Add a Pinterest button to WordPress, and you'll turn your images into traffic magnets.

You work hard to create amazing content. And, with a Pinterest button, all it takes is a click for someone to share your recipe, outfit idea, or craft project.

And you know what? That shared content brings a whole new audience to your website. People who might never have found you otherwise.

This simple button unlocks huge potential: more clicks, more fans, and more eyes on your content.

Ready to add a Pinterest button to your site? I'll show you how!

Why add a Pinterest button to WordPress?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you add a Pinterest button to your website?

Kate Ahl over at Simple Pin Media uses them, and she's a Pinterest expert!

An example of a Pinterest button on a WordPress post image

They have serious ripple effects on your WordPress blog and Pinterest, like:

  • Easy saving and social media sharing: In just one click, your audience can save and share your content straight to Pinterest!
  • More traffic to your site: Get your images seen and shared, bringing in new visitors.
  • Encourages engagement: Every Pinterest repin is a sign that people like your content. That buzz builds trust and signals that your site is a top contender.
  • Bring attention to your brand: Get in front of Pinterest's massive audience. They're always searching for fresh ideas. Think of it as casting a wider net for potential clicks, followers, and repins!

Ultimately, Pinterest is a HUGE search engine. Almost 500 million users huge.

Tapping into a number that big means your website goes from great to grand! And a simple Pinterest button makes it easier for that to happen.

So, let me explain how to add a Pinterest button to WordPress.

How do I add a Pinterest button to WordPress?

It's old news by now. But in 2016, Pinterest officially changed the name of the Pinterest “Pin It” button to the Pinterest “Save” button.

Whether you call it a “Pin It,” “Share,” “Save,” or “Hover” button, it does the same thing. It lets you (and your audience!) pin your blog images to Pinterest easily.

There are two ways to add Pinterest to your website:

  1. With a WordPress plugin (quick and easy, our suggestion)
  2. With code (warning, tedious and complicated)

How to add a Pinterest button to WordPress [No coding!]

Tasty Pins is your simplest solution for adding the Pinterest save button to your site!

And you know what, let me take it a step further. It's the best WordPress Pinterest plugin. Period.

YouTube video

Turn your blog images into Pins for visitors to share. Choose exactly which images people share. Write the perfect Pinterest descriptions without leaving your blog post.

And all without any coding hassle. Sounds like a dream, right? But that’s it! Really!

Installing the plugin is a piece of cake and it works with most WordPress themes out there.

But WP Tasty is open and honest! Here's a list of themes and plugins with known conflicts.

1. Connect your website to Pinterest

First things first, use our guide to help you connect your WordPress website to Pinterest.

If you're new to Pinterest, signing up or changing your personal account to a Business account is easy.

An image showing the drop down menu in Pinterest for Converting your personal accound to a business account

By linking your Pinterest to your WordPress website two, you get access to:

  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Rich Pins
  • Pinterest ads

2. Download Tasty Pins

Tasty Pins is the best plugin for adding the Pinterest button to WordPress

Head to our pricing page and grab Tasty Pins or our All Access Bundle. From here, download the ZIP file and get your license key.

3. Upload and verify Tasty Pins in WordPress

Go to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard and click Add New. Upload the plugin ZIP file. Then install and activate the plugin.

Add new plugin to WordPress

Then, go to WP Tasty > Dashboard. Click the Enter License button and paste in your license key. Last, click Save License.

WP Tasty license page

And you're done with that step! Tasty Pins automatically adds the WordPress Pinterest “Save” button to your image!

Time to configure the plugin settings!

4. Customize your Pinterest save buttons

If you thought installing the plugin was easy, you'll love styling your Pinterest save and share button.

Just go to WP Tasty > Tasty Pins > Settings.

From here, choose whether you want the default hover button (a classic red P for Pinterest), or style your own! You have total control over the image hover and post button here.

Choose where to put it, its shape, what it says, and what color it is!

Tasty Pins Pinterest Save Button customization settings

Feel free to adjust the minimum Pin image size you want to target for your Pin button.

After all, Pinterest favors vertical images, so it’s a great idea to set a minimum height and width for your Pins! Anything smaller won't be pinnable.

Plus, there’s more! Tasty Pins lets you customize your button styles, too:

Check ‘em out!

Want to learn how to add a Pinterest  button to WordPress? Do it in one click with Tasty Pins!

But this isn’t the only way to add a Pinterest Save button.

If you’re familiar with coding and want to add Pinterest code to WordPress for the button, you can try out Pinterest’s Widget Builder.

Grow your Pinterest + blog with Tasty Pins

Pinterest follow box & banner

Think of a Pinterest follow box as your website's welcome mat for Pinterest fans! aking visitors straight to your profile for more inspiration.

Tasty Pins follow box settings

And Tasty Pins makes it easy to add one that blends with your site. Just go to WP Tasty > Tasty Pins > Follow box. It's just one tab over from your Save Button settings.

The calls to action don't stop there. Add a clickable banner on your first post that shouts Follow Me on Pinterest.

If you're a DIY blogger, add “Pin this for DIY Inspiration!” and link directly to your best Pinterest board.

Tasty Pins Pinterest banner settings

Tasty Pins lets you pick the message and colors. Your Pinterest presence gets an extra boost with every new blog post. And it nudges them to check out your Pinterest boards.

Disable pinning on certain images

Not every image is Pinterest-worthy, and that's okay!

With Tasty Pins, you control Pinterest images. Want to disable the button to save on a certain image? A simple checkbox in your image settings makes it happen.

Disable pinning with Tasty Pins

This way, only your chosen images get the “Save Pin” option.

Force pin images

Make sure you're always pinning images that stand out!

With force-pinning, you choose the exact image that gets shared whenever someone clicks a Pinterest button on your site.

Force pin to a different image

Think of force pinning like highlighting your favorite way to peel garlic. It lets you choose the exact image to share. Everyone sees your best technique front and center!

Hide Pinterest-specific images

Do you work hard creating custom Pins in Canva or another design platform?

They deserve to be seen in other ways. Not just when you add a Pin through Pinterest!

Tasty Pins takes care of that. You can add your Pinterest-specific Pins right at the bottom of your WordPress post. Plus, you have the option to force-pin it!

With Tasty Pins, you can hide pinterest-specific images with the check of a box.

Make stunning Pins specifically for sharing, and hide them within your posts. Then, visitors only see them when they go to save something to Pinterest. It's the best of both worlds!

Go add a Pinterest button to WordPress!

When you connect Pinterest to your WordPress site, it makes a big difference. You attract more visitors and get them excited about your content. 

Plus, with Tasty Pins, you'll be able to:

  • add a Pinterest Pin it button in WordPress
  • control every Pin from your WordPress website
  • inspire others to share your excellent content
  • tap into incredible website traffic opportunities 

So give it a shot! Get the Tasty Bundle and start promoting your blog on Pinterest. Watch your website thrive!