crockpot soup you want to share? That's perfect! Create a roundup of Cozy Fall Crockpot Ready Meals featuring your chicken and rice soup.

With Tasty Roundups, you can bundle these crowd-favorites. And with those handy shoppable recipe links, it's easy for readers to plan their meals!

2. Tiktok: The best recipe apps that work with Instacart for influencers

Tiktok banner

TikTok is where you build a following of food lovers who want to try your recipes.

The good news is, Instacart integration is on the horizon. But for now, it's available only to certain creators.

This means some lucky creators can already link shopping lists directly to their videos. That way, it's even easier for watchers (and Instacart shoppers) to find the recipes they see.

How to use TikTok in the meantime:

  • Link in bio: While you wait for the official launch, point viewers to your food blog, recipe book, or another platform where you share your recipes.
  • Partnerships: Connect with brands already on Instacart to create sponsored content with their products.
  • Get creative: Be an early adopter! Start making TikTok content now to build a community.

3. Pepper: The best recipe apps that work with Instacart for free

Pepper banner

If you're looking for a free and social way to discover recipes and streamline your grocery shopping, check out Pepper.

It's where things like night cravings and meeting people come together! Pepper brings together a vibrant community of food lovers with a convenient Instacart connection.

  • Recipe sharing: Pepper is about sharing and finding inspiration. Browse curated recipes, create your own digital cookbook, and connect with other foodies who love to cook.
  • Free to get cookin': Use all the core features of Pepper, like its recipe collection, grocery list creation, and social aspects, without a subscription.
  • Instacart powered: One of Pepper's top features is its integration with Instacart. It's an app that takes recipes and makes a grocery list!

Other recipe apps that pair with Instacart

Ready to explore even more amazing recipe apps?

Here are a few more fantastic choices for finding inspiration and simplifying grocery shopping:

  • Recipe keeper app: Discover, organize, and easily shop for your favorite recipes.
  • Cooklist: Take the stress out of meal planning and automate your grocery lists with Cooklist's Instacart integration.
  • Hearst Magazines: Find amazing recipes from trusted recipe content like Delish.com, Good Housekeeping, and more on Hearst Magazines' platforms. Some even offer shoppable recipe functions!

Pick the best Instacart recipe app for you

Choosing the best recipe app that works with Instacart comes down to your individual needs and priorities. Here's a quick recap:

  • WP Tasty: The clear winner for food bloggers who want to turn their passion into a project and monetize their recipes.
  • TikTok: The ideal platform for food influencers looking to connect with a vast, engaged audience and build their brand.
  • Pepper: A great free option for social cooks seeking inspiration and easy grocery shopping.
  • Cooklist: The top choice for serious meal planners who crave detailed organization and seamless shopping through Instacart.

Ready to take your food blog to the next level? Get the WP Tasty bundle! It's the ultimate toolset for creating beautiful, shoppable recipes that attract readers and boost your income.